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kerc - congrats! re sick child care, i just found out that dh and my teaching schedules in the winter will allow one of us to be available for backup care anytime the kids get sick. whew!! i was so worried about that. but i still have to design my classes so i can afford to miss prep days...

rm - i love navy! goes great with jeans that don't clash with it (usually lighter ones), or brown or khaki pants, and either black or brown shoes

re small boobs - 36 almost A here, and still BF...

fyi, regarding our previous discussions about antidepressants, paxil is no longer recommended during pregnancy: http://news.yahoo.com/s/ap/20061130/...axil_pregnancy
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Originally Posted by Runningmommy View Post
OT: fashion question!! I found this great sweater set at Goodwill a few weeks ago. It would be great to wear to this Christmas party that I am going to tomorrow. Although what do I wear with navy top? I only have black skirts, black pants, skirt that is black but with white and lighter blue circles on it. ??? shoes?? jeans?? help a fashion challenged lady out!!
Clothes!!! My favorite topic! I think that rules about certain colors together are really just guidelines... If it is a lighter navy (w/ more purple in it), then it could prob go w/ black, and you could even wear contrasting shoes in another neutral... jeans would work too, and if it is a dressy event, dark jeans are better, and pair w/ heels and some accessories (something colorful, maybe the purse, would brighten it up). Even though you didn't mention other options, I think navy would go w/ other stuff as well - navy and white look great together, and it works w/ brown, camel, cream, sage green, brick red, some grays, etc... When matching w/ patterns, I think it is okay to match exactly or not match at all, as long as the colors are complementary to each other... too much matchy matchy is overkill IMO...

on the same topic - thanks for the suggestions on running stuff - I'm going to write them all down to give to DH to "suggest" to MIL...
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Hi running Mamas!

I am loving hearing about your clothing bargains. I will surely be scouring the stores for some good finds come next January

I am doing fine. Expecting the winter strom to come rolling through tonight. Baby has dropped even lower. Tomorrow isn't my due date, but it is the Friday before my DD, the day my other babes were born.

In other news, my eye has been bothering me for a couple days and it turns out I had a foreign body in my cornea : I was kind of losing my sh** over it but now it is all taken care of and I feel much better OK baby you can come now.....

Take care, ND
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ND--so glad to hear your update. We are battened down for this storm as well. They were predicting an inch an hour here, should the snow ever show up.

5.65 miles at the gym tonight--2 on the indoor track, then 2.65 on the TM, then another 1 on the indoor track. I think I will be able to do some longer runs by shaking things up like that. Doing more than about 3 miles on either would make me but switching back and forth is kinda fun. The indoor track is so tiny I feel like I am going really fast, but doing distance of any kind requires waaaay too much counting. I also did some lifting. I wore The Worst Running Shorts in the World and am all chafed, I really just need to donate those puppies away as they are only good for lifting weights in and I rarely just lift without running as well.

My sore throat persists, with very swollen, painful glands. I thought it was just me fighting off this cold that R has but now I am a bit worried it is something else. I guess if it isn't gone or improved soon I will call the Dr.
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Hey Mamas,
no run today, no warm weather either! There was an amazing thunderstorm last night and today it was 45 degrees colder! Whew. Anyway, Loftmama and I had a nice evening together (with kids and dhs). It was just nice to be in the same room with her you know?
We did talk about going for a run but quickly agreed that it wasn't in the cards.
Time to go to bed, we're heading into the aftermath of today's storm in the morning. JenLove - Do you have power?
'night all!
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Just to give y'all a laugh, the local paper was issuing a warning yesterday about how to protect kids, pets, house, etc, from the "extreme cold"... meaning low of around 34 overnight and highs in the 50s during the day That's bikini weather in Michigan...
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Hi. Just reading along and wanted to see what y'all are doing. I had a wonderful, much-needed visit with Plady tonight. I only regret that I had an extra older boy over unexpectedly and Plady's poor sweet dd was completely terrorized, I think, by all the boy energy! I think the wedding's off. Eventually, though, the house settled down and we got in a very, very nice visit, I think. If only it could've been longer. Y'all she has a super long trip tomorrow driving right through this northern storm, so everyone wish her luck,k?

