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I only leave him in the car while getting gas and paying at pump. Never a situation where I am away from the car.
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I just wanted to add that even though I would leave the kids in the car on my friends farm out in the middle of nowhere... I would never leave them in a parking lot or anywhere else like that...

I used to work as a photographer and I can't count the times that I called security when someone got upset because they couldn't cut in line because they needed to get out quickly because they had left their kids in the car... even if there had been no one at the studio they are leaving their kids for more than 5 min...
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I will leave them for a second at home if I forgot the sling or something else we really need. My car is in a closed garage and they are buckled in, but I still LOCK it and take the keys with me. (How's that for paranoid?)

I always pay at the pump for gas. I don't use the stations where you can't pay at the pump.

If the cart thing is right next to the car, I'll put them in first. Especially if it's cold outside. I don't want to leave them freezing while I load up a full cart of groceries and put the cart back. If it's not right next to us, I take them with me.

I don't leave them any other time. The world is too full of nutcases!

However, I don't judge other moms. I try not to judge at all, unless it's clearly abusive. I've never really seen a mom leave a child for any length of time. If I did, I'd probably just watch the car until she got back. I'd only call the police if it was really hot and the mom was gone for a long time. Otherwise, I wouldn't ever call. I'd be afraid of the baby being sent to a foster home. Some of these places are worse than the homes the kids are taken from.
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I haven't read this whole thread yet, but I wanted to add my 2 cents.

A couple weeks ago we had a really scary, out of the blue, choking incident. She wasn't choking on anything but her own saliva. There was nothing I could've done to prevent it. Can you imagine if I hadn't have been there. She literally went from fine to blue in 5 seconds, and I wouldn't ever forgive myself if I had've just ran into the house to get something.

Yes, to me its tempting because carseats can be a pain! But after this its given me a new perspective on how FAST babies can get hurt.
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Joanarchel in NJ the laws are crazy and DYFS has been called b/c of children left in cars for a minute or so.
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Hmm... I should probably clarify a few things here. When I leave the car, it's always locked and I have the keys. The gas station I use is tiny and I can see into the car and see Isaac at all times, and I never park more than three spaces away from the shopping cart thing. So if you see me, please don't call CPS on me!
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Originally Posted by hipumpkins View Post
Joanarchel in NJ the laws are crazy and DYFS has been called b/c of children left in cars for a minute or so.

Even if they have been (which I really find unlikely), children's services does not, contrary to MDC myth, remove children from their homes at the drop of a hat. In fact, it's FAR more likely that a child who SHOULD be removed ISN'T.

In your scenario, what you may be unaware of is that the police keep tabs. If they are consistently being called to someone because that person is consistently neglecting her child, they will eventually call CPS.

So YOU may read a story in the paper about how a mother left her sleeping child in a parking lot for five minutes, and she is being investigated by CPS.

The background is that this is the fifth time the police have dealt with this particular parent, have warned her numerous times to NOT leave her child unsupervised, and finally have had enough.

As a paramedic, I can attest to this being a common scenario.
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Originally Posted by bandgeek View Post
Gas: I won't leave DS in the car, not even for a moment. I pay at the pump or take him in.

Shopping cart: I always try to park one or two spaces away from a cart corral so I'm at most 10 feet from the car to take it back. If it's more than two spaces away I take DS with me.

At home: I feel comfortable leaving DS in the car for a second so I can grab what I need. Also, if he's sleeping when I get back from shopping, I'll take the food in and leave it in the front room before I disturb him to bring him in. I'm back and forth from the house multiple times, but the car is never out of my sight for more than 10 seconds at a time.
Ditto! Unless it is really hot out, then I won't leave DS in the car.
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it only takes a minute to break the glass and take the babe - and there are plenty of peoplr who would do it.
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I have only done it when the kids are strapped in the car, in my garage, and I run in the house to grab something. We also live out in the country, and our driveway is almost 700 feet long. Anywhere else, I would never leave them alone. Never.
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Originally Posted by rmzbm View Post
I would leave her in the car for less than 1 minute AT HOME, such as forgetting something. While OUT, never...only to put gas in, then if I am not paying at the pump I get her out before I go in to pay.

same here
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A couple years ago I was walking into the library at the tiny town my mom lives in. A woman pulled up in front of the library, jumped out and ran to the book drop off, maybe 25 feet away. She left her van running, and in that time a guy jumped off a bench a few feet from the van, hopped in and drove off. The woman turned around, saw her van speeding away and started screaming "My babies, my babies!" Luckily someone had a cell phone, called the cops, and then called the woman's cell phone. Her son (6 or 7) answered, and by asking him what he saw out the window they located the van. The man who stole the van was a career criminal who had been out of jail for 3 days, and as soon as he saw the kids he abandoned the van.

After seeing that, I would never ever leave my kids in the car, even for an instant. I only use pay-at-the-pump gas stations, and if I have a cart I will take it back before putting her in her carseat (I normally put her in the front seat and let her "drive" while I unload groceries, then take her with me to return the cart). If I'm in the car at home and forget something in the apartment, I unbuckle her and take her with me, since a) she loves walking up and down the stairs and b) we live in AZ, I have to take the keys with me to open the apartment and it's way too hot even now to leave her in the car with no A/C. We live in a gated community and I know all the neighbors, but leaving her in the car is not something I'm comfortable with.
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Originally Posted by bauchtanz View Post

it only takes a minute to break the glass and take the babe - and there are plenty of peoplr who would do it.

