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Holly, I am in a very similar situation. Same state, even. I would be happy to tell you more about it. PM me if you would like to chat about it.

We are constantly denied visits for no other reason than they "have other plans". They continue to "have other plans" because my sdd is "uncomfortable being here" because of our "sinful lifestyle" - translation: we are not christian and they are.:

We're to the point of taking her back to court if she doesn't stop it. Document everything. There is no excuse for denial of visitation. That order is in place because your dh's relationship with the child is just as important as the BM's relationship with your dh's money. Also, the child needs a relationship with her dad just as much as she needs her mom. There's no excuse for that.

I wonder all the time if this will ever change. Sometimes it appears that it will, most of the time not so much. LOL Believe me, I will be counting the minutes for the next 6 years until we're totally free of the BM's bullsh1t.

I don't have my step daughter listed in my signature either.
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I have a step mom and dad and I hope neither one of them put me in their siggies!
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Originally Posted by djs_girl517 View Post
Even if the woman believed they were in a relationship doesn't make the guy a cad. I've known several women who think they're in for happily-ever-after, when the guy they're hearing wedding bells about has been completely up front that that's not where things are headed.
Oh, yeah - I've seen that several times, too. I really meant that he was a cad if he deliberately let her think that he was interested in a real relationship when he only wanted sex. My post wasn't clear.
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This seems like one of those situations were if the parents were married, the action would seem acceptable, and because they're not, he (though happens to she's, too) is horrible. For example, my dad (parents married)used to flake on me all the time (forget to pick me up from school, get caught up at work) and though it was annoying, no one every tried to deny him access to me! Parents get more slack when they are married, and I try to keep this in mind when dealing with exes. (ie, I think, if they were married would this be forgivable?)

Anyway, a couple of times, dh tried to deny the biomom visitation and she showed up with the cops. What recourse do you have if she violates the agreement? It's not up to her to change the visitation agreement, it's up to a judge or you both do it in mediation.
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