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My triplet pictures *x-posted in TAO*

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Please do not copy my links, do not copy my pictures, do not share my links or pictures without my direct permission. Thank you. Please do not quote this post if I have to edit later.

I hope you all enjoy the pics!

Brand new babies:


Couple days old to a couple weeks old:




Pictures I took today:













This is how they were positioned in my uterus.

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They are all so beautiful!!!!! I love all the black & whites (especially the 7th one down). Thank you so much for sharing them.
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Oh my goodness mama!They are all so beautiful!My hands feel so full with just my one newborn,i can't imagine your home right now so full of love though :
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WOW!!! (I'm sneaking in from New Posts)

Just.. Wow!! Beautiful!! You're amazing!
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They are so cute! Congratulations!
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Beauty -- times three!

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oh my gosh, they are gorgeous!!! you did good mama!!

the black and whites are awesome! i love the one showing how they were in your uterus. crazy!
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Thanks for sharing the pics!! They are beautiful and getting some chunks on them!! Way to go, mama!! I don't know how you're doing it with 3 babies AND your older dd. I'm going nuts just with my 2 right now.
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Beautiful artistic photos Congratulations on your three gorgeous babies (and boy that must be a lot of diaper laundry!)
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Kathryn - they are absolutely beautiful! Thank you for sharing the photos... I know that had to have been a hard decision with some of the crap that has happened here for you. I'm just so very impressed!

How is your daughter liking/adjusting to them?
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They are sooo beautiful!!!! I was actually thinking of you the other day when I was folding babyclothes - I was all set to put my new dd in the cute shirt you made me for the swap if she was born today since it is orange...BUT she hasn't made an appearance yet so it will have to wait! It is great to hear from you and see those gorgeous babes! Take care...
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so precious!

They give me hope . . as all new babes do. Thank you for sharing them
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Hey mamas--i am not a member of your DDC so please forgive my butting in to say Beautiful! Thanks for sharing!
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Oh Kathyrn they are absolutely beautiful. Thank you so much for sharing. You did such a good job mama.
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So beautiful! Thank you for sharing!
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Loved the last pic of the 'positioning'...can't believe they 'fit'...and I could imagine the top one took a beating from little feet from time to time! hehehe

Hope you are finally getting some sleep/relaxation!
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I love the b&w pic of how the trips were positioned in your uterus....breathtaking!!!!

Thank you for sharing!
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Another new post sneaker-iner...What beautiful babies you made!

Thank-you so much for sharing these photos with us. A pp mentioned that you had been given a hard time here. I am sorry to here that.
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Oooooh...they are all so beautiful! I love seeing them all lined up...looking so different from each other.

They look like piles of fun!
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Aww there gorgeous hun
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