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Hi everyone. I thought i'd post an intro because I responded on a few threads and i'm sure no one knows me! I've been lurking for quite some time, but never responded until now.

I'm Kaite. Single mommy to my princess. She just turned 4. I know I don't fit in b/c i'm still a single mom but I really like reading this board becuase it helps give me some type of perspective on "step parent" issues with my ex and I. He was seriously dating a girl at some point but recently broke up with her (sorry didn't like her at all!) and coming here really helped me get through some issues I was having with them.

Just thought i'd give you guys a short intro before I posted anything else
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welcome, MissSavannahsMommy!
As you can tell from my siggy, I'm mom to DD and Step mom to DSS!
Step parent hood can be a wierd, wierd place!
Luckily for me and DSS, all the parties involved w/DSS all get along great (now). In fact, DSS's mom and his step dad are some of mine and DH's best friends. really, it's true!
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