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an awfull lot ewcm (kind of graphic)

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My cycles are a little screwy latley. They range from 24-32cd.
This cycle I thought I was ovulating on cd 10 I had a massive amount of ewcm for 2 days.
Then on cd 14- 18 again ewcm and on cd 19 it was lotion like stretchy cm:

I started temping mid cycle (my dr. discourged me from charting but screw that) and my temp has gone up only .02 this morning.

I have been reading TCOYF and I can not find anything in there about constent(spelling) cm. Does anyone know anything about this??

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Hmmm, dancing girl, I am not an expert, but it really sounds like your body is trying hard to O. I think that high levels of estogen can produce the "constant cm" you are talking about.

On the other hand, it could be for you a matter of distinguishing the regular from the really fertile cm. I often have creamy and even stretchy cm before and after O. However I only ever have 2 days of really wet, sometimes even copious, really stretchy cm.

I think the temping is a really good idea. You will know when you O and it sounds too difficult to go on CM alone. ARe you getting any secondary signs, such as O pains in the pelvic region?
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Thanks for your input Oceonone.

I do get cramps and breast tenderness but that seems to last 2 weeks also.

I think charting is really going to help me better understand whats going on.
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Oh, yeah, breast tenderness. I feel like I have that from just before O until AF comes.

Good luck with the temping. Did they go up again today?
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My temp went up another .03 degrees. I will see what tomorrow will bring. I hope it is still up because I would hate to think I am anovulatory too.
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A full month of charting will really help you see if and when you O. I started charting mid cycle last month and it was hard to know what was what since I didn't have the whole picture to compare. This month it's been much easier to see when I O'd.
Last month I started charting late since I also had a lot of cm for about 2 weeks. I wasn't sure what was going on. Apparently it was just a one time thing though.
I did read in TCOYF that constant cm may be an infertile sign (not to freak you out or anything) but you had to look at it in conjuction with your chart so you'll have a better idea, not just by itself.
Good luck!
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