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Dolls made from PVC

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My daughter recieved a doll. A rock-a-bye chou chou doll. She's been playing with it for a few days and loved it. I took a better look at the package and found a number 3 on it. I know how horrible that is. So I emailed the company with my concern and their response is "Are dolls are made from PVC but the vinyl used meets or exceeds are standards both in North America and aboard for safety as this Zapf Creation's number one concern"

What do you take of that. I thought all number 3 PVC was bad? I'd like to make it known that that company sell's their dolls packaged in number 3 and their dolls are made from PVC.

I am concerned because I really didn't want her to have it in the first place but everyone just said I was being a "Parnoid parent"

I really don't know if this is the right place to post this or not, but would you continue to let your child play with it.. or would you take it from them".... I'm trying to make it aware to parents about the dangers of PVC especially with the recent thing on mothering.com front page...and in the news as well.

I said something to my neighbor about it and she thought all plastics were safe.
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Hmmmm...... Personally I wouldn't worry about it. Simply b/c theres no way we can avoid plastic.

But...if your concerned I would suggest removing the doll from the house when your dd isn't playing with her or holding her. Kindof sneak it off. Maybe have a new doll waiting that you do feel safe with and say something like "oh hun, I know we lost your other doll, but we have a new one!"

I am not one that encourages being sneaky with our kids, but honestly sometimes it is the only way we can protect them.


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What's the danger of #3 PVC?

If it's food related, as in something you wouldn't want to be storing food in, I don't see why it'd be a problem for a doll.
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Wow, and I'd have thought it was the 3rd doll made of that kind, like a collectible! My daughter hasn't played w/ dolls in years, but collected them. I'm guilty of actually liking the "new doll smell" on the plastic, which is WRONG, but I just do!
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I have to admit that the PVC stuff has me nervous too. Not all plastic things have numbers on them. How am I supposed to know? I don't know enough about the dangers of pvc to say whether you should take the doll away or not, but I am not going to let my dd get anything that I know is made with it until I have more info. All I know is what I saw at mothering.com. Have you read more then just that?
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One doll probably will not cause long term problems. I would minimize contact, which she may do naturally anyway, such as not sleeping with the doll at night. Also, with friends and family, ask for nonplastic toys. Discourage them from buying pvc and educate them as to why you do not want it in your home. There are many dolls that do no have plastic parts. Many Waldorf dolls are made with organic cotton and wool. I have seen advertisments for nonWaldorf dolls on this forum that are not plastic, too.

Just an aside, but PVC is bad regardless of whether or not it is used with a food product. The production puts dioxins in the air that is bad to breath and it has had long term health consequences for the people that work in the factories producing it. It should be avoided in all of its forms if you want to have a healthy home.
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Thanks Melissa. That's what I was wondering.
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PVC (#3) is the same material that piping for your home is made of. It's incredibly sturdy and withstands any kind of corrosion (acids, high pH bases, etc). It's used for durability, like for baby bottle nipples and dashboards. Milk jugs are #1 and laundry containers are #2.


It's not a hazard. Plastics aren't a threat unless you're eating off cheap plastic (takeout food containers or margarine that aren't meant for reheating) but heavy duty plastics that are qualified as dishwasher and microwave safe are safe for people. Your child isn't nuking her doll and then eating the doll, so it's ok.
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Well, I've been researching ever since we started to simplify our lives, and declutter and look for better ways to help the environment, and then I came upon the plastic issue.

I'm a newbie to all this, so I was just trying to seek out another person's advice. I put the doll on top of the frig for now, becasue I want to try to make her a doll, but have no talent in that...

Any on comments on this subject??

Thanks everyone.
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Lol, we made sock babies in psychology class - I made mine out of 3 pairs of unpaired leftover knee high stockings, so it would match my skin color (at the time, it was difficult to find any other skin color in dolls but black and white and I was determined to have a tan baby!). I filled the socks with cotton filling or polyfiber. Glued some roly eyes on it and glued a felt red mouth. I made a tight band with thread around the neck so that it would squish the top to make a head of the baby. I squashed the cotton down in the head so it ended up looking like the baby had round chubby cheeks. You can fill more socks with cotton and attach to the main body for arms and legs. You can also buy cotton stuffed craft dolls at Michaels or Walmart.
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I got a book through a parent-child group I have participated in that has instructions and patterns for making many different toys with felt and fabric.
The book is called Toymaking with Children by Freya Jaffke. It includes a section on doll making.
If you are interested in making a Waldorf doll, you can get kits with pre-cut parts. Here are some resources: http://www.joyswaldorfdolls.com/ and
This is a nice site for shopping for nice toys: http://www.atoygarden.com/ especially if you are not up for making the doll yourself.
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There is alot of information about pvc and toys on www.thegreenguide.com, but you need a subscription to view most of their stuff.

An article that talks specifically about pvc and toys states:

Phthalates (pronounced tha-lates) are plasticizers -- softening agents used to make PVC flexible so it can be used in toys, flooring and other products. Some phthalates have been linked to cancer, kidney and liver damage, and interference with hormonal activity (see Green Guide #42). Because phthalates are not tightly bound to the plastic matrix of PVC plastic, they can migrate easily from the surface to other surfaces and the air.
We have mostly wood toys here for DS and I keep his plastic stuff up and away, typically.....I'm actually selling it off soon and using the money towards his birthday and yule gifts that we feel safer with....my DH thinks I'm crazy...and I may be....but I honestly rather be safe than sorry, KWIM? So, I'm doing the plastic toy purge before the baby is born with the exception of a very few items, one of which I know is a safe #5 plastic.

To be fair, you can't totally get away from plastic in today's America....if you have carpet or linoleum you are bound to be exposed, but I try very hard to keep our exposure in our home minimal, especially for items that can end up directly in my DS's (or new baby's) mouth.

Brightest Blessings!
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Here is another article in regards to pvc http://www.seventhgeneration.com/mak...e=487&issue=75
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Thanks ladies, I'm glad I'm not alone. I found a doll pattern on a website, from a mom who posts on here, but I am not crafty at all, so i'm trying to see if someone will help me make it.

I know I worry too much, but I just don't want to do something to harm DD. But then again...there are choices like that all over the place to make...

Thanks for the great websites.
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