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preparing to homeschool

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I am almost 90% sure I will homeschool my 4 and 7 year old boys when this school year is over. Does anyone know any good resources for teaching cursive writing (7yr old wants to learn to) and/or for guitar playing. I do not know how to play the guitar and cannot afford lessons but hopefully my son and I can learn together.

Also, if you have favorite sites or books I would love to know about them. I thought someone had posted a top 5 web site list to check out but can't seem to find it now.

Thanks, Steph
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my favorite catalogue it reviews tons of materials, music and cursive suggestions and is thick like the old Sears catalog
Some related links online that we have used~~
Penmanship –
Penmanship -
Border Paper –

free sheet music

Good basic starting worksheets for Piano and Guitar.

Printable Staff Paper Page

Good luck to you as you start your journey!!

Free Music Education Page

worksheets are FREE for personal/family use in music education
website owner's request ~you use the worksheets,
you send a postcard to their kids
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We use Handwriting Without Tears. It is available through Love to Learn and they have thier own web site too I think. Even dd loves to do it and she doesn't get excited about much.

guitar is easy to tech yourself. Just get a chord chart and a book with simple songs (ask at you local music store). Preferably one that comes with a CD. High Schoolers a good source for cheap lessons you may also want to see if there is someone who will be able to trade for lessons once you get the basics down.
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I just picked up the idiot's guide to playing the guitar from the public library. within 30 minutes I had tuned the guitar and was playing a few basic chords. granted I have an extensive musical background in a number of other instruments, so I can't say how it would be if you don't have any musical background, but if you do know any other instruments it would probably be pretty easy for you as well.

once you've learned some basic chords and techniques, the book Rise Up Singing would probably be fun for you and your kids to play and sing along!
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