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Bex- wonderful. I read every word. I love the 'voice' that you wrote it in- I can picture everything happening. Remind me never to take castor oil to start labor! Sorry you felt pressured to have the baby. So I assume your parents did get to spend time with her after the birth, and were thrilled that she cooperated in coming when they were visiting! I esp. like these parts:

Originally Posted by Bex80 View Post
I decided to do it, then to not do it. Then to do it, then to not do it. By the time we left church, I had decided not to do it. 4 or 5 miles down the road I changed my mind. I felt like a Freshman getting ready to do her first shot of whiskey at a party or something. The pressure within myself was insane.

And then, I had to go to the bathroom. What happened next was not pleasant, but wasn't as bad as I had anticipated. I'll spare you the details.

The van was in the middle of the yard because Heath had backed it up to the house to unload the Christmas tree. This annoyed me for some reason. I remember feeling very conspicuous, and like all of my neighbors were watching me waddle, pause, breathe, waddle, eeeease into my seat, wince, shut the door, breathe. None of them were, though.

It was sometime while I was in the tub that I put on some lip balm. I was so happy I had remembered to bring it.

An awful thing that kept running through my mind like a twisted mantra was "Eve's curse, Eve's curse, Eve's curse". It was terrible and I couldn't stop thinking it.

Well, at one point when a contraction was starting to peak I managed to whimper, "I remember the pain now.".

I was bearing down and feeling like I had a bowling ball in my vagina. I felt like it was going to split me in half, I felt like that was really going to happen even though I knew it wasn't.

She cried and I marveled at her. I had done this once before, but it was all so foreign yet familiar. I'd had a baby, but I'd never had this baby. She was perfect to me.
LOL, I am a lip balm addict and was so happy I remembered mine, too! And OOccchhh, yep, the bowling ball, splitting-in-half feeling, very familiar. :
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What a lovely birth story I SO hear you on the castor oil, though.

And, weirdly, does anyone else think that there were a heck of a lot of little girls with nuchal hands being born last autumn? I know of at least four or five besides Skye and Abigail...
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Bex80, LOVE the birth story! I, too, read every word. The actual birthing process reminds me so much of Noah's birth except I stayed in the tub to deliver him. I can't believe you still remember so much detail of your birth!!!

*Amy* & DiD: Don't forget...I am pretty sure that with a December 7 birthday, Noah is the youngest of the "November" babes! BTE (Honeytree) had Woody pretty late in the game, too. I wonder how they are doing?!

DiD: I'm glad Winter's gift made it to him in time for his birthday!

Spiritmomma and I had our playgroup today. One of her friends just had her new babe and she's so luscious! I just love being around her, it makes me miss Noah as a newborn. I definitely don't miss the 1-4 month old Noah though!!
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Winter is the second youngest November baby I think. His birthday is the 5th of December.
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Ahhh. Noah is the 7th. He's awful big for being such a babe!
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Woops, I can't believe I forgot Noah, peacefulmommy. Sorry! I guess I thought he was before Brynn. :

Y'all, my baby is STILL SICK! I thought she was over the worst, but she was really lethargic and fussy this afternoon, and then threw up again tonight. She's been sick since Saturday, so what is that...4 days? I keep debating whether I should take her to the doctor but she has no other symptoms (rash, etc.) and isn't running a fever so I'm not sure what they would do other than tell me to keep her rested and hydrated, which I'm doing. It just sucks and I feel so bad for her.

Bex, thanks for sharing your birth story. Mine was posted much later too (I posted in October, I think). It is amazing though; I'm sure I'll remember it in vivid detail for a loooong time to come!

Hey Spughy, Rowan got a molar?! So how many teeth does she have now? Brynn still only has 2 on top and 2 on the bottom!
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Bex80: Thanks for sharing your lovely (and well written!) birth story with us! It brought some feelings back for me too. (thanks)
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Originally Posted by flapjack View Post
What a lovely birth story I SO hear you on the castor oil, though.

And, weirdly, does anyone else think that there were a heck of a lot of little girls with nuchal hands being born last autumn? I know of at least four or five besides Skye and Abigail...
Yes, Neela had a nuchal hand, too! I wonder what it says about the women they will grow up to be?

I loved your story, Bex. It's so personal- I love how your thoughts flow through it

And happy belated birthday, Ngaoi (and mamaFern!).

I'm busy with work, but still checking in when I can. Neela is taking the whole mama back at work situation very well. She gets pretty upset when I leave, but is really happy with dada and loves playing with the other kids at our terrific daycare. I feel thrilled to have such awesome arrangements for her care. But I sure miss her when I'm gone...

I guess we move over to the toddler forum next month? :
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Bex80, thanks for posting your story. It is nice to read stories about births that went well. Mine... I don't know if I want to write it out. It was definitely not the birth I wanted. I don't think I want to relive it.

But yeah, Rowan had a nuchal hand too (that's a hand up beside the face coming out, right?).

