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A question of timing!

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Help! But tell me the truth all the same.

I usually O on CD 16, sometimes 15, but usually 16.

Today is day 14 and I just found out that dh has to travel for work starting tomorrow morning (early).

Oh, no! I feel distraught about this. I really wanted to get pregnant this month.

I have some good, clear, slightly stretchy cm today. We bd's last night and the night before and we can tonight as well, but not in the morning before he leaves.

Guys, do you think we can still make it work when I am going to miss those two days before O? And I think I usually O in the evening.

Please tell me real stories where you got pregnant from bd so far from O! We are having enough trouble those months when he is here all the time.

Is all hope lost for this month?
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It can happen! With dd we bd 4 days before O. Here is a link to two charts on the ovusoft galleries that might help you feel better.

Good Luck!
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With dd, we bd about 4 days before O and with ds, it was the day before. My guess will be that you have a girl if you end up pg this month b/c you're so much before O.

Good luck!
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I have not experienced this personally. But all the information that is out there you CAN most deffiantly get preggo
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Thanks so much for your replies.

Ok, I have calmed down a lot now! I think it was just dh's news threw a wrench in the works. Honestly, bd'ing doesn't seem to work for us lately even when we do it all the way up to and a couple of days beyond O. But it's good to know that it's still a possibility. Just, not as good a chance right?

I went and drug out my TCOYF and she seems to insinuate that it is indeed possible, although the window for most sperm seems to be 24-36 hours. I am thinking a Saturday O (usually), but on the off chance that it is tomorrow we would have got in the night before, which is good, although, like I said, I tend to O at night. Grrrrr, where's the pulling your hair out emoticon when you need it.

I just want to get knocked up sometime.
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If it makes you feel any better I am currently pg from bd 5 DAYS before O. Dh got sick right after and we never had a chance to be again till it was too late. I was so sure that I couldn't be pg that I stopped paying attention until 16 DPO. I got a positive right away! Good luck!
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