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Pay back for things her MIL taught Shannon as a child? Dumb idea either way.
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Cute pics of all the bellies~!

Niko has really started talking this weekend. He can mimic most words pretty well and tries to tell me things that I sometime just can make out. He also speaks spanish which I am lacking in so maybe some of the words I cant decipher are spanish ones.
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great belly pics

great sadie pics!!

and ... what a dumb m-i-l!! here honey, climb on up .... :
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Originally Posted by Jenelle View Post
Oh yeah, cinnamonamon is pregnant too! Pics?
And of course I left the camera at my mil's yesterday...with the halloween pics, latest knitting projects, Aiden's hair cut... lol I'll snap a shot for ya'll soon.

Originally Posted by Past_VNE View Post
Tell me, please...

What would possess my mother-in-law to teach Jett to take a dining room chair over to the mantle to get off the things he wants?

Self sufficiency? My friend's child figured this out at about 15 months and she finally resorted to hiding her dining room chairs in a bedroom behind a closed door... Maybe put rubber stoppers on the bottom of the chairs so they don't slide easily?
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Carolynn, meet Bam-Bam. He'll just lift them up...err, he already does. They are ikea metal/wood chairs with rubber feet. Rubber feet are no match for this kid!

He has been using the chair as a "dooooooool" (stool) for months and months, to access the sink, the counters, et al. It just had thankfully never occurred to him to access the countless goodies on our mantle. It's where we store our work stuff, wallets, pens, Sharpies, and other not-good-for-toddlers items in a small tray. Then there are the decorative things that belong on the mantle.

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Today is the day that dh is going in for his vasectomy. He also has an appt. for BTA testing at the health food store in the morning, and I have a regular doctor appointment. Busy day.

So, of course, Aidan woke up puking this morning and can't go to school. Eli puked once yesterday, too.

Why is it, that when it rains, it pours? I can handle a little sprinkle, but come on.
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Originally Posted by Past_VNE View Post
Carolynn, meet Bam-Bam. He'll just lift them up...err, he already does.

It's where we store our work stuff, wallets, pens, Sharpies, and other not-good-for-toddlers items in a small tray. Then there are the decorative things that belong on the mantle.

Oh...fun. I remember how horrified I was when I realized my friend's kids could/would get to our "safe" spot when she visited for a week with them... I dunno -- locked drawer?

Jenelle -- good luck! s I hope the "downpour" lets up a bit for ya.

Today is my ultrasound!! (which I justify because we need to know placenta placement, but we're finding out baby's sex too!) I can't wait to see this little bean!
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cinnamonamon-OOOH I can't wait to hear what you're having!
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: Yeah, cinnamonamon, keep us posted!

Oh, and sorry for the crappy post earlier. I had a lot going on here all at once.

Eli seems to be back to normal, so I am going to go ahead and take him to my friend's house while we go do the vasectomy.

Aidan will just have to go with us, and sit in the waiting room with me and read books, etc. Here's hoping he's done puking! :

Those of you who have parents/grandparents in town, ready and willing to help out, count your blessings!
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Jenelle, I really hope your DH's procedure and recovery go smoothly and quickly.

Jett was puking yesterday, I feel for you. I hope Aidan's all done!!

Carolynn, I can't wait to find out about your babe...
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Jenelle- I know how much it sucks to be alone with out child care in situations like these. I had to bring iris with while my DH had stitches in the ER. Books, toys,crayons, and snacks got us through it.
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So my husband's father has 4 or 5 brothers...his dad had 2 boys, and after 2 boys ourselves, we're having...

another boy! Apparantly, dh's family only "shoot" one chromosome! The technician was VERY sure -- and I have to say, so was I after seeing that thing waving like a flag, lol. He was so excited to have me stop referring to him as a girl that he's been kicking me ALL. DAY. LONG.
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Ah, cinnamonamon, it looks like we are going to be starting our own "3 young boys" group. Congrats!

In my situation, I was actually relieved to see a boy. I had that "feeling" that it must be a girl, but the technician was very sure in our case as well.

I hope for your sake that you're not disappointed.

