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I am not too huge on family names. iris has my moms first name as a middle name and the first thing DHs mom asked was why didn't you name her have to me....never mind that this is the woman who told us we should be using Iris time in the NICU to stay home and catch up on sleep:
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We have no clue what middle name we are going to use.

Aidan is "James" after my dad.

Eli is "Joseph" after dh's grandpa.

So first of all, I would like to use a middle name that is "after" someone, because I think it would be strange for the other two to have meaning, and this one not to. The problem is, there really is no one else we want to name him after.

The next thought is to use something that starts with "J", to go along with the other two. Still, I would like to have something that has some kind of meaning to us. We are both drawing a total blank.

People have suggested using one of dh's names as a middle, but usually if you are going to do that, you do it with your first son. We have never been big on naming children after ourselves. I think at this point it would be weird.

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The Name Game!

Niko does have Mike's name as a middle. DH is a 3rd but I said no way on a fourth and had no problem as a middle name. Boy's names do seem harder to think of. I really liked Kai and Darwin, but once I heard Nikolas it stuck.

I am home with a sick DD, she had a fever yesterday and now its donw to a sore throat. Lots of tea and honey and zinc lozengers!

So far Niko hasn't got it or maybe he already had it a couple weeks ago. I just hope everyone is healthy by Friday night, I leave Sat morning for Scottsdale with my sister!
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: Evangeline!!!
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: :

Happy Birthday Evangeline!
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Oh my goodness It is here already?

Happy Happy Birth Evangeline!!!!!!!!!!!
Are you doing anything special?
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: : Happy Birthday Evangeline! : :
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: :

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(2 years sure went by fast didn't it?!)
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Happy Birthday Evangeline!!!!!

: Makes my head spin that they're turning two!!
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thanks for the birthday wishes.

Our party plans flopped (I guess it's just too close to Thanksgiving) But we're going to dine with Shamu at Sea World tomorrow, and have cake with some family on Saturday.

Our 2 year doc visit put a slight damper on things as she's asked us to eliminate dairy for a couple of weeks to see if that helps clear up one of our skin issues...
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WHAT? Are you here? In San Antonio? You know i'm like 10 minutes from seaworld!!!!!
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Originally Posted by my~hearts~light View Post
WHAT? Are you here? In San Antonio? You know i'm like 10 minutes from seaworld!!!!!
that would be Sea World Orlando

If we were anywhere near any of you, you would have been invited to the party.
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: cinnamonamon
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Happy Birthday cinnamonamon !!!!!!!!
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*blush* Thanks, ladies! I just got to pass out on the couch for an unplanned 3 hour nap, and in an hour I'm off to a Japanese Steakhouse that we sooo cannot afford.
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We have been so busy w/medical tests and such that I haven't had any time to check on you guys--I hope you are all doing fantastic

I just wanted you all to read about Owen's update. We have so many people following our story and I wanted to make sure that everyone knows what is going on with him

This is going to be the best Thanksgiving ever, and a wonderful birthday for Owen, on the 26th
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Amy, what amazing news! It brought tears of joy to my eyes. I'm so happy for you all.

Happy belated birthday Evangeline!!! The 2's are starting!!!

Happy birthday Cinnamonamom
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Amy, I am so, so glad to hear from you and read your update!!! I have been following your journal on the site whenever I get a chance, and you and Owen are in my thoughts often. I know that you still have a long journey ahead of you, but what great news!
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Amy that is awesome.

Cinnamonamon happy birthday!!
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