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~~December 2004~~November Thread

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Just wanted to start a new thread since its NOVEMBER!!!!!

Some babies will be having birthdays this month! Can you believe the babes are turning 2.... Niko is still a little baby to me.

We had fun trick o' treating last night. DD was a princess and Niko a black cat. We went to a community clubhouse carnival and then hit the houses in that neighborhood. We were home by 8 and the kids in bed by nine. Bummer when Halloween falls on school nights, we calculated it out and next Halloween its on a Wed. but then in 2008 it skips to Friday nite cause of leap year, Yippee!

No pics, forgot to take camera with us. Lucky I remembered the glo sticks and flashlights!

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We had a fun Halloween. Sunday we took the ferry to the other side of the river for a party at the Petite Riviere fire hall, and last night we did some brief trick or treating. Charlie really got into it, and totally geeked that a pirate says "arrrgh!" when he receives booty. Dh and I are trying hard not to eat all the booty.

So, we're not moving to Vancouver after all. At least not now. We weren't able to sell our house, even after dropping our price 3 times. The market here just totally crashed this year. Ugh. I mean, we couldn't sell a gorgeous 1800 square foot Arts and Crafts cottage with all wood floors and ocean views for $179,000, which is about $150,000 US. :

On the upside, we get to celebrate Charlie's 2nd birthday with friends and family later this month. I've been deliberating about presents for both his birthday and Xmas quite a bit. We're getting him a xylophone, a cheapie rocking horse, more blocks, a green sock monkey (did you know that our kids were born in the year of the green monkey, or wood monkey, on the Chinese Zodiac?) and, what with him being a Canadian and all, his first skates/helmet/skating frame. We frequently walk down to the rink so he can watch mom or dad skate, or the little kids hockey practice, or just to watch Trevor the zamboni guy. He's itching to get out on the ice!
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I'm so behind I am glad there is a new thread so I can get in on the ground floor.

Iris and I have been at my sisters house in Durham for a week and a half. She and my neece dressed as chickens for halloween. It was so cute. Iris trick or treated like a trooper considering she is unfamiliar with candy.

She has started to show intrest in the potty. She has been sitting on it and pretending to go.

Other than that not too much is new here. Oh I think I may have lost my subscription to our swap thread. Could someone post a link?
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Here is Rozzie http://i18.photobucket.com/albums/b1...a/DSCN1184.jpg like a bonehead I posted it on October's thread.

We have decided to skip the party this year for her bday. It was such a disaster last year as everybody stood us up and we are low on funds. So we are taking her here for a day of fun. http://www.chomonline.org/ and then out to eat. She'll have a couple of presents at home and a cake.

Christmas I have started stashing away for. We have a xylophone, tamborine, maracas, pots and pans, recorder, crayons, wood puzzle, dress up princess outfit, costume jewlery.
Dh is making her a kitchen set so I am also going to get her some food, sew her an apron, and I want to get her a tin tea set and some large lacing beads. I think that will be plenty and the grandparents and aunties always send for her also.

The potty. Well she likes to poop on my floor and rub it into walls. Anybody know how to get the poop smell out of my mattress? It has been in the garage for a week. She hates dipes and screams when we change them but won't go on the pot either. Saturday she peed on it twice and since then nothing. So I am lost. I have been dreading the potty since I found out I was pregnant so this is really hard for me.
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Here's Sadie as she says, a "duck, duck, duck". (Even though everyone thought she was a chicken.)

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We didn't do Halloween. We wanted to, but were just too busy.

Jett is talking up a storm now. He doesn't do sentences yet, except for "Mama, moon" (he saw it from his carseat) and "Daddy, read" (on a regular basis) etc. Nursies are "nur-knees", he changes lot of words to end in a -y, even though we don't ever do that. Vacuum is vakky, He is obsessed with his stool, he uses it to get to the sinks, and tons of other stuff. He likes to help do dishes, spit after his brushes, etc. He yells "dooooooooooooool" in a sing-song voice 100 times per day.

His speech has just exploded and I can't even believe how it changes every day, no....it changes hourly. He gains so many words per day. Everyone told me it would happen like this, but it's so incredible.

Potty? Jett's very aware, but not interested in doing it 'correctly.' He likes to have his pants off and pretend at the big toilet when Shanon goes, and he likes to hold Shanon's penis for him as he pees. (Sometimes, that's a really big disaster.) He also likes to tell you "pee!" but never goes in the toilet or potty. He, instead, juts his hips out in an exagerrated fashion, swings his middle and penis around and pees all over his own intended target. Often it's just the floor, but sometimes toys, my feet or something less desirable. I expect this potty thing will 'explode' one day like the language. At least I hope that is the case.
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She is sooooooo cute
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Those two are SOOO cute. I want a little girl, too!!! :
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Originally Posted by Past_VNE View Post
and he likes to hold Shanon's penis for him as he pees. (Sometimes, that's a really big disaster.)
This thought has never occured to either of my children, and I am positive that dh would NOT go for it!

