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Hello Runners-Happy November

No run for me today-although I am hoping to get out this afternoon after K wakes up from her nap. She was a ladybug last night-very cute. Had a great time despite a scare from a couple of grim reapers who came to the door One with a peanut allergy (Not laughing at the allergy-just a grim reaper with an allergy...) And sadly-us peanut addicts had NO candy without peanuts in it-poor guy.

RM-I had a slow month-only 57.5 miles-will get more in this month!!

plady- hope you get some time to yourself today to meditate!
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pumpkin, how did those miles go toward your October goal? Are you saying slow because it was lower than the goal you set for yourself? the mileage itself sounds great, just wondering how you did on your goals.

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RM-yea-typically I run about 25-30 miles a week-October I only managed about 15 on average I think with the Philly half in September-I wasn't motivated-I was really busy and usually make time for my running-but was using a lot of excuses not to run last month and therefore-the low mileage!
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which is why I need to pick out a race-I (and most others!) do better about reaching goals when I have a race to shoot for. I will hopefully do a 10K on Thanksgiving Day-dh is already signed up-I need to make sure I have someone to watch K that morning, so I can run as well. I just got an email from my friend that she is working that race-so I am going to see if her son (14 yo who adores K) can come to the race and watch her while we are running...
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subbing, wish I had a fun run to train for, just heading on the treadmill for fun now and then.

The halloween costumes were adorable, my youngest loves the elmo costume, she saw it from the back in the afternoon of halloween and wanted to be a tomato all of a sudden
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glad to see the new thread. there's no way i can catch up on the old one.

good news - i'm ready to run again and am making plans with my mamas in the hood.

sad news - it's dia de los muertos- i'm supposed to be happy, i think, but the momma in me can't stop crying over the losses of loved ones this year.

plady, i want to see pictures of the altar, too.

halloween pictures are up under "dia de los muertos" in my blog.

everyone's pictures are so wonderful.

2bbs, been writing lately and thinking about posting but it requires such bravery.
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I ran a total of 5.25 miles in October. Obviously this didn't meet my goal. I'm kinda feeling like an intruder on the thread at this point. As for yearly goals, I set a pretty low / attainable goal, and despite the injury I've already passed it. I've run 606.75 miles so far, and had a goal of 600 for the year. I just keep thinking of all those years in the past that I ran over 1000 miles for the year. I guess I have to let that go and just be at peace with where I'm at.

I'd really like to do another marathon next year. Preferably without the diarrhea and occular migraine at mile 10.
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Hi Everyone! Welcome to all the new mamas!

s Plady

I did a broken two-ish miles today. Nora is just freaking out these days at being left with anyone other than dh(or me of course). And so I think I will probably be doing mostly stroller runs from now on...Does anyone have any ideas on helping not yet year old babies feel better about time with others? These are not strangers we are talking about, but she just flips out if it is anyone other than mama or papa. Oh, and she refuses to eat or drink if anyone other than mama offers. Even papa can't induce her to eat. And I'm taking classes at night, plus need to be out of the house to write papers/study, so we really need to find a solution that works for everyone....speaking of which, I need to go so I'm not late for class.....

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Abby, I have a Nora too!! Our DD is opposite though - she freaks if DH leaves the room, puts his attention on something else, or sets her down for one second, but doesn't even notice if I walk out of the room Good luck!

Speaking of, DH is still "recovering" from running the Indianopolis marathon 2 weekends ago, but we're going to start running together again, and I'm excited to have an activity to do together (I must admit I was a little jealous of his training time before).
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Originally Posted by calicocj View Post
(I must admit I was a little jealous of his training time before).

I SO understand this. I can't wait to be out there with my dh, too.
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Originally Posted by calicocj View Post
Speaking of, DH is still "recovering" from running the Indianopolis marathon 2 weekends ago,
The one in Fort Benjamin? Can I ask where you live?? I'm on the southside of Indy!!
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Hi again mamas,
new dingos! Just jump right in and you'll be an old timer in no time, this thread moves fast!

Here is an album of pix of our altar for Day of the Dead. Thanks for asking! I must say that it was a very peaceful project in the end. Sort of an art therapy kind of thing I guess.

Anyway, it did this amazing thing for me today.

I have the altar set up in our front hall and we generally always keep the front door closed but today I just felt like having it open so I could see the altar better. Well, not realizing where he was, an old dear friend of mine from college who was just aimlessly wandering around SMA (and knew I lived here but nothing else about where or what I do) saw the altar through the open door and wandered in. He spent a few minutes just looking at the altar and wondering who lived here because he 'got' the Bush thing right away. He noticed our business card and picked it up. As he turned to walk out he looked at the card and saw my name on it and came the rest of the way into the house and found me! How crazy is that? I hadn't seen him in at least 11 years but the second I turned my head to see who had walked into the house I instantly knew it was him.

How can I not think that Wendy somehow knew seeing this guy would just make my day and pulled him in? It turns out he'll be in town for 2 weeks doing a dance workshop and performance. So we'll have some time to catch up. I'm so happy, he was a year ahead of me and we lost touch when I graduated but I always regretted it sice he is just such a nice interesting person. So how cool is that?

