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November Pantry/freezer Challange - Page 2

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Ok, here are my first couple meal plans and the ingredients

1. spaghetti, sauce from the freezer, noodles, salad
2. tacos, meat from freezer, shells, tortillas, guacamole, cheese, yogurt
3. pizza from the freezer already made
4. salmon, meat from freezer, quinoa, california mix veggies freezer
5. chicken soup, homemade from crockpot, noodles, carrots, onions, potatoes
with homemade bread or rolls
6. chicken drumsticks, wild rice, fresh veggie stir fry
7. pork loin, mix veggies freezer, mashed potatoes
8, chicken breasts, barley pilaf with fresh veggies, salad
9. lasagna, noodles, parmesean, ground beef, eggs, need ricotta cheese

These aren't in any order and there are sure to be leftovers, so this should last the next 2 weeks.
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Great idea

What a good idea, hlkm2e, to post your inventories!
I'll take stock this week-end, and post mine on Monday. I'm counting on the rest of you mummas to give me ideas on what I can make with what I have. I'm going to make my inventory lists and meal plans, and then pretend that there is no supermarket! (Think Little House on the Prairie... )
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I just realized that if I stick to this and stay in my $100/grocery budget (if I don't cook Thanksgiving dinner) then I will have $150 in Christmas money! Wouldn't that be great!

Oh- and thanks for the broccoli bread recipe-- sounds yummy, I think I have everything to make it!
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Can I play?

I was aghast at my spending for October. I want to do better in November. I'm not cooking Thanksgiving dinner but will be making some pies. I'll be doing an inventory and menu plans at the same time.
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We're officially starting...

Okay, mummas, it's November. Let's inventory those kitchens, make those meal plans, and stick to those grocery budgets.

Can you tell I'm excited about this? It will be good for my family on so many levels.
*It will help me de-clutter my kitchen.
*It will help me stick to my budget.
*It will reduce my stress to have a plan for dinner every night.

(Now if I can just stick to it... )
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so... taking inventory, I have 17 cans of evaporated milk. So I guess I'll be trying a few of those cream soups you all are talking about!
Anyone ever use it in custard or pudding?

I have to share though-- I made a meal last night- just throwing stuff together:
1 lb. ground meat
1 can rotel tomatoes
1 can cream corn
1/2 jar salsa
we had it like nachos-- poured over chips w/ shedded cheese. I was bummed we didn't have any sour cream- but didn't run out and buy any, so I did good. It was tasty though-- and a hit w/ everyone.

looks like we'll be eating alot of pastas and brown beans this month though! :-)
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Ok-- looking for recipes on line and found a broccoli soup one... First ingredient:

"1(10-oz.) pkg. frozen chopped broccoli, unthawed"

Do you suppose they meant "thawed" or "still frozen"? he he!!
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Ohhhh I'm in!!!

Just did a big shop today to stock up and I NEED to get through November spending as little as possible. We are going to Scotland in December for my sister's wedding so I NEED to save money. The only time I plan to spend a little extra money on food is for dd1's birthday party.

Thanks for starting this thread

Oh and Thanksgiving was in October for us so at least I don't have that to worry about.
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This sounds like fun to do with a bunch. I did it last month out of sheer necessity and have not stocked up too much but I have:
lots of rice several kinds
lots of noodles ditto
frozen salmon 6 meals worth
refried beans - 3
black, piinto, white and garbanzo beans - 6
cocnut milk, -2
canned and whole pumpkin -2
tuna 3
lamb chops - one package
frozen beans - about 15 pounds
frozen and canned corn lots
frozen peas
frozen blueberries,strawberries, rhubarb and raspberries lots
parmesan cheese
whole tomatoes, paste, prepared sauce lots
thai curry sauce 2
indian curry sauce 3
millet, oats, quinua, buckwheat, cornmeal, lentils lots
squash, potatoes, onions
tortillas lots
pappadam lots
quarts of stock, mostly chicken,
frozen lamb, chicken and a turkey to pick up
baking stuff aplenty
my guilty secret - a half case each of tomato and chicken noodle soup.

and I haven't looked in the freezer or pantry yet. I feel like my cupboards are bare when I can't feed the family for a month on what is in the house already and I find some of my best creative meals come out at times like this.

