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kk: your siggy note cracks me up... :

that's all my brain can process and put out tonight.

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KK--"about 25 flakes" of snow? Were you out there counting??

Did youguys see this?---->

Just had to do that. What the hell kinda smilie is that. I mean, that states nothing about me that anyone on this board could need to know or care about. I mean, I will never say, oh jeez everyone I feel like today.

Jacquie baking is so considered a craft. I adore baking too. Yay for new bras!! And yay for bigger sentences! Sol is really exploding in the language dept as well, although for the most part she is NOT saying things like "that's not my favorite thing to do!" or "I don't like that so very much!" (which, btw hf, is freakin hilarious).
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Hey mamas... DH's grammy died last night. Her death made the front page of the Miami Herald. Please take a moment to read about her. She was an amazing woman and we can all draw strength from her story. Here is another quick synopses of her life and contributions.

Rest in Peace, Grammy Range.
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So sorry to hear of her passing, Megan. Thanks so much for the link; what an amazing woman. I daresay I think some of her spunkiness lives on in Mia. **hugs**
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she sounds like a really inspirational person. what a go-getter! your dh must be so sad.

i really like the i liked a few of them a lot.
can't wait until i walk through an airport and see it.

ugh. so i have many years of big boy shrieking to look forward to : my response to him is that it is allowable in the playground and not in the house. and the next time he does it at a restaurant we are leaving. i find some of his restaurant behavior to be less than acceptable but i really am non-plussed by it. dh becomes absolutely *mortified* soooo embarassed. i'm like 'meh' let's work on future behavior!

we are going to find out the sex. i want to know if i can shop for girly things or if i need to get used to the idea of boy #2 before the hormone-crazy day of birth. i was toying with the idea of waiting since i wanted the surprise the 1st time and didn't get it. and i asked doug and he said 'YEAH' in the same tone as DUH we ARE going to find out. oh ok, twist my arm.

i thought jake g was super hawt in brokeback so i rented donno dorko after that. so not up my alley. my sister watches it over and over.
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Megan- wow, what an amazing woman she was. May she have in death the grace and dignity she had in life. My thoughts are with your family.
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125 AWARDS!! Wowee what a woman. Much love to you & yours Meg.
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What an inspiration. I'm sure she will be greatly missed.

My sig comment is in response to *yours*, TC. :
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mamameg, hugs to you and your DH. What an amazing life she led! I'm in awe of how much impact she had on the lives of those around her and after her.
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*whew* I'm wiped from rearranging my mums on my porch 349765 time. Thanks for thinking of me, Heather. I feel the love! We are utterly ticked off at Time WArner cable right now. We've had *no* internet for two weeks, and reaaaaally spotty internet for the four weeks we've been here. : But we should be good to go. Now I just need my husby to replace the hard drive on my 'puter, I'll be good to go!

mamameg-what a lady! A true inspiration.

I think my hubby's tv puts y'alls to shame. A mere 60 inches. That's it. It is tiny. Really. : I call it his third child. He thinks it is the greatest thing since sliced bread. Now I have to admit, it will be nice to watch the Ohio State/Michigan game on it Saturday. Hey LIsa, are you a wolverine? Better not be. Gonna start trash talking them, LOL!

I can't begin to respond to the two weeks of posts I just caught up on.

Hosting Turkey Day at my house next week. Can hardly wait. :

I'm trying to be more present as my internet connection allows...
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Sherri, the mums thing made me chortle. And of COURSE Thanksgiving is at your house!! Wow--since you just moved in I am to you. I could not imagine doing so.

Jessica I REALLY WANT a beeeeer right about now. Toss one o'er here, will ya?
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Megan - the world is not the same because of Grammy Range. What a gift to us. So sorry for your loss.

Now, I need to make sure the bathroom is the same. The kiddos just closed the door. (Yes they are in there by them selves, they are too loud to get up to any trouble)
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Oh, they wanted privacy, and my bathroom looks like a tsunami hit it. Funny, the rest of the house looks like a hurricane came through. :
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: love ya, sherri!

E had her 9mos check today....almost 21 pounds!! Have to see the ortho about her hip as she favors one side when crawl scooting. Really just want to make sure we have been to every specialist under the sun before she turns 1.

mmmm....beer! I haven't had one in ages and I do so miss a nice cold Stella.
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Stella Artois?
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Originally Posted by Sarah'sMama View Post
Hey LIsa, are you a wolverine?
Here's my college sports breakdown:

1. Oregon Ducks
2. Stanford (although pretty much just for women's basketball)
And way down at the bottom, with credit only for being in the midwest, ranks Ohio State.

Sorry, chica...watch your trash mouth!
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Looks like we're gonna have a problem, my dear friend. :

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Hey, the truth is that I pick my teams based on the overall attractiveness of the uniform 90% of the time (which I admit nearly caused me to drop the Ducks entirely - damn Nike and the curse of bright yellow!).

One of the benefits of living in an all-girl household with a tiny tv that we never turn on is that football and the like is so not a factor in my life. I do like the righteous fight though and if pressed I will claim my teams with a great deal of unjustifiable passion. My greatest fear is that we'll have a boy and he'll want to play football...no wait, my greatest fear is that we'll end up with a cheerleader (shudder). Do we have any secret cheerleaders in the May Mama crowd? Elsanne? Hmmm....who would I vote for most likely to be a cheerleader?

Which brings me to my own topic - let's give each other "Most Likely to..." titles. I suggest Sherri as "Most Likely to Teach Martha Stewart a Thing or Two."

And on an entirely different note. I think that I shared with you that it drives Alison batty that I try to fix things that aren't broken all the time. I am currently researching preschools/daycares for Eleanor even though we love her current child care sitch. Here's the thing: I love Montessori as a concept and we didn't look at those schools when we found the place that she's at. I just discovered that they have them sit at a computer and watch Elmo interactive drawing videos when it's raining outside at her current school. It bugs me, but she loves it there. I have serious issues with feeling like I am missing out on something so I get caught uip looking and searching for more, more, more.. What is that about???? Besides the sincere request for comments on the insecurity I seem to have in my choices, should I ask Alison to come with me to observe at the Montessori school?
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Hm. Computers at age 2? I dunno if I like that. I mean, with mommy at home is one thing, but at school? Hm.

I LOVE the most likely to, and I think Sherri's title is apt.

I am "most likely to run off to Mexico and dance my little heart out". Oh wait, I already actually did that.
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