also, nd, is it too early too lurk?

eta: ds1 is betrothed to plady's dingo dd
ds2 is betrothed to eksmom dd

eta: at least they were
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Originally Posted by loftmama View Post
eta: ds1 is betrothed to plady's dingo dd
ds2 is betrothed to eksmom dd

eta: at least they were
Oh, there's been no cancellation of the betrothal (is that a word?) around here... the D love is still strong I think. And our kids will NEVER complain about their ILs, right? :
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Got in the much needed run tonight finally. Last night was a disaster. I spent several hours in ICU stabilizing a lady I got as an unattached ER patient who turned out to have a skin infection, and then sepsis from group A strep (the so-called "flesh-eating disease") I feel so bad for this poor lady and her family, who don't know me from Adam and had to hear all this bad news - and now she's in a tertiary care hospital over an hour away from their home with a lot of other docs they've never met and she's so critically ill it's terrifying for them. Not my favorite kind of day.
I ran 4 miles on the treadmill while watching ER tonight, though. And work was better today. I concentrated on not getting bogged down, and it mostly worked. Plus, the medical assistant who is my friend and who is really good at keeping things moving was assigned to me today, so that helps a lot. To clarify, I don't call routine labs to my patients - my nurses call all paps and mammograms and normal labs that are important for the patient to know, I only call abnormals or really important normals. Still, in a busy practice it really adds up. Also, since I only do the more complicated calls, it often means longer on the phone. I'm trying to schedule more return visits when I'm anticipating having a lot to talk about it, but many patients understandably resist - why take off work, pay a co-pay, and have the hassle of waiting for me when I can call you for free? Plus, I frankly talk too much - which I'm working on. It's just that, really, that's my favorite part of being a family doc! And today, how could I resist the 3 yr old who wanted to tell me a story and sit in my lap? I've known her since before she was born - in fact, she was a product of "embryo adoption" in which her parents are not biologically related to her, and I saw pictures of her as an embryo! Thinking about her wonderful, articulate, amazing self growing from that little clump of cells - and I just can't resist letting her go on a bit!

eksmom - we have gone to a full EMR, just this mid-August. Unfortunately, we were hoping to a have a lab and imaging computer interface, and we don't - and probably won't for the next year due to hospital dragging it's feet. This means we now have feet in both the paper world and the electronic world, plus all the aggravation of converting our old paper charts to electronic (which makes seeing each patient similar to seeing a new patient time-wise) and the whole thing is a big hassle. We still receive all our test results on paper, have to go through them by hand, and then still have to get them into the electronic chart. Blech. I read that the first 6mos-1year with an EMR are hard, and after that it's better so I'm trying to stick it out, but it's making me crazy slowly.

On winter running clothes: I can't seem to concentrate long enough to buy something. I keep looking through catalogs and at stores, but I can't make up my mind what would feel good and work well. I'm hoping one of these days dh will just buy me something!

On bras - 36 A here -and don't quite fill them out. I recently got new regular bras and was mortified to have the lady trying to fit me and realize that I'm below an actual cup size, but I did find some comfy ones at VS finally. I'm lucky, though, in that I can wear any small off the rack sports bra comfortably and so far have not run into any chafing. Actually, I need to pick up a couple new ones because my current ones are starting to wear the fabric off over the elastic in the band - but they still don't chafe.
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I am so jealous when it comes to bra size. I am a 30E and I hate having to shop in specialty stores. I would love to have a much smaller cup size - but since my youngest weaned 3 years ago, I don't think I'll be seeing any more changes! I probably need to buy another bra for PMS days. My regular bras fit fine, but I bloat so much for about 3 days PMS that I get that double-boob thing going with my bra - but only on one side. Go figure.

The wind has picked up here adn the temperature has dropped some, but no snow yet. We are supposed to get 15 - 20 cm today and my kids are counting on it! Me too. I don't want to have moved all of this firewood indoors for nothing.

I have the gym membership all set - I just have to figure out how to build it into my daily routine. It is small with lots of windows, I think I am gouing to like it better than the 'Y' in the last city we lived.
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New Thread mamas!
White Rabbits Before Breakfast!
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