Eli has been peeing in the potty sometimes... but this was completely his idea. I am not in the group of EC-ers, and as far as potty "training", I learned with Aidan that when they are really, truly ready, it will be a breeze. All attempts before he got to that point were totally pointless and frustrating, as far as I'm concerned. ...So, any interest Eli has acquired in the potty has just been from watching us use it, I guess. He goes in there, stands on the stool, and pees at least once a day, sometimes more. Lately when he needs to poop, he's been saying "poop in potty" over and over. If we're at Target, I tell him to go ahead and poop if he needs to. If we're at home, we sit him on the toilet, but so far he hasn't actually produced any poop in the potty.

Aidan was 2 1/2, btw, when he decided he was ready. So, while I will accomodate Eli's interest when it is possible and convenient, I am in no way convinced that he is "ready" to be in underwear all the time, and I am not about to try to push things along with a baby coming!

Speaking of... Shalena and Rozzie'sma were about to share some belly pics with us!
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Oooooo, belly pics? I want to see!!!! If they're posting, Jenelle, you should get some up too!!
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How are your munchkins apologizing to you guys these days?

Jett sees that he hurt me, he smooshes his face up in a contortion, fusses a little and then nurses. And you can see that he is nursing for my sake, not his. Apparently, because nursing makes him feel better, he thinks it makes me feel better, too. It's SOOO cute.
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Well I am seriously not big at all. I am just big enough that all of my pants are too tight and my shirts end up belly peekers. So I wear the maternity shirts but not the pants, they still fall down. So this pic I took today, at 15 weeks. I've got a midwife appointment today. http://i18.photobucket.com/albums/b1...a/DSCN1268.jpg
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Aw, Rozzie'sma - you're not very big yet, but thanks for sharing... it will be neat for us to compare when you finally "pop"!


I posted my 24 weeks picture on the October thread with a disclaimer, that I've gained about 10 pounds since then!!! We still don't have a digital camera, so that is the latest one I've had developed. I will have another, fatter one soon!


I forgot about this one... it's not very close-up, but has the kids in it, too.

28 weeks:


You know what's funny? I was just remembering the other day, that I used to think to myself, (aside from KoalaMommy's very quick 2nd child), "I wonder who will be pregnant again first?" And having fond thoughts of watching you all go through it again... although I had NO intention of doing it again myself. Now here I am, thinking... I think it is ME!!! Yikes.
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Ok, here you go: This was taken two weeks ago. I'm 21 weeks along now, so I guess I was 19 then. I've popped out alot more since.

Julian has lots of words now. We are having such a fun time with him. BBL, he's up and mad!
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Great picture, Shalena! You're going to have that "all belly" thing going on again.

Jaclyn, as far as apologies go - it's hugs and kisses here. He knows how and when to say "sorry" too. (We make big brother apologize to him for things, so he has learned from that too.)
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Well I am back from the MW. I gained 2 pounds and a week. She kept insisting I was 16 weeks not 15 and now I am measuring 16 weeks so I believe her. I wasn't too clear on my exact O date so who knows. This babe is a mover though. I actually felt it kick and so did she trying to get away from the doppler . She was having trouble getting a HR and I finally told her to just stop, we know the babe is alive and that is all that matters, she agreed.
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You guys are absolutely beautiful. I'm soooo happy for all of you.

If the Birthday Swap is going to happen, we all really need to post our kid's information. A few of us have, but not many. The thread is here: http://www.mothering.com/discussions....php?p=6264517
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Thanks Jaclyn -- I was about to post about that. I changed the cut-off to Tuesday, Nov. 7th. It looks like we have one mama who is not in our group who wants to join (which we decided beforehand was ok, right?). If there is anyone here who doesn't want to be paired to give or receive from her, pm me privately, k? I understand that part of the fun is that it's mostly all "us."

Anywho, Aiden fell asleep for a late nap yesterday -- on my lap, so I broke down & cut his hair a month early... I was right -- he looks bald! Not really, but he has very fine & thin light blonde hair, and a little bit of dh's balding pattern (the strips on either side of center that grow further away from the forehead than the center). It's kinda funny, that -- but it also makes him look older... my little baby!

I'm still glad I did it, though. He was getting these little matted knots in the back of his hair that were impossible to remove...so when such an easy opportunity presented itself...
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Oh yeah, cinnamonamon is pregnant too! Pics?
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Tell me, please...

What would possess my mother-in-law to teach Jett to take a dining room chair over to the mantle to get off the things he wants?

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