Amy, Rowan has 7 teeth now 4 on the top, 3 on the bottom. I wonder how long it will take the rest of that molar set to come through. Her first six teeth popped out one right after the other, and then we had no new teeth for a good 4 months, so it will be interesting to see.
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Originally Posted by spughy View Post
Amy, Rowan has 7 teeth now 4 on the top, 3 on the bottom. I wonder how long it will take the rest of that molar set to come through. Her first six teeth popped out one right after the other, and then we had no new teeth for a good 4 months, so it will be interesting to see.
ngaio is the same!

she had 3 on top and 2 on the bottom for months, but just this week a third bottom trooth has popped out..

sarah, how are you handling the weather? were you without power? i worried about you the last few days!
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oh and ngaio didnt come out this way, but my son elwynn came out with his hand above his head. his little left fist!
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Winter has 4 teeth on top and 4 on bottom. And a huge gap between his top front teeth. Oh it kills me it's so cute!
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Wow, I can't keep up!!! I have been able to read while Finley naps and nurses, but don't have free fingers to type while nursing lying down...and oftentimes, typing wakes him. So, I'm stuck just reading. And I just haven't had a chance to write, but I wanted to say

HAPPY (BELATED) BIRTHDAY to everyone who has turned one the past week and a half!!! Skye, Abigail, Ngaio, Xeowyn...(hope I'm not missing anyone).

Amy, so sorry to hear about the hard travels and everyone being so sick. I hope Brynn is feeling better today.

Sounds like everyone had nice Thanksgivings, though. We had a quiet day at home, the three of us, and shared our food with our friends who were sick the next day. The food was delicious, and the quiet day was perfect for us right now.

Bex80, Thank you so much for sharing your birth story. I loved reading it, and loved how you wrote. So tangible, vivid, beautiful, real. I share your daughter's birthday!

I would love to read other peoples' birth stories, if you have them...if you posted them when your babies were born. I don't know if that is the custom to write them immediately, as I wasn't aware of "attachment parenting" or MDC when Finley was born.

I haven't really written mine out yet...but lots of the feelings you described, Bex, I completely related to.

I'm jealous of everyone who has snow!!! It doesn't feel like Christmas here--it's SO WARM! We are going to Canada (Ottawa) for Christmas, though, where my DH's family is from, so it'll be fun to definitely be in the snow then.

Finley has four teeth on top, four on bottom, and has for months. It seems like he is working on more, as he seems to be really into biting things, and has that teething drool, but I don't see anything yet...don't know where they'll be coming in.

Happy Thursday, everyone, and thanks for welcoming me into the fold, even though I'm not very good as posting often, and am such a late-comer. It really is so nice to have this little online community of women with likeminded ideas of mothering.
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barcelona: I am very glad you are a part of our group! I really have enjoyed reading your posts and I love your website. Fin is adorable! It's never too late to write your birth story. (Still haven't written mine...)
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Skye's birth story is
here I wrote mine immediately, because I was really struggling to process what had happened.
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Thanks so much for sharing your birth story! I loved reading it. It's so inspiring, familiar, and also new to me (the whole homebirth aspect of it). What a lovely and easy (!) labor and delivery.

So...do we move over to Toddler board today? I guess I'll take a look-see.
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Helen, I loved reading Skye's story!! I felt like I was literally right next to you, or inside of your head. You write so well!

Were you in much pain during the whole labor (besides the obvious couple of fireball references)? The only reason I ask is because I know I didn't mention the pain much in my story, I just assumed people would know that the contractions hurt. From the speed of the actual active labor and delivery though, I didn't know if you had a lot of pain?

I particularly liked the way you worded that you didn't want the baby falling out halfway down the stairs. Where did you end up birthing her?

Happy Birthday to all of our Nov. Dec. babes!!!

Thank you for the kind words re: my story. I can't believe that I remembered so much in detail. I think that it helps that I went to see my MW when Abigail was about 6 months old. I took the video camera and taped an interview with her; us talking about the birth.

I didn't write the story until the night before her first birthday. It was an overwhelming experience, her birth. I felt victimized a little, I felt so out of control even though I was totally in charge of everything. It was too much freedom, too much autonomy for me. I am usually the person who never decides which restaurant the group will go to for dinner, or which movie to rent, or even what color to paint my toenails. I don't know how I became such an indecisive person. Maybe life's regrets?

Anyway, it was healing to write it though I did relive some very physical emotions while I wrote. Upset stomach, chills, fast heartbeat, panic.

I hope everyone will post or re-post their stories. I would love to read them.

Amy, I hope Brynn is finally feeling better! Poor babe.
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Bex, I generally have easy labours anyhow- you missed the saga, but I had 26 days of prodromal labour that hurt like hell and kept coming and going and eventually, we had 9 false alarms . For me, it wasn't painful, at least not once the midwife got there and pronounced that I was finally in "active" labour and they wouldn't let it stop again (I think I hammed my performance up a bit to that point.) From then on in, I had the three big contractions, that felt like an orgasm, and then a baby. Oh, and she was born on the bed she was conceived in, on a beautiful crisp white cotton duvet with absolutely no plastic anywhere around because I thought it was another false alarm so I spent the first day of her life sending people out to buy me new bedlinen It's pretty much a textbook "how NOT to homebirth" story.
OK, now that I've confessed to possibly orgasmic birth, this is a good time for us to go start a new month. Are we partying on down in Toddlers in December?
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ok, I did it! We're over in Toddlers now!! December thread HERE!
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