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Are gemini's sexxxy?
Well, I'm a gemini and I'm definitely sexy!!!!!!!!!!!

Amulet and I are sitting at the computer right now, & we both watched the most beautiful sunrise about an hour ago.........low, red glimmering sun below the snow clouds!!!!
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We have decided to host a winter solstice celebration. Our guest list is around 20 and we have begun planning. I plan to have popcorn/cranberries for stringing, wassail, and lots of music. My dh plays guitar, mandolin and good friends of ours play guitar/banjo.

Of course, anyone from here would be welcome to attend, but you would have to drive to chautauqua county, ny. anyone interested?

Now, I would like to find some great music, a design for our invites (which will be online and snail). I am not artsy but I do enjoy stamping using water colors to decorate. any ideas for a stamp?

I haven't researched astrology to much. I am an aquarius.
I have been told I fit as an aquarius...don't know what that means, I haven't looked it up. :
I also haven't had a tarot reading. We live very close to LilyDale if anyone knows about it.
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My next (and probably last) baby is going to be an Aquarius. I've decided.
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Originally Posted by UnschoolnMa View Post
Ode, Is cancer a concern for any particular reason or ?
Sort of. I did have surgery in my early twenties for cancerous cells on my cervix.
Plus, I've been having inky black discharge from my left breast and it's been sore closer to my arm pit. Just a bunch of stuff.
But, I didn't really think about cancer until someone else mentioned it as a possibility (she had similar symptoms as I do and had lymphoma!). She's ok now, amazingly.

I think I'm just fearing the worst because I'm all alone with ds at home and I'm afraid of leaving him, ya know?

Sorry to be so depressing.
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Originally Posted by eilonwy View Post
My next (and probably last) baby is going to be an Aquarius. I've decided.
This Aquarius wants to know why

I'm the only Air sign in the family... DH and DS are Virgo, DD1 is Capricorn end DD2 is Cancer (she's truly a Water baby! wants to get in the bath 10 times a day and really enjoys her "swimming" lessons unlike her sibblings who were crying a lto when in the water at that age).

I don't know a lot about astrology but like to read about it and try to learn more (but time is an issue... )
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Hello all.

Love to hear how everyone is celebrating. We used Celebrating the Great Mother for stories, and activities. Lots of great ideas and activities for the whole year. I wish there were more books besides this one and Circle Round. I can't get enough.
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Liz: lots and lots of healthy vibes to you!
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Oh, I was born on the cusp of Capricorn and Aquarius.
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I don't know much about astrology, but DH, DS and I are all Sagittarius and my DDs are both Virgos.

Mmmm, I'm making some homemade bread right now, my house smells so yummy!!
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Am I the only Aries here?

Greenlee~ staying up late and getting up early?! Hope you get a nap!

brendon~ really wish I could come to your celebration, but I'd have to start driving today!

NaturalMomof3~ I can almost smell the bread! That's it- I'm baking today!
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Leo here.
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Hey all,

I wasn't really around in Oct. I can't keep up here and I spend a lot of time on other forums. Thought I'd pop in this month though.

We didn't get to celebrate Samhain like I wanted because we're all sick. So I'm hoping to make up for it once we all feel better. I wanted to say that I *finally* got my dh to agree to go to the cemetary as part of honoring the dead and our ancestors. Every year when I've brought it up he told me it was a morbid idea. He comes from a family that treats death as taboo. I think I finally got him to agree by tieing in Veteran's day. I told dh I wanted to take the boys to the VA cemetary to visit his grandfather's grave and talk to them about their great-grandparents. Hopefully, we will all be over this cold so we can go by Veteran's day.
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Yes, I'm working my way through it and I got myself several astrology books for my birthday.

