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Jaclyn, I know what you felt, I have done this too. Niko sometimes gets me in the eye or mouth and I slap back. The other day both kids were at me for different things and I yelled at them to be quiet and give me a second, there was total silence, then the crying stared. I felt so bad but needed the outlet. We talked it out and are okay now. DD is at an age to push all limits and boundarys at all times, Six is much worse than two! But I hear this is normal and am looking forward to her next birthday. Niko is a sweetie most of the time.

Jenelle, you look great, although I do remember not feeling that way after 30 weeks or so too.

We are getting the kids a few toys and the Aunties and Grandparents will fill in the rest. I picked up a couple videos for Sara at Ross for $4, Matilda and Madaline. I need to get back there and take a look at the toys. They have great deals on wooden toys there and I want to get Niko some trucks and train pieces. I also want to get him some big truck to play in the sand with. He loves sand. For Sara I am getting her some board games so we have more choices and both kids are going shopping this weekend for new clothes as they cant wait till Christmas, both are growing so fast.

We are going to Tahoe for the kids first white (hopefully) Christmas ever. DH's dad has a condo up there and is renting another in the same complex for us and DH's sister to stay in. We have the week off and looking forward to going. I just need to get Niko a snow suit.
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It's this age. Cole walked up and tugged on my shirt earlier and I picked him up getting ready to nurse him only to realize that he had poop ALL OVER him and had wiped it ALL OVER ME! I seriously ALMOST popped him on the leg as he thrashed in the bathtub getting poopy water all over the bathroom. It was so freaking gross. His hands still stink and now I stink again, after bathing, just from nursing him down for a nap. Gag.

Happy Birthday to all that I missed. I've been really blah lately. I hate Texas.
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Jaclyn - you are not alone. BTDT. I felt pretty crappy about it too, but sometimes they just catch you at a low point.

Jenelle - you look great! You don't look much different from the last picture, well except your belly is much bigger, but that's it. My face was soooo round by this stage when I was pregnant with Sadie.

Gifts...we've spent about 120 bucks so far with Sadie's bday and Christmas gifts. My parents and grandma are getting her the biggie items...play kitchen, wagon, play table and chairs, mini piano, we filled in the rest...wooden food and table settings, wooden starter train set, a puzzle, art smock, a wooden lacing toy. I might add a few small things and some art supplies, but otherwise she's done. I love internet shopping!

I almost forgot - Happy Birthday to the November babies!!!
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Jaclyn. That kind of thing really does just happen.

We decided to get Charlie one big thing for Xmas and a stocking, after the overwhelming deluge of presents from friends and family for his birthday. I ordered this dollhouse today. I'm so in love with it! Charlie's really been doing a lot imaginative play with little figures, so I figured he'd most enjoy a set for his stories to take place on. I got the "ethnic" doll set as they are the only ones not dressed like dorkuses. I can't believe how hard it is to find a dollhouse doll that doesn't look like it's ready for a hoedown. Plus, we are not actually ethnicity-free in this house despite our light skin, so I guess they're the right pick there too!
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m~h~l... I'm not sure how to type that new screen name of yours... but I hope you get to move soon!


: Cole!!!

Thanks Sadiesmom, I am just so self-concious anyway, and 30 extra pounds doesn't help. :
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Two years ago today... (I'm going to cry all day long. How can he be 2?)
I was getting out of the birth tub and putting on some clothes. The midwife had just decided it was time to go to the hospital. Two years ago, sometime right about this very moment, my heart shattered into a million little pieces.
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Happy Birthday Cole!! And to anyone I might have missed

Owen's birthday party was great. The weather was a balmy 55 degrees in Vermont so we took the party to the park and did a pot-luck brunch. It was relaxing and fun

Christmas is different this year for us. With all that has been happening, we have a group at our local hospital that is buying us Christmas, so it seems like we will be getting more stuff than we usually get. Normally we do a "something you want, something you need, something you wear and something you read" and a gift from Santa. Real low key as Owen' birthday is in November and Aidan's is in February. We're going to start making some catnip mice and some cookies for dogs and go to the Animal Shelter and spend a day of it
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Ooh Amy, that sounds like fun. Maybe we'll do that with the shelter here sometime.

, "The Symbol formerly known as mhl". I hate Texas with a passion, having lived there briefly. Any news on when that transfer's gonna happen?

Two years ago exactly I was plastered to the side of Charlie's little plastic box in the NICU while the nurses tried to shoo me away. I'm trying not to dwell in the anger and pain of that time.
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Happy Birthday Cole! You're two!

Angela - I'm sorry you are still processing grief that went along with his birth. Peace to you.
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Happy Birthday Cole and Charlie and anybody else I missed. I have really been cutting back on my MDC time.

Oh Jacklyn- I forgot to say anything about it in my previous post, but I have had those moments when anger got the best of me too. I am not proud of it, but I try to figure out what triggered it and work on the problem. It's all I can do but I don't beat myself up over it. For me, I grew up in a very abusive household so I am trying to overcome my conditioning to violence, but I understand this is not the case for most people.

Wow, I am really sorry I didn't know you guys during pregnancy. It seems like so many of us are still carrying hurts from the birth of our children. I hope we all some day find healing. I know it sounds really kooky but I am really hoping this new baby's birth brings me healing, and my birth wasn't nearly as traumatic as it sounds like some of yours were.
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The artist formerly known as... you guys are crackin me up.


Even I don't know how the hell you'd type it. I had to C&P.
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Wow, I never would have thought you could cut & paste a username... interesting!
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Yep, apparently, you can! That's a really cool, meaning, I really liked reading about it.
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Originally Posted by Past_VNE View Post

Yep, apparently, you can! That's a really cool, meaning, I really liked reading about it.
I agree! You should link that in your siggie

Oh, you guys, I just made the invites for Aiden's birthday party -- I did a photo collage of 7 pics of him from birth til now... My baby is so sweet. I *had* to look through 2 years of photos to pick just the right ones, of course! I think the ones from about 15-18 months ago were my favorites -- they were the ones I kept oohing over.

I'll let ya'll know as soon as I get the cover of the invite loaded up to my blog.
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Okay, click the link to my blog to see Aiden's little collage.
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And Dude. It's depressing seeing such great knitting. Reminds me that I suck and can't at all/.
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Jord -- thanks! I knitting... I picked it up last fall & was immediately hooked. Now if I can just get through all that I have planned so I can knit for baby (and me!).

Not to mention my neglected sewing area... I just bought a space heater tonight so I have no more excuses to not be in there.

Of course this is all a moot point when your almost 2 year old is STILL awake (he even survived a 1/2 hour carride!). This child....
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is there a new thread?
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I just searched the forum and didn't see one so i am going to start it. someone redirect me if it already exsists.
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Dec.2004-The kiddies are 2!!!!!

new thread.

We decorated for Xmas this weekend.

I have to get back to Iris. She was cranky all day yesterday and woke up this morning with a ragin head cold and a mild fever.
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