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athansor and hollysmom!! great to 'see' you!
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Originally Posted by hmsmomma4 View Post
holly's mom: "new" baby counts until said baby is atleast i year old. so... you can hang on to that new baby reason. "new" is extended for each month one extendly b/f's after 1 year.
I love this logic! I had not heard the part about extending "new" for extended BFing. Cool!

So... do the email notifications work for other people? I don't get mine, and I don't get them, and I still don't get them, and then I get like 3 days at once. A lot of good that does. I think something is messed up with my email, although before the last MDC downtime, it worked fine for me.
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My emails work, although I don't read them. I just notice them come in and then check the board. I don't get to read all the replies if I just read emails.

On the note on subbing, I have never understood why some people will respond to a post, and then respond again, saying, oh, I forgot to sub. I mean, unless they have their email thingie turned off, you are subscribed whenever you post to a thread. No? : (and you can subscribe w/o actually posting to a thread -- under thread tools)

So I didn't get up and run today. Was up late again last night and my stomach was really bothering me. Woke up with it hurting still. And it is cold and wet. : As soon as I get over this nausea, I might be able to get back to my normal life, but man, I might have a new health issue then.
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I have my settings so that I have to individually subscribe to each thread. There are lots of things that I am interesting in posting once to, but I have no interest in keeping up with forever. And I'm a lot like moonshine, I get all the individual emails, but never read them, just open the thread.

And with the new baby logic, does it include 3 yr olds who are still nursing sporadically?
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i think any nursling counts. and if you are tandem nursing... there's just about no end!!!
i say that about the nursing b/c post partum depression can be dx'ed for up to a year, so other stuff should count too, such as nursing. and extended nursing is still demanding on your body, so there it is...the reason, not an excuse!!
thanks for the subbing defiinition. i thought everyone was running really fast!! (really i did), when i first saw the inititials TIA on many posts at another site, i thought everyone was an aunt. so i dont' think anyone can talk to me about being computer illiterate b/c i think i take the cake!!!
and no subbing for my... i just come to the web site.
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missbliss, as the mother of a 3 yr old who nurses maybe once every other day, I say, SURE! It counts.

OK, mamas... I need some advice. I'm getting ready to go on meds for depression. My appt. is on Tuesday. Even though nursing has really dwindled, I am still able to hand express milk, so I figure DD must be getting a little something when she does nurse. I'm thinking it's safest to treat it like I'm nursing... doesn't that mean I have about 2 choices of meds? I know this has been discussed here before but I have to confess I was thinking, "It'll never happen to me." That phrase has pretty well been struck from my vocabulary by now.

And about the email notifications, I quickly learned just to check the board, but I did kind of like having that link to click on from the email. I think something is really out of whack with my email server, because emails from other people are delayed too.
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Thanks for the new baby comments...makes me feel better.

eksmom re: anti depressants. I had or have, depending on how you look at it ppd after Rachel was born. When deciding on meds, my Dr and I called Motherisk which is an organization in Canada that keeps track of all the drugs and safety issues related to pregnancy & breastfeeding in Canada. I am taking Zoloft which from what I understand is the "safest" SSRI ie. the least amount gets into the milk. Celexa was also a possible choice as it gets in only a bit more. I believe they consider anything under 10% "safe" and Zoloft was 2.3% and Celexa was 3.2%. From what I understand they were some new concerns about Paxil so we didn't even go there. Also, as the baby get older and bigger they are less affected. I have to say that if I hadn't taken the Zoloft I don't think I could have continued nursing because I was such a mess and I believe the benefits of breastmilk are more important than the small potential risks...and so did my Dr. I also saw the famous Dr. Jack Newman and he definitely agreed. Sorry to ramble, but I hope that helps a bit.
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HollysMom, thanks for sharing your experience. It does help. I'm sorry about the PPD. I'm pretty sure I had it, but never got help for it, so good for you for doing something about it. I'll keep Zoloft and Celexa in mind. I did just take a look at Dr. Hale's website, and he seems to be saying that even for 18 month old babies that the amount of milk they get is low enough that pretty much any medication should be OK. I know DD is only getting a fraction of what she got at 18 months, so maybe I really don't have to worry about it too much. I imagine that here in Mainstream, Virginia, most docs would say to just wean her... but I want it to still be available to her. Even though I sometimes discourage nursing now, I don't push it very hard and don't refuse if she's making it clear that it's important to her. So, I don't really want to be in a position where I feel like I *can't* nurse her, if that makes sense. I still want it to be an option.

