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Funny Kids

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My daughter said something funny recently on a camping trip. I thought some of the step parents might find it funny (or not).

First of all, I got remarried in July and had two girls with my previous husband. My 7 year old was talking to another family and explaining our family situation. She pointed out that I was her mom. Then, my husband overheard her say that he was married to her mom and that he was her pretend dad. He didn't take it personally at all. He thought that was probabably a more acurate description than step-dad. (Although, he's becoming more dad like all the time)
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I love the look on people's faces when they hear DDs1&2 say that they have two mommies. I'm technically the step-mom, although they've never called me that to anyone, and their biomom rarely uses that term in reference to me. I like it.
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The things kids say! LOL At a friend's barbecue this past summer, Eli (6) was playing with something that belonged to his dad. My friend asked him where he got it and he very matter of factly said:

"Oh, from my biological father. You know, my white dad...Chad"

It was hysterical!! The people were turning purple trying not to laugh (including dh who is, apparently, the brown dad).
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I needed a laugh today. Very cute!
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My ds used to refer to my dh as "half-dad". Sooo cute!
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