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Dh is joining the Army

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For the past month dh has been in the application process to become an officer candidate for the Army. Yesterday he traveled 3 hours away to stand before the Selection Board and he was approved. He has 10 days to get sworn in, and at that time they will choose a date (with his input) for him to ship out to boot camp. It will be sometime after Christmas.

I am *SO* happy with him. This is what he has always wanted to do with his life, and it kept just not being the right time. He had aged out of all the branches and was really regretting that he had not done it. Then, just over a month ago, he discovered that the Army was accepting age waivers for officer candidates between 30-34. He is 33. And they are approving about 50% of the age waivers. It was clear to us that he had to do this.

So...here we go...I am 35 with 2 children and one overdue and we are starting on a whole new adventure. I'm nervous about the separations, but excited about so many other aspects.

My boys are working through what they can understand of what this means. My 2 y.o. is havning a harder time with it than the 5 y.o. Yesterday when we were getting ready to say the blessing at lunch he said, "Mommy will you pray for me? I am having a hard time because Daddy is going to the Army."

Anyway, I am sooooo relieved that this is *done*...he is approved. One less thing to wait for!
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Well a huge congrats to your dh on getting accepted into something he really wants to do! That's wonderful

It's really never to late to follow your dreams and goals. I'm sure that after some initial adjustment the boys will be so proud of their daddy and will get used to the changes in routine.

Congrats to all of you!
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Congratulations to your dh!
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From one military wife to another--congrats!
The seperations do suck--but there are bright spots in all of it! My dh is gone for this birth--he left when dd was 3 mo old also...however, there are good things too--I have less laundry and I don't have to cook!
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Huh...I didn't even THINK of the "less laundry" perk!
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