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My belated post...

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Well it has almost been 2 weeks since Lydia Mae was born and I am finally getting my butt on here to post about her birth. Thursday October 19th I had a midwife appt since I was "overdue". I was 3 cm, but not effaced. She told me that I would have the baby before Sunday, but she didn't expect to see me that night. I went home and around 3pm contractions started up again and much faster. I called my DH at 4pm and told him that we were going to be going to the hospital that night. He said he had a few things to do at work and then would be home in a few hours. I called him back 5 minutes later and told him to come home now. My contractions kept on speeding up. I took a shower to help with the pain and as I was drying on the bed-good thing the changing pad was still there from my DD- when my water broke. We got to the hospital a little before 6pm. Lydia Mae was born at 7:11pm. My midwife was wonderful and an amazing contrast to my 1st birth with DD. She told me not to push until there was so much pressure that I couldn't do anything else but push. I only had to push for about 15-20 minutes- a huge contrast to DD where the Dr. and nurses kept me pushing for 4hours. (Amazing that I didn't have a c/s in that situation!) One big push and Lydia was born- all at once. It was so neat for me to have a much easier labor- not having pitocin for 20+ hours really made a difference. My midwife was great and gave me arnica too.

My DD is thrilled to be a big sister and I am delighted that she will have a little sis to play with as they grow older together. Nursing is coming along. I was shocked that I had to go through the pain and latch issues, esp since I nursed while pregnant and now I am tandem nursing. Here is a pic- haven't loaded any recent ones yet. http://i7.photobucket.com/albums/y26...ydiaMae019.jpg Our daughter was 8# 13oz and 21 3/4"long. She favors her father, but has a bit more of me in her than our first child.
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What a beautiful pink baby! Good job Momma!
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Not from your DDC but CONGRATS!!
Beautiful baby and great birth story.
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Congrats on your beautiful baby! She is so sweet! Enjoy your babymoon
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She's gorgeous, mama! Congratulations on your beautiful new daughter
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Congratulations on your precious girlie. What a doll! I bet she's got some spunk...

Wow, sounds like you are really happy with your birth, and I can see why. Sounds healing!
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Congrats!! What a sweet beautiful baby. Enjoy!
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Congrats! She is so cute! Welcome Lydia Mae (I love her name!!).
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