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Originally posted by XmasEve
DD is into other babies now-- but she chooses to use them as jungle gyms.

Zachary is the same way! He'll crawl up to play with Julianna and put his fingers in er eyes, or push her face into the ground, or poke into her belly butthon- all the while giggling. He has no idea that what he's doing is wrong. Lucky for all of us, Julianna just flinches and rolls away, she doesn't seem to mind the abuse unless it gets really out of hand. I'm hoping they'll learn to play nicer together soon. Right now Zach tries to take every toy Julianna has, no matter what it is. He and Crystal fight over the legos. It's great fun!
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Just had a thought-- those November/December 2003 mommies are going to start popping soon. I vote for starting a new "Nov/December 02" thread here in Life with a Babe, and then revisiting the issue and possible moving to Toddlers at the start of the new year. I just can't imagine moving to Toddlers anytime sooner than that!
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We're thinking along the same lines, XmasEve. A few days ago I was wondering when our babes would become toddlers. My baby is still so much a baby it's hard to imagine him as a toddler. Does being a year old get you into the toddler club? :LOL And also was wondering if we'd continue as a circle. It's been great to chat with all you mamas and hear how everyone and their babes have been doing over the year. Who's babe turns 1 first?

My SIL lent us a pack n'play. I know some of you moms have been using them for your babes. I dunno, it doesn't look like the kind of place to induce sleep but I'm going to start trying to move ds in there after he falls asleep for his nap. SIL is also going to lend us her crib since her son is now in a toddler bed. I think this will work better for naps. I'm happy about this since if it doesn't work we've not wasted any $$ and also don't have to worry about fumes from a new one etc.

The crawling continues. Ds has such a graceful little crawl. I to watch him. He's very interested in the computer and likes to crawl over and put his small hands all over the screen and keyboard. Various sites come up, maybe he'll order some diapers by mistake one day . Anyway I know most of you moms are done with the amazement of crawling since alot of yours started early but I'm still in the awe phase. And so is he I think.
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my dd's first birthday is nov 5th...she might be among the oldest of the bunch.

i like to of ya'll as my playgroup. i love hearing about all your kids and how you all are doing.

i too vote on starting a new thread after the start of the new year. someone should probably start a new thread here as we are on 22 pages or something crazy like that!

my dd is sleeping like a babe in her crib. she is happy and ALMOST walking. very fun.

what are you ladies doing for your babes birthdays? gifts? cakes?
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solsticemama- Zach just started crawling on 10/11, so it is new to me too! He just giggles at himself when he crawls into his room, or my room, or when he goes from the carpet to the tile in the kitchen. He is so proud of himself, and very excited to explore. I don't think he was mentally ready for exploring quite yet, that's why it took so long for him to crawl. Now he loves it!

I can not start thinking of my baby as a toddler!!! No way, I will not do it. Not until he's about 5 or so...
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well, reed just stopped being a baby since turning five

i have a multitasker. the other day ruby was trying to crack a pecan in a pecan cracker on a chair while standing on a sit and spin, taking steps slow like a treadmill. let's just say i will have a lot more messes to clean up with this one i can barely catch up with her now.
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Ava is talking!!

She just exploded this week. She said Madeline (Mala), Mommy, Daddy, and "Hi Baby!" which I thinks she assumes is just a generic greeting since it is the first thing everyone says when she walks in the rrom. It must be nice to be the baby of the family.

And she walked!! My dh came hjome from a week and a half long business trip and said "I bet she is so excited to see that she will walk to me" I made fun of him a little assured him she was no where near walking (she wil not move her feet for anything) and before I was done calling himi a doofus she took three very steady steps toward him and smiled a great big smile much to my chagrin. hasn't done it since but none the less

We are staring night weaning tonight. She has gone from taking great naps and waking once a night as a newborn to waking every hour on the hour and refusing to sleep until I nurse her. Also this is obiously keeping her from napping well. So tonight we are starting. Wish us luck. Dh is on board today. we will see where he is by the end of the week (hopefully we will be done by then.) I have read the no cry sleep solution but I am a pull the bandaid off all at once type of gal. It is going to suck for everyone for about a week (although she will obviously do things for dad that she won't do for me : ) but I think that is better than dragging it out over months. So anyway, I will keep you posted on how it goes.

Oh my gosh! We are going to start having first birthdays in a couple of weeks. Whose babies are going to be one first?
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My baby is one of the last to turn 1, thank goodness. I've been wondering about a birthday cake. I don't want her to have one. She's JUST started solids, and we're going slowly, so I don't think we'll have reached the baked goods level in 2 months. Being a vegetarian, I'm prepared for the arguements, but I wonder if I could find a substitute. What do you think?

Oh my goodness, everyone's talking and walking and crawling and multitasking! Is mine the only one that is still consistently shaking her head "no" to everything?

Good luck on the night weaning. DD is also up every hour all night. It's tough.

Whoops, I dropped the ball and posted here instead of starting a new thread. I'm going to start a new one NOW.
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Both of my older children slept through thier birthday parties so cake was a moot point. When they finally did wake they each took about one bite, gagged and moved on to other things.

the night weaning is going swell. Between the hours of midnight and 5AM dh takes over. Last night she fussed for about 2 minutes and went back to sleep. So hopefully tonight won't be any worse and by the end of the week she will sleeping through the night. It is hard to say what effectt his is having on her daytime sleep as my older shildren will never let her freaking rest!!!!! does anyone else have this problem. My first was a great napper so I totally value nap time. They just always alwayas wake her up. sometimes intentionally, sometimes unintentionally.its driving me crazy!!
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