Hey, do you have any recent pics of Rachel? (If you've posted and I missed them, I apologize...)
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abby - i run on snowy roads, plowed roads, packed down snow roads, three inches of slush on the roads, etc and etc. in the winter i always wear wool or synthetic socks and just go with the thoughts that it's only 30 minutes or so - not too long to have wet feet.

it's a really nice day out there. i'm swamped with pre-conference preparation but i will get out and go for a run today. i was going to go to the gym that i joined for my first workout there - but who can play inside when outside is sunny and not raining?

in good news - i just found out that i have a meeting to attend in San Diego at the end of January which will give me a little chance to catch up with some really good friends. Yay!
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Newbies!! Read when you can, post when you can, but most importantly just get out there

It's cold and more like wintery around here today and despite my grumpiness about it I ran on my lunch hour. Just a little over 3 miles but I am glad I went. Maybe going to a new class at the Y tonight after dd's swim lesson-cardio kickboxing. I'm not terribly coordinated so it should be interesting.

I too run in anything. Like GrnMtnMama said it's only 30 minutes. I can do anything for 30 minutes. Makes the hot shower afterwards all the better.
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Hold up, a running-related post!

I just spent some time looking at my training log...

Jan - 88.77
Feb - 79.63
Mar - 125.54
April - 116.74
May - 146.53
June - 129.04
July - 125.19
Aug - 83.55 and surgery to remove appendix
Sept - 72.01
Oct - 47.51 :

YTD: 1017.50

Right now I have no running goals. I signed up for that 5K on 11/18 but even that has not made me follow a training plan - which I normally like to do by the book. I am going to work some on my goals for November and maybe for the remainder of the year. The month is young, I have a chance to make something of it.

RM, thanks for the push to think about this. I post this not for the purposes of comparing myself with anyone else, but just to take stock of where things are. I miss my goal-oriented self. And when I get out there and run, I love it. Getting out there is the hardest part right now.
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hugs coming your way katherine. wrt anti-depressants: two of the ones you're likely to start with when you begin looking for something that will work at celexa and zoloft -- like holly'smom said both are safe when nursing. The information hereis a little old (2002) but still useful.

I've got a little bug. But I did get my dd2 and dog out for a nice 4 mile walk. It is cold here. Not so bad temp wise (~35) but the winds are fierce -- like 30-40 miles per hour gusts. I wanted to run, but I don't have a jacket that works for those kinds of temps right now. err, I have one, but couldn't find it. So I walked for 2 x as long. Baby got a nice nap, dog got a nice walk and I got some time in the woods on the ski trails. Speaking of which....the grounds frozen and we had a dusting of snow overnight. bring on winter!
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eksmom. good for you for getting some help. I think I had PPD the early part of this year for some months...as much as I know about it, I was in denial bc I know it's easy to think "not me." Pm'ed you too.

re goals...I have NO idea how many miles I've run this month or even week. I don't really want to set any bc then I'll get down on myself for not running them, and that's not motivating right now for me although it has been in the past. So....my goals are to do the Atl Half and then this Half in March. Should be enough to keep me out there, ya think?

playgroup at my house in a minute, got to go.

oh hi Loftmama, missed you! and plady I couldn't see the altar but it sounds beautiful and healing.
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This is sad-they think two women who finished in the top 10 cheated at the Marine Corps Marathon:
why would someone do that? This race is for the people-there is no big cash payoff like other races. So sad.

eta-I am NOT saying its okay to cheat if there is a cash payoff-just to clarify...
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Ooops, I accidentally put this on the other thread earlier this am.

I'm insanely far behind, but just dropping in to say hi. Hope you all are well. I had a really frustrating run Sunday. The whole family went, and I thought it would be a blast... that is, before the vaginal chafing and nonstop urinary leakage started. Argh. I made an appt the next day with my primary care doc (appt is next Monday). I think what I had/have is a cystocele (fallen bladder) and I'm hoping she might give me a pessary for running. It's frustrating that I only randomly seem to have trouble with it - better than all the time, I suppose, but I'd like to know why it sometimes flares up and other times is no trouble at all. It does seem worse later in the day, but the awful run Sunday was in the a.m. Ran yesterday a.m. and this a.m. with no problem