Yes. Alot of people will do anything for a baby. As sick as it is, it happens.
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I couldn't do it..ever. but that's just me. I am also always sitting in the back with her while dh drives. maybe I'm over protective but she's a baby and I'd better be safe than sorry.
I couldn't forgive myself if anything happened to her while I was gone even for two minutes.

and if some one called the cops on someone, I wouldn't think that's extreme. I would honestly think they are just concerned. I'm not sure I would call the cops though. I would just watch the baby and if it took too long then I may call the cops.
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Originally Posted by sunflowers View Post
Not a baby but... I've done that when nelectful owners left a dog in a locked car in the middle of the summer. I tried to open the door to roll a window down but couldn't get in. I really laid into that guy when he got back to his car- over a half hour later!!! I thought I'd be watching that poor dog die...
I broke the window of a pickup truck's canopy to get the dog out. It was near death, in 90 degree weather, with no water. I took the dog to the SPCA, and left a note on truck telling the owner where to find his dog. He never claimed. Didn't even call. I've rolled windows down and opened doors several times (where there is electric windows). An animals life means more to me then a window. And in fact I'd risk a judgment against me should they sue me over a window because I feel that strongly about it.

I would do the same for a child (except taking them). If the weather did not warrant opening doors or windows, I would wait until I knew the child was safe, and then I would talk to the parent about it. I would decide from there whether or not to call the authorities.

Last year in South Florida a man forgot his son in his car and he died in the heat. In this state, where it remains too hot to be left in a car pretty much all year long, my answer is no, I absolutely would not leave her in the car. As it is I start it first, then put her in because it is so warm and the buckles get hot, EVEN in November!

If I saw a child left in a car here there would have to be a damn good explanation to prevent me from taking action. It's just way too hot. And when the weather cools.. who knows, there was recently a car jacking at a gas station where a 3 month old got taken with the car.

As others have said, why take the risk?
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Originally Posted by moonfirefaery View Post
I'm sure I'm going to get flamed for this, but if the weather is not extremely hot or cold, if I can see the car & the baby, if the car is locked with the security alarm on, & I am going to be gone for less than 5 minutes, yes, I will leave him. If it is hot or cold, or may suddenly get hot or cold, if I'm going somewhere I can't see the car or baby, if I'm with a car that doesn't have a security alarm, or if I'm going in for more than 5 minutes, he comes in with me. If something ends up taking more than 5 minutes I go out and get him.

I would call the police if I saw a child left alone for more than a few minutes in the hot summer or cold winter. If a person left the car running and unlocked, I would probably just politely say something to them like "What a cute baby you have there! I was just keeping watch, because I saw someone suspicious who was kind of looking your car over, getting too close. I thought he might try to steal and end up driving off with the babe still strapped in, but he moved along. How old is the baby?"

I think that bringing CPS into the picture is one of the most terrible things you can do to a person unless they have done somethng that truly makes them undeserving of parenthood...for example, leaving a child alone in a hot or cold car for more than, say, 10 minutes, physically hurting their kid, verbally abusing their kid with cuss words... I would NEVER call CPS or the cops unless I knew a child was in very real danger. They will take your kids away for the smallest little thing, and how do you know she didn't just run in to grab a shoe that had been left inside when she did bring her kid in to pay for gas? In most situations I would try gently talking to the mom, but if she showed no signs of changing, then I might call the police IF she were doing something really dangerous.

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I wouldn't recommend that. The SPCA wouldn't know what the heck to do with a baby you kidnapped from someone's truck :
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Not having read the other replies --
At my house, in my driveway, we live in a small community, I will run back in my house for something. I have remote start which allows me to have my vehicle running, but I have the keys and lock it. If for some freak chance a stranger gets in, it will cut off without the key turned in the ignition when they try to put the vehicle in gear.
However, in general, I think it is not wise to leave an infant in a car alone period. It just is not a good habit to get into. Children get accidentally left in a hot or freezing car and die. Criminals get into unattended vehicles and off goes your child. I just don't want to risk it.
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Originally Posted by Joannarachel View Post

I wouldn't recommend that. The SPCA wouldn't know what the heck to do with a baby you kidnapped from someone's truck :
That's why I said except taking the child. LOL.
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Answering the original post only because I know how these posts can get.

My house is in a very safe area so I always leave the baby in the car for a few seconds to run in and grab something (usually my keys)...the van door and door to the house is left open so I can hear him/them.

At a gas station - if DS(s) were asleep, then I would run in that pay, awake, then no. My older kids are usually with me so it's not a big deal, DD is legally old enough to be in the van alone if it's not hot. If the babies are awake, they go with me. If I do leave them, a window is left down and I take the keys with me. If the line is long, I go back to the van and get the baby, or ask to cut in line to pay quicker (done this a couple times and had no problems).

It really depends on the situation. If in doubt, take the baby with you.
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