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Mica is here!

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Mica Morisset Impas was born at home, into the hands of his papa on October 25th at 2:03 PM!

Labor began at 1:30 AM, though I could sleep through most of the night. I lost the plug and the mucous show around 6 AM and I woke DH around 6:30. Things seemed to be going fast, though everything really slowed down once my toddler and mom got up in the morning (around 8?), with the contractions spacing out and getting a bit more sporadic.

My DH and I went for a walk around 11 AM and once we got back about an hour later, I am pretty sure I was in active labor, though I didn't know it at the time. By 1 PM, my mom and 3-year-old went for a walk and then I went through transition in one DOOZY of a contraction. I needed to push, even though the midwives weren't here yet. I tried not to push, but that didn't work!

My DH and I realized that we were going to do this on our own... and I climbed on the bed on hands and knees and began humming (or something!) through the pushes. The bag of waters came out, and then broke. And then I felt his head coming out in a long sustained contraction, and then I waited for him to turn his shoulders, and then he was out in another push.

Right into my DH's hands! (He can't get over how slippery he was!) And later we talked about how when Mica came out, his head was still in the bag of waters. We can't believe it (and I intuitively knew it, since I had the urge to reach down and rub the baby's face, but I stopped myself)...

I climbed over and saw the baby, unwrapped the cord (it was around his neck twice) and my DH and I brought the child to my chest. I held him and blew on his face (he wasn't breathing yet). He started crying (and grunting). I was a little worried, but kept holding him and watching him as my DH ran around trying to find the suctioner thingy.

My mom came in right then from the walk she took with my three-year-old (who was alseep in the stroller) and then the midwife came a few minutes after that. She watched the baby, and he cleared his lungs on his own.

He nursed for like an hour! My older son woke up and came in and they nursed together.

It was awesome to do the birth on our own, and equally awesome to have the midwives there to help us with clean-up and getting situated and everything.

My best wishes to all the new ones and all the ones to come!
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CONGRATULATIONS!!!!! Way to go mama!
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Congratulations! What an amazing story!!! Enjoy your new little one!!!
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Congratulations!!! Welcome baby Mica!!! What an awesome birth story. Can't wait to see pix.
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Congratuations, mama! And welcome to the world, little Mica

Enjoy your babymoon!

p.s.: Mica was born on my mom's 50th birthday. My mom is an awesome Scorpio and I bet Mica is, too!
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Wow, congratulations!! Great birth story!! Welcome Mica!!
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Congratulations! What a great name!
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c o n g r a t u l a t i o n s !

Enjoy getting to know Mica!!
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What a great birth! Welcome Mica!
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