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Twin birth story (they are now 14 mo. old)

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This is a copy of my birth story of my twins.

On Thursday Sept. 1st, I went in to the hospital for my weekly nonstress test/doppler of umbilical chord and amniotic fluid check. All of those came out great. Every oother week I had been having a growth scan. When the tech did the scan it showed that Baby A had not grown at all. To my eyes, it seemed that he hadn't grown since the last scan two weeks previous. In truth, I had been a bit worried about him because I wasn't feeling him move as much, but then again, his placenta was anterior and it was always more difficult to feel him move. The tech left the room to go to discuss it with a high risk dr.; by that point, I just knew deep inside that I wasn't going to get to go back home that day. I was holding back tears because my goal was to get to 38 weeks and I was 36wks 3days. However, the hospital has always maintained that I am a week behind - so 35/5. Indeed, the tech came back with the dr. who told us that we were going to go straight to Labor and Deliviery where they would induce me. The longest moments in my life were while we were waiting for my wheelchair to arrive as I tried to collect myself and get used to the idea that my labor and delivery were probably not going to be the way I had planned. I had been pushing my dr. to let me go the whole 40 weeks and just on Tuesday she had told me that she was willing to let me go. Tuesday, by the way, I was 4 1/2 cm and 1 1/2 cm long. I started praying that if they were going to induce me, that I should just go into labor on my own. Down in L & D, I started shivering because I was so nervous. Again, I took deep calming breaths and prayed that G-d should just let me go into labor on my own. The nurse came in and hooked my up to the monitors. It took a while for the staff to get things going. (In the meantime, Thursday was my kids' first day of school and four years previous, I had given birth on the first day of school. We had to figure out how to get our 4 yr old home from school and where he would go.) As I lay there on my side (so they could get the best readings), I realized that I was having contractions. Indeed the monitor was picking them up as well - every 2 - 3 minutes. They weren't painful, but were bona-fide contractions. It looked like I was already in labor. The dr. who was on call came in to check me and told me that I was a 5 according to my dr. , but when he checked me he said that I was still 4 1/2 but only 1 cm long. THen he decided that it would be a good time to rupture my membranes - he must have tried 5 or 6 times and they wouldn't rupture. I suggested that maybe it just wasn't the day for me to go into labor as my body obviously wasn't ready, but he told me otherwise. He finally succeeded using a fetal scalp probe and I knew that there was no turning back. The nurse set up a pitocin drip and I took the time to gather myself together. After a couple of hours I was checked again and was still 4 1/2cm, so they continued to up the drip. As it was, the contractions were truly no big deal and I wanted to get this over with - or just wake up from a bad dream. The next time I was checked I was 5 cm and effaced. I suppose that they started me around 12:45 pm or maybe 1 o'clock. When they checked me and I was 5 cm it must have been about 4:45 or so. The contractions started to become quite painful and I told my dh that if he wanted to he could let them know that I would consider having an epidural at that point. My original plan was to labor as long as possible with nothing and only take the epidural at the point where I could no longer handle it - hopefully 7 or 8 cm. So he went and told the nurses and came back and told me that the anesthesiologist was in the O.R. I was really having to breathe through the contractions and they were becoming a bit intense. AGain I told dh that I needed an epidural and that I was afraid that I would lose my polite demeanor. I then paged the nurse myself and asked for it. She came into the room and told me that they would have to page another anesthesiologist from another floor. I implored her to hurry. At that point I felt like I was a bit nauseous and asked her if she'd mind if I sat up because I needed to burp. So, I sat up burped twice, and as I lay back down I suddenly said to her, " I need to push". Boy, did that get things moving quickly! She pushed a button and said, " I need a resident in here now, she has to push!". I could her thunderous footsteps in the hallway and the dr. from my practice arrived. He checked me and said, "she's complete". All the while they were telling me not to push. They wheeled me into the O.R. because of the potential of something going wrong. Finally they told me that whenever I was ready, I could push. They also tried to put my feet in stirrups and I told them that I had never pushed that way before, so there were two nurses or a resident and a nurse who helped me hold my legs so I could push better. The anesthesiologist came in and started asking me questions leaning over my face and at some point in between pushing I apologized to him for perhaps having less than fresh breath. For some reason everyone in the room (and there were a lot of people) thought that that was pretty funny. The dr. told me that I didn't need to be a martyr and that I could have had an epidural whenever I had first felt icky. In the meantime, I pushed a few times and Baby A, my little boy, was born - 5:04 pm. I waited a few minutes to regroup and pushed a few times and at 5:16 Baby B, my little girl, was born. In between the two babies the dr. had his hand inside me to see how she was positioned; apparently, she had her hand on her head, but as I contracted, she moved her hand away. I told the dr., "Hey, why not let's put everyone's hands in there" - after all, I could feel everything because there was no time for the epidural. So he told me that , no, they had limits and his hands were enough. The worst part I think was delivering the placentas - they had fused together as the dr. had told me that they would, and a nurse massaged my abdomen to help - and it did hurt. Other than some shivering, I felt really good afterwards. And it always feels so satisfying to push a baby out. All in all, I'm really pleased. My dr. had wanted me to have an epidural and I have had this secret desire to be like my friends who have their babies at home. (Although, I must confess, I did say that I thought that they were crazy to do this without an epidural.) The bad thing was that because the babies were so small, they took them right away to the ISCU - I didn't even get a chance to hold them first. Oh, and their apgars were 9. He was 4 lbs even and 17 in. long and she was 5 lbs even and 18 in long.

At this point they are not home with me, but hopefully at least one will be home tomorrow. I wil have to fill in the details on their status and what happened at a later date because I must go pump for them.

And what does a 5 lb baby look like? If you imagine my thumb (and I have very slender fingers - I wear a size 4 1/2 ring) and then picture her wrist, my thumb is just marginally smaller. They are like live dolls and I'm so in love. (I told dh that I could see having 15 kids . . . I think he's a little nervous.)
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Congratulations on their birth and I'm glad you took the time to share thir story!
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Thank you for sharing....I hope they come home soon!

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whhoops! like I said, I just copied and pasted their story. They were in thehospital for 4 days - andhave been home nursing since!!! I tandem nurse and co-sleep with theses babies. We are 14 months today!!! still nursing strong. I now refer to their induction as their eviction. I think that I will always harbor feelings of resentment for being induced.
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That's great that you were able to have them both vaginally! Sorry about the induction though. That really stinks. It's so cool that you went so fast. Weird about the burps too! That's great that you are able to bf them both for so long. Thanks for sharing your very cool story with us!
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After reading your story,I scrolled back to see what area you were from. You were so very lucky to achieve a vag birth with twins. Most of the midwest is famous for c-sections, soooo, hurray for you!!! It's refreshing to read that you are still nursing. A standing ovation for getting almost everything you wanted. The end resulted in two healthy babies, and you are blessed. PEACE!!!!!!!!!!!! :
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Really? I had not known that about the c-sections. My dr.'s practice was very pro-vaginal birth - so it worked out well for me.
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