People would ask me dumb things like, "So, are you gonna try again for a girl?" Um, no. How exactly do you "try for a girl"? The fact that it is another boy only further cemented our plans for a vasectomy, proving that you could keep having kids and having kids and having kids, and they could ALL be boys.

Speaking of, dh's procedure went well, and he seems to be recovering well so far. Sitting around with a bag of frozen peas down his pants! (Obviously I don't mean directly on the area...)

I feel so... at peace, about our decision. I cannot tell you how much I am looking forward to being able to make "plans" for the future, and know that we aren't going to have another curve ball thrown at us in the baby department. (I hope that doesn't sound horrible to some of you, but please understand that I was (and am) overwhelmed with 2 boys... let alone 3).
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cinnamonamon-congrats on another boy. I hope you are not dissapointed too.
: : : : : :
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Thanks, ladies! I'm not really disappointed... It would have been fun to have the "other" one, just for the differences, but who couldn't love a houseful of boys (don't quote me on that when we get to the teenage stinky sock age! ). It's going to be a blast, I'm sure.

Now to figure out a name -- boy names are so much harder -- they're either wierd or boring...

By the way -- matches are posted -- go check them out!
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Congrats cinnamonamon! I have alot of friend's with three boys and they all seem to have a great time!
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Congratulations, Carolynn!!! I think three boys sounds like a fun house to be in!

Jenelle, I'm glad your DH is recovering well so far. I hope he continues to improve quickly.

I got a clogged duct again. This time it's worse than ever, and has turned into full-blown mastitis. I've vomited a little, I have a fever, I'm getting thick, sticky green pus out of my nipple when I massage HARD like I'm apparently supposed to. I'm more miserable than if I had the real flu. Shanon had to leave this morning for three days and our family all works and is two hours away. My grandmother would be glad to help, but is on dialysis and is physically incapable of helping at all. My mom HAS offered to come up and take today/tomorrow off, but I've held off on taking her up on it. She's only been at her job since March, so I don't want her to use one of her few days unless I REALLY need her.

This morning was awful, the pain in my breast from massaging it in the shower was SOOO bad that I almost passed out. Shanon walked me to the spare bed and covered me up, all soaking wet, so I could just lay and recover. Then, I came downstairs and was just miserable, not wanting to move a muscle...so Jett throws up his breakfast. (He's getting over a cold and I think he was stressed this morning) Shanon had to leave, but was really stressed and annoyed about having to leave us alone.

I'm REALLY glad this morning is over.
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Jacklyn I hope you feel better soon.

So today I went to this Air Force Bundles for Babies thing. I was presenting on behalf of LLL and doing the breastfeeding speech. I only got 15 minutes but it went well and all the mothers there said they want to breastfeed, which I was not expecting. But some of the presenters made my skin crawl. The lady from Tricare who went on and on about how great it was that Tricare would pay for circ if you had a boy, and she actually said , "because you'll need that done." WTF? I shot her the most nasty look I could muster. She actually asked me if I was ok, and I said in front of the whole group, "That I don't understand why you would say that circ has to be done, if no medical society in the world recommends it. Even the AAP says it is not necessary." She didn't say anything back. I hope that put a seed in some of those mama brains. But anyway I was there as a participant as well, not just LLL, and nobody there knew I was LLL at that time so I hope that didn't violate the rules. Oh well if it did.

But by far the worst was the Labor and Delivery nurse. In the 15 minutes she was there she managed to pull out the amnio hook, forceps, and vacuum extractor. These women looked petrified. I was the only who had given birth before so I just kept saying as many positive things as I could but jeez. On my review sheet I asked for a natural childbirth expert as well as a medical model be represented for next time. How aweful.
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Originally Posted by rozzie'sma View Post
But by far the worst was the Labor and Delivery nurse. In the 15 minutes she was there she managed to pull out the amnio hook, forceps, and vacuum extractor.
Wow, that is really unbelievable. I have been to childbirth classes, etc. and I have never seen those things. Why would they do that??? It's not like the majority of women need them. WTF?

Jaclyn, I hope you feel better soon. That sounds awful.
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Wow Shauna, that is awful! Those poor women.

Congratulations Cinnamonamon! And thanks for taking care of the swap.

Jaclyn - That sucks. Hope you are feeling better soon.
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