Okay RR: nothing to report. It never occured to me to have monthly goals so I didn't. This month I think I'll be focussing more on the weight training than the running though I'll try to keep up with both. I just HAVE. TO. LOSE. THIS. PREGGO. WEIGHT! and running was not doing it fast enough alone.

Eks and Monikita - s for you both.

cReb - those newborn pictures were amazing! Really really beautiful. You are definitely on the right road. Fo' sho'!

All the pictures of costumed cuties were great BTW, I finally got around to going back to the Oct. thread and checking them all out.

Alrighty, time to get my costume on for the final party of the season! And then on to Thanksgiving-Christmas-New-Years insanity!
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welcome new dingos!

i did nada today - wednesdays are nutty. just subbing now bc i have to run dd off the daisy scouts and while she's there, run down to campus with ds (who didn't nap today at daycare so that should be fun) to pick up my diss proposal draft

although i was playing online yesterday - and mapped out my recent runs - in an attempt to get back into the fun of running i haven't been mapping the distance before - so i don't stress about speed, etc. - and restrospectively found out i've been doing my training runs faster than i had been before philly. so i think this change of mindset has been an overall success - mentally and physically.
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No run today but I feel like I had a major workout anyway. We have decided that we want to move our 8 cords of firewood off of the front porch and into the basement(crawlspace). In order to do that, the basement had to be cleaned up a fair bit.......... so I took twenty garbage bags to the dump today. Mostly my mom's old stuff, it was very therapeutic to go through it and pitch all of the things with negative energy. I have to confess that some of it could have been recycled or donated, but emotionally I just had to do it this way this time. Tomorrow I will take all of the now empty cardboard boxes to the recycling depot and a load top the Salvation Army. It is just one more step in working through all that has happened with my notehr. She kept everything - I don't know how many times I have gone through this process, but I think it is almost done, finally. There are two large boxes of papers I still have to go through and then most likely shred, then it will be done. My back hurts, I think I strained a muscle in my groin when moving a heavy box while bent over - but I like it that my cruddy basement will at least be filled with wood to keep my family warm instead of boxes full of painful memories.

I guess tomorrow we begin the task of moving all that wood down to the basement. I can't stand up straight down there and dh is a foot taller than I am - maybe I need to book a couple of massage appointments now:
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I swear I'll be more active here and with running when school slows down a little.
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happy november!


no running to report. i am knee deep in trying to finish for the craft fair next weekend
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Originally Posted by Runningmommy View Post
The one in Fort Benjamin? Can I ask where you live?? I'm on the southside of Indy!!
hmmm.... We actually live in Phoenix, AZ, but DH went to run w/ a friend that lives in downtown Indy... his t-shirt says Fort Harrison in Lawrence... DH said it was a nice place, but cold!! I don't know how yall cold weather running mamas do it! We've been in the south too long!
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subbing...although I think my days of running have finally ceased. I am SOOOO exhausted. At my last appt...I measured 2 weeks ahead! Yah...so at 31 weeks? I measure 33. And we have 100% confident of dates.

Geo - I have a party I have to go to saturday and church takes up a bunch of sunday. I don't think the co sleeper will work, but mostly because I don't have a way to transport it. Is there anytime that you may be in this area? I know it's pitiful that we live like an hour from each other and have "known" each other for over a year and yet have never met

I try to keep up with y'all, but it's hard! Ya move fast!! Well I guess it is a running thread and all.
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Subbing, and reporting 4 miles and change on the treadmill yesterday. There's no way I'd have done that after last week if I wasn't signed up for the race on Thanksgiving. I wish I was going to be in Chicago for the holidays because I could sign up for a new year's race to keep me honest over the holidays. Shanti, do you know of anything up your way?

Speaking of races and Thanksgiving...

Shanti and DrJen, I'd love to crash your party on the sat. after thanksgiving. Just tell me when and where although I will have a 2.5 yr old in tow as DH works weekends and I think my parents are driving straight back on T-giving because my brother only gets one day off work.

RM, I signed up for the Indy Mini and now I am starting to get excited. I put on my app that I wanted to be in a preferred start corral so I have to run a 5K in 28 mins between now and March. I think it is do-able. Whew. But it does make me nervous. I saw the Chi-marathon going up around town and got really excited thinking that will be us next year. When I checked in for the trade show all these people were running around with their finishers medals on and whatnot at the hotel. And then at the precon meeting for my trade show, our hotel representative announced to all the hotel dept. heads at the meeting that I'd be running the marathon next year. (The hotel is the headquarters for the marathon.) What is that saying about setting a goal and telling people so you stick to your goal? --And the best news is that it is a few weeks earlier next year, which means it should be easier with my fall schedule. I think all the signs are pointing to this as my big goal for next year, you know? DH is on board too. I plan to sign up as soon as registration opens. I am so excited.

OK, I can't really go back and catch up. I just want to say though what a positive thing this thread has been in my life, both encouraging me to sign up for that first race and for all the support since. I'm so glad I joined. A big to all the newbies and I hope you find joining to be as rewarding as I did. Ok, sap over.

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