Aside from taking the kids TorTing and greeting the mom at their school who I know is Pagan with "Happy New Year" on the 1st, I didn't do a lot for Samhain myself.
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I'm a happy Scorpio...but DH is a Virgo and dd is an Aries (does that count Slavia? )

Although I don't really feel drawn to the whole "Scorpio Mystique" I do have at least a few of the "standard" personality traits. I just wish the astrological symbol was little more...well...nifty looking! I'd love a Sorpio babe but it looks like this one is going to be a Gemini. Hmmmm...a whole house of random signs covering all the elements! Could be fun...

Ode- oh sweetie...you are not having any luck this season. I hope the doctor finds something benign or at least easily treatable and that you're feeling better soon. I'll light another candle for you and your little one if that's okay. I'm sure the stress you've been under recently can't have helped your health.

brendon- wow! That's an ambitious Solstice gathering...it sounds wonderful! Hmmmm....how far from tompkins county to chautauqua county? Have you checked out Serpentine Music (http://www.serpentinemusic.com/) for solstice music ideas? Libana and MotherTongue are both great, and a friend has a cd by Broceliande that was really pretty too. The Serpentine site usually has a few mp3s or "song bits" you can listen to, and larger pagan groups are sometimes available through amazon.com (not that you'd buy them through amazon, but the amazon site usually has sample tracks as well).

Also browsing the Serpentine page I found "Winter Solstice Singing Ritual--Book/CD set" which might include sheet music if you want to do the singing/playing yourself!

Our Halloweed outing and Samhain ritual were a bust I'm afraid...my father is very ill and had a full blown crisis on Sunday. By Tuesday he still needed round the clock family care so we couldn't really go out (and he was terrified of the people in costume so we couldn't even light our pumpkin and welcome trick/treaters). The local pagan family group I started STILL hasn't managed to have a full blown event so I'm keeping my fingers crossed for a pre-Turkey Day potluck. We're starting to plan a Solstice gathering though so any ideas are welcome!
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Sorry to hear about your father Clea
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Thanks...it's hard when a parent has a chronic health issue...you want to help and be there for them but at the same time it can be so heartbreaking to see the person who was so strong and capable become so needy and insecure. He starts a new med this week and we have high hopes.

On a more upbeat note...does anyone have the Circle Round and Sing cd? (the musical companion to the Circle Round book) Is it good? Bad? Fun? I have a lot of music from Reclaiming and the quality really varies from recording to recording...Laia loves listening to Second Chants but I think a child oriented pagan music tape would be worthwhile...

So, any mama reviews?
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Well I'm excited, dh arranged his vacation time for between solstice and new years (he traditionally takes that week off) and we are planning to take a trip to the snow this year at that time. XXX my fingers that there will be snow then. We haven't made the trip up for a few years. Haven't decided exactly where we will go. Last time we just did a day trip up to the local mountains. Let the dog pull him and dd on the sled, HAHA.
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Alrighty, in terms of signs, as previously mentioned I'm a sezzy gemini but I was wondering what you guys thought of the fact that my DH and I have the SAME birthday? We were born 5 years apart. DD is also a Leo. DS was a Libra. I like Libras.
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Salvia ~ I'm an Aries :

dh is Scorpio (or Libra depending on who's calendar you're looking at ~ his bday is Oct. 23 ~ but he's a perfect mix of the two I think!)
ds1 is Scorpio, ds2 is Leo, ds3 is Pisces, dd is Pisces and ds4 is looking to be Saggitarius`

Liz ~ I really hope all your tests come back negative! ~warm healing energy for you and your son~
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Jen~ ahhh, good, now I know I am not alone! Weird- my husband's birthday is October 22! When is your birthday?

When I think of Scorpio I think about the constellation. In the early 90's my dh and I were camping in the Four Corners area. We had spent the day swimming in the Dirty Devil river and decided to sleep out on the rim rock. We were getting into our bags and I looked up at the sky. Scorpio was just above the horizon and it was so vivid! I asked dh if we needed to worry about scorpions. "No,"he says. "You sure?" I say. He turns on the flash light and there not ten feet from us is a scorpion crawling toward us.
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