SHould be fun to try again this month. Lots of home made soups I think
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ok- I sat down and made a menu for the month- but this is minus Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday dinners- Wednesday is DH & my date night- the kids eat PB&J and then go to their church club and we eat out-- that's a different budget for us. Saturdays because it's November and we will be up at my parents going hunting, so we'll eat w/ them, Sunday- because I only ever cook lunch on Sundays and then we eat sandwiches for dinner (it's our hectic day)
(ok- this is just evening meals) but here goes:

beans and rice
steak & potatoes
Cream of Potato soup
Pizza pockets
homemade mac & cheese
Hamburger roll ups
Noodles & Al Fredo
Steak in sour cream w/ pasta or potatoes
Steak & Potatoes
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we went out to eat last night. I failed. Picks self up and dusts self off.

I will try again! Maybe I can make it further next time!

I have lots of grains and beans, frozen veggies, and eggs.

I found some frozen salmon, so that plus veggies is tonight.

Tomorrow night is red beans and rice.

Saturday is free lunch day, dinner I'll work on it.

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Originally Posted by dachshundqueen View Post
we went out to eat last night. I failed. Picks self up and dusts self off.

I will try again! Maybe I can make it further next time!
I'm sure the rest of the month will go easier- if you need to, why don't you set aside a little "eating out" money? I think it's easier to skimp when you still allow for some "fun"

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Well haven't done any major planning of meals yet, but took vegetarian chili out of the freezer for tonight. Will post again after I take inventory.
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gotta do inventories.... i hate doing inventories, lol
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The thought of doing an inventory leaves me shaking in my platform sandals! I have a refrigerator with freezer on top, a 14 cu ft freezer, a ceiling to floor pantry in the kitchen and shelves in my laundry room that are 4 feet long, 18 inches deep and 5 shelves high.

I went to Costco last night and spent about $80. Of that $20 was not food -- it was dishwasher detergent and gallon size ziploc bags. I'll have to post the list later for the rest. Today is the previously mentioned stock up on meat and bread day that I do every 4 months or so. I get out of work at noon, then head down to get the meat and bread and plan to spend the rest of the day cooking for the freezer.
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I finished my inventory last night and am working on typing it up. I scribbled as I went and I can't read it well. Besides I figure this way I can post it inside of my cupboard and use it as reference for what's hiding in the deep dark corners and also just cross stuff off as I use them up.

I went to Costco yesterday too. I am so proud of myself for only walking out having spent about $16!!! 3 gallons of milk, 2 loaves of bread, a bag of broccoli and um... something else. It was useful and needed food though!
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Yea you guys! I only spent $33 at Costco-- I was so proud.
I have to buy some wheat though-- I only have to buy it every 6 months or more, but I just ground the last of it this morning- so that will be around $30 too. :-( my $100 will be almost gone then and Albertson's had Tillamook (sp)cheese on sale this week...
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Subbing and : !!!
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Yay me!!

Last night was the night from (somewhere VERY south of here... ), and I was tempted to order in.

But instead, I made baked potatoes. I made a sauce with onions, chopped tomatoes (the last ones from my son's tomato plant) and sauted bell peppers, and served them with margerine and salsa, with rice and corn as side dishes. Not exactly Martha Stewart, but it was filling and it wasn't ordered-in pizza!
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i am so in. i have already done inventory on frezzer. will post later. we are on a $0 grocery budget for nov. we get milk from WIC so i should be able to do it. i am baking bread (i may need more yeast by end of month) and we usually make pie for thanksgiving. and i already have pumpkin.

evaporated milk- i use it all the time. sub for 1/2 and 1/2 and yes it works in pudding, i dilute it a bit with water.
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