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So what are you going to do with all the candy? - Page 2

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We'll let them pig out tonight, and then tomorrow, they'll leave the rest out for the Sugar Ghost. The Sugar Ghost has such an insatiable desire for sugar that it is willing to leave a pretty decent toy for each kid in return for the Halloween haul.
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DH and I will be eating it.
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I made sure mine ate well all day today before trick or treating. Tonight they ate 5 or 8 pieces each and then went to bed. Between their candy and what we have left in our halloween dish, I'll be sending about half of it to our school. The school sent backpack mail home which asks for candy donations for some sort of charity.

And so as not to short-change their fun night tonight, I'll let them pick out of their halloween bags for the next few nights. I'm not against sweets but I try and drill in them that it's ok in moderation and needs to be balanced with good food and exercise (my youngest one has a serious sweet tooth!).
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We take all of the one's we like and fill a giant bucket with it. Halloween candy is the BEST because it is "portion controlled". During the week, if we don't have a special dessert (which we only do once or twice a week) the girls get one treat from the Halloween stocked treat bucket.

The candy we don't like, goes to school for a collection. A local dentist picks it up and donates $10 for every pound of candy there to the Juvenile Diabetes Foundation. The dentist brings the candy to the local food pantry where it is offerred to those in need who "shop" at the depository. (About 80 percent of those who use the low income food pantry in our area are elderly and the food pantry people tell us that they are thrilled to get several small pieces of candy with their "order")
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My girls are 9 and 5...

Tonight they ate a few pieces. Tomorrow they'll sort it and make a graph showing the most popular kinds of candy. (Little homeschool math tradition!)

They can eat as much as they want tomorrow, but then I'll chop up the chocolate bars and we'll add them to some oatmeal cookies. I don't feel as bad about having them eat those... at least there's some fiber involved!

The rest will disappear into the back corner of my pantry, to be thrown out when Christmas candy rears its ugly head.
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DD's only 2, and she's never really HAD candy. Last night when she brought home her little bag of loot, it was the two bags of chips that got her excited; she's had those and likes them. The candy was more fun to play with than anything else.

I guess DH will pick out all the stuff she can't handle, like taffy and hard candies and stuff, and put it away for ourselves. The rest I guess I'll let her try a little bit at a time, maybe a piece every few days or whatever. DH will probably eat a bunch of it too.

As strange as it sounds, I don't think she'll really like most of it. She doesn't like peanut butter, so there goes a good part of the stash. And she's rejected most other very sweet things, like candy or cookies. So who knows?
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we dump out all the candy on the table and I take the good stuff for my halloween candy cookies (anything solid chocolate or with caramel, nuts, peanut butter, etc). then the kids can each take a few pieces & the rest goes to the candy fairy - she needs the candy because HER castle in fairy land is built out of candy - it's right near the tooth fairy's castle which is made out of teeth

she left each of my boys a quarter (that was all she had LOL)

& I'm sure everyone at work will enjoy it all LOL
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I get the candy bars (dd isn't too crazy about them). She LOVES tootsie rolls and skittles. Everything else will go in a little basket for anyone that may stop by (mainly nieces and nephews).
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She sorted her candy into the kinds she likes and doesn't like - i.e. snickers bars good, fruit punch nerds bad; and there was a lot more bad than good. We have a deal where she can trade in all her good candy for one piece of cake, pie, or candy from our local health food co-op.

Mmm. Co-op cake. Healthy, carroty, flax-seed, hemp co-op cake.

Actually, we usually do this with Halloween and Christmas candy and it's a big hit (the co-op actually stocks delicious not-so-healthy cakes). I just get so tired of the obsessing over the individual candies.
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they got to eat as much as htey wanted last night and when DH left for his
3rd shift job he took the candy with him...
after grocery shopping tonight, we'll stop by TRU and pick up the promised moon sand that is hte agreed upon exchange for the candy.
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We pick out a few things we like and then I take the rest to university. All the students spending hours working in the lab love the sugar pick-me-ups.
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The leftover candy that didn't get passed out will be eaten by me and dh, or go to his work tomorrow and put in the break room.

Ds gets to keep all his candy. He can have as much as he wants this week. He usually eats 2 pieces after breakfast and another 2 in the afternoon. He loves planning out which piece he's going to eat next. But, by this weekend he'll be sick of it, and I'll be able to put whatever's left up on a shelf. Once he forgets about it, I toss it.
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this is late...but perhaps it could help next year...

We just happened to be at a book store in early october cause it had a new fairy door my DD wanted to check out and she wanted me to read her this book.


Thankfully I'm perfectly ok with the idea of telling her a fairy comes and gets her candy and leaves her a toy instead...cause the book gives no real warning that this is what it is going to teach your kids...

Anyway, it worked really well for us this year (dd is 4).
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sending the hard candies and

starburst to my nephew in Iraq
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What candy? (licks side of mouth)

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Last year I explained to ds that I was concerned about him having so much sugar, chemicals, etc. and offered to trade ds the majority of his candy for something else he wanted. He actually took me up on it.

This year, I just let it go and, surprisingly, the Kid with the Insatiable Sweet Tooth has been self-moderating pretty well!
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We let her pick out 5 favorite pieces and then watched The Great Pumpkin we got from the library. And then told her that if she left her candy for the Great Pumpkin that he would bring her something she really liked (in this case more fingerpaints and special paper...).....So she did happily, waited up for him like a kiddo for Santa and when she woke up in the morning, there were her paints (daddy was working late so he stopped at Dick Blick on the way home)....She was sooo happy and hasn't missed her candy.....She didn't have tons bc since it was just me with her step sister, we only went to about 12-13 houses...
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