Anyway, had fun with kids on halloween - they were insanely cute and E enjoyed handing out play-doh to trick-or-treaters. Frustrating work-week though - had G home sick Mon and Tues, and today I just had to go get him from daycare because his nose is running yellow. I'm glad I'm on family leave, but I'd be in serious trouble if I wasn't and I'm praying that G starts being well consistently before I return to FT teaching in Jan!! I'm also a bit pissed off because a couple of other kids in his class have runny noses but they're allowed to be there because they're on antibiotics. WTF??? So if I demanded that my ped give G antibiotics for a likely viral infection, he could go back to school? I guess I could get a prescription and then just not give them to him. And we wonder why people over-use antibiotics?? I looked in the daycare handbook when we got home, and there's nothing in there about either runny nose or antibiotics - I called the director to clarify and am waiting for a response...

Oh, and E is doing very well, but we're concerned because he CONSTANTLY says he wants to go to "big kid school", and he is successfully doing all the same lessons as the kids in his preschool who are starting kindergarten next year, even though he isn't supposed to start kindergarten until 2 years from now. I'm afraid he's going to be upset when his friends move on to kindergarten next year, though I trust his montessori preschool teacher to provide him with challenging activities. I worry about the social issues of kids being younger than their schoolmates, so I'm reluctant to start him in kindergarten early even though he's only a few months younger than his friends who will start kindergarten next year. I want him to be challenged and interested in school, not discouraged, so I'm really torn about what to do. Have any of you struggled with this?

One happy note - I got my Kozy carrier yesterday and G is now "kozily" asleep in it
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Hi Running Mamas!

I am not able to keep up, even just reading. Been sick for two weeks straight now and just trying to get through this until I feel better and my little girls feel better.

I am 35 weeks now, can you believe it? Pretty soon I will be able to become a running Mama who actually runs again I can't wait, it is going to feel soooooo good to run again.

Take care everyone, ND
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Originally Posted by wawoof View Post
I worry about the social issues of kids being younger than their schoolmates, so I'm reluctant to start him in kindergarten early even though he's only a few months younger than his friends who will start kindergarten next year. I want him to be challenged and interested in school, not discouraged, so I'm really torn about what to do. Have any of you struggled with this?
yes. Erin's a november birthday and the cut off here is first day of school (~sept 5th). So she's got another year at home yet. She's in preschool this year + daycare a few afternoons a week. We talked with her preschool teacher and we're planning on meeting later in the year to discuss what she (teacher) recommends as far as testing E to get her into kindergarten sooner. Wendy's mom had a great suggestion: try to push for letting her start school in january. Wendy's birthday is next week so she was a smart november girl and iirc skipped a grade -- she might have more comments on that.

one solution we've thought of is sending her to montessori next year 5 mornings a week. If she's ready right after that, then we'll send her to 1st grade (and skip kindergarten).

gotta run to lab, back later. amara pm/email me (or begin a thread elsewhere and we can talk more about this).
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I am curious about that too-I have an October baby-she is just two now-but am curious as what to do. Public schools here absolutely will not start the kids early-but you can put them in private K early-and then they could go to public 1st grade the following year...
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Holly is a November baby as well and while she seems pretty bright (not that I am biased at all ) I really didn't want to send her to "big" school just yet. Since we will be needing full time care for her in May when I go back to work we decided to leave her at the preschool she has been attending and reduce her time to two days one week and three days the next for JK until I go back to work. I am still not sure what we are going to do about Kindergarten...they also offer it at the preschool and it could be full time as opposed to alternating days, late mornings and early pick ups which are impossible for us so we would need care for those times anyway. The only issue is cost. It is really expensive for care for a baby under 18 months so Rachel's care is going to be pretty steep for the first 6 months I am back to work...sorry rambling again. I do have to say that I am happy that we left Holly where she is, because I think JK has been a bit of an adjustment anyway so having switched schools with all the other change going on in her life may have been extra difficult.
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Ooh, I'm interested in the discussion about when to start our fall kiddos in school. EK's birthday is 9/28, the cutoff is Oct 1. So she would start kindergarten as a 4 year old if I don't hold her back. That really kind of freaks me out. I'm afraid she'll be bored academically, but socially and emotionally I think she would do better as an older kid than a younger one. So right now I'm leaning towards holding her back, but I still think about it quite a bit. It's not an easy decision. FWIW, most people I've talked to with older (teenage) kids who were in the same boat vote for holding them back.

Off to a meeting...
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