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Turkey Trottin' Running Mamas November Thread

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Wow! Could it be that this thread hasn't been started? Well then here it is!

Welcome runners and wanna be runners of all abilities! This thread sometimes moves faster than we do but come and run with the dingos!

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Happy November!!!
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Man, I cannot believe I found the thread dangling in last month! There must be some mistake!
Anyway, this past week was very very busy. It seemed like we had a party going on every other day (another one tonight in fact). MIL seems to be doing okay, dh is on his way up tomorrow via air, it seemed like too much trouble for him to drive up with the truck as he can always rent a u-haul if a move is imminent.
I finally got back to the gym yesterday for upper body and some time on the TM. I do not know how you mamas can do long TM runs though. Maybe there just wasn't enough air in there or something but I ran 1.5 and then had to walk. I felt like a complete loser, I was panting like a dog and sweating like a I don't know what, pigs don't really sweat right? Anyway it was gross.
But, the weights went well. I forget who mentioned listening to the podcast of This American Life but I downloaded this week's show and chuckled all the way through my workout. The story about hitch-hiking on Martha's Vineyard really had me nostalgic because I did a lot of that there as a teenager.

Last night we took dd out to this California-style neighborhood which is the hot spot for trick-or-treating and she did remarkably well. I told her that she has the best of both worlds since today and tomorrow she gets to have Day of the Dead too! Lucky monkey!

Today is the Dia de los Angelitos, the day when babies and children who have died are supposed to come back and visit with their families. We've got a pretty nice altar set up, I'll try to post a picture later. I just hope ai can get a little quiet time to meditate on Wendy's presence today at some point.

Okay, time to run!
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I've been meaning to ask for some time now: mandy how's your brother?
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ok, i have made the commitment to run again! i will sub to this, and feel free to hold me accountable! i will get back into my running regime!!!!! you go ladies!
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Tiffany-I'm just about to start back after having a baby. We ca do it together!

Plady-I hope you can make some quiet time to reflect on Wendy today.
I'm glad your MIL seems to be doing well.
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returning to human feeling although the kids seem to be in the throws of the wretched cold now(the sound of barking seals woke me this morning). 4 entire days without a voice. I did learn I have been yelling too much. dd has picked up the habit. Working on that now. Sometimes you need a little reminder like not being able to talk for four days.

Actually got my butt up and ran 4.3 miles on the treadmill this morning. I am running a 10 mile race on Saturday. Was hoping for a pr over last year but will depend whether I have fully recooped by then. Hoping the timing is just right. I need to be enthused again.

Will be keeping up...
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subbing, I must run tonight. Missed yesterday cause I forgot it was trick or treat night or I would have gone Monday. Still want to squeeze in 4 runs this week.
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hey 2bbs...so glad you're feeling better. I am a yeller too and constantly working on the habit. some days are better than others.

2BabyBees and EKsMom--deadline for registration for the half is November 8, before the price doubles, mamas!

You may notice that I am not running at this moment as planned...J fell asleep in the car before we got to the trail and it's hit or miss with transfers...plus my stomach decided to rebel from the non-MDC approved stuff I ate yesterday. Blech. : I'm reformed, I promise.

Kids and me in my "costume." I told dd if she was the princess, I was the queen...and as she was going to bed she said, "mommy, you are the bestest queen I've EVER seen."

take care y'all.
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Subbing. Will Run Tonight.
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subbing, what was everyone's total miles goal in October and how did you do with that goal?

How are you ranking for your yearly goal?

This isn't a competition, just checking in with everyone's goals and how you are doing and offering support!

I hit my monthly goal for October in getting back on track with marathon training. I wanted at least 100 miles a month for a yearly goal of 1200 miles. October was 172.5 miles and yearly to date is at 1,157.33 miles.

I have 42.67 miles to run for the rest of the year to make my yearly goal and that was missing three weeks with injury.

ran 5 slow and easy this morning.

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Race List

Wow, our list is getting short. If you have something to add, just let me know. PM-ing is probably the best way to assure that I see it, but posting is OK too.

2babybees - TRRC Turkey Trot 10K - November 18
eksmom - 5K - November 18
mamabeth, 2babybees, eksmom - Atlanta Half Marathon - November 23
Geofizz - Turkey Trot 5K - November 23
Balancin1 - 8K - November 24
2babybees - Jingle Bell 5K - December 2

The Preggo Dingo List

ND - December 5 -
BBM - December 30 -
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: 2 presentations, finished and given. Halloween, done and enjoyed. Pictures forthcoming. Of Halloween, not the presentations.

: To-do list grew exponentially while I was in presentation-land, the DH situation is at a low point, and I am exhausted.

I was going to run at lunch, but I am so tired, I am this close to just leaving and going home and trying to unwind a little bit this afternoon. Maybe I would run later. I'm already planning on going skating at the track tonight. Hmmm...
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Eksmom, can you add my Turkey Trot?
5 miler

Like Janessa, the race is picked based on start time. Also picked because I won't have to get in a car to get there.
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I'm new and subbing. Really need motivation, b/c I took 5 months off!!! But I want to get back into it and need help--a ton of encouragement comes just from seeing all the other committed mamas. Goals: Lose weight, feel great, stay committed. Lofty goals and I've had them for a long time, but I need to make this work. All advice will be well received. Cheers!
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Originally Posted by eksmom View Post
ND - December 5 -
BBM - December 30 -
Wow! Getting close!

BBM, wanna come over this weekend? Still want the cosleeper? I've got lots of boy clothes saved up. Just lemme know when's good.
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I'm new and subbing too... I lurked last month and have been very motivated by yall!! Getting back into running after a while, training for the Phoenix half in January!
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hello all - i'm breaking my 'no mdc at work' rule but i need a little brain rest.

ran 40 minutes on the trails yesterday. my lungs are really raspy from all the sicknesses which made hills extrememly difficult - but i enjoyed it nonetheless. today i need to go get my ID card for the gym that i joined for the winter. it's a great facility and i really want to get a speedo and swim goggles so that i can start swimming laps - but that can't happen until we get some more money. my dh seems to be having a really hard time getting anything done - whether it's getting a job or pulling together the business numbers - nothing is happening and he's got excuses out the ying-yang for why not. He also has seemingly completely and utterly given up on 'cross training'. It's been several months and I've been trying to get him interested the past couple of nights and nothing. nada. zip. whatever. maybe it's time for me to take a lover - not sure where i would ever fit that into the life equation though.

Kerc - my brother is hanging in there. he had a relevation about his business about a month ago (nothing that my dad and I hadn't been telling him for year) but he's trying some new things that were going well, so his health was improving. but again, lack of follow through and things are up in the air and he needs to find a new place to live and so his health is in the toilet. How is your sister doing?

Eksmom - i think Kate and I are doing the Ugly Mudder 7 miler on February 25th. Sorry your DH situation is extra crappy right now.

back to business...
Plady - I'd love to see a pic of your alter. I hope you get some time to meditate and visit with Wendy today.
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Originally Posted by Geofizz View Post
Subbing. Will Run Tonight.
I second that!
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