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Anyone have early labor lasting for days??? (sorry, long)

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Hi everyone,

Anyone else have this happen to them? How did your active labor start/go once it finally took off?

So, it's now November 2, Thursday. I was due one week ago (Thurs. Oct 26). On Tuesday, the 31st, in the morning I started having pretty regular contractions (5-20 min apart) and they were more than B-H, but not too painful. I slept some on Tuesday night, but was still having contractions. The contractions continued all day yesterday, anywhere from 3-8 min apart, getting stronger, but I could still usually walk through them and say a few words. Finally, we went in to the hospital yesterday around 4pm. Partly because we were getting so bored at home, and partly to find out if anything was happening, and partly to make sure that I wasn't one of those women who will be dialated to 8-9 cm before they feel anything!

They checked me and I was 3.5 cm, which I was pretty happy about, given that it hadn't really hurt so far and at least I was making some progress! They then had DH and I walk the hallways of the hospital for 2 hours (and I thought I was bored before!!) and then they checked me again to see if I had made any progress. ...I hadn't, so they sent us home to get a good night's sleep. Again, that made me happy because I now at least knew that I had made some progress, but could go home and sleep in my own bed and not be in the hospital forever. I slept ok last night, I woke up some for contractions, but probably slept through weaker ones.

The contractions have been a little stronger today, between 4-10 min apart. (they slow down still when I sleep or nap, though they often wake me up.)

Anyway, my question is: Has anyone else been in early labor like this for days and days? If yes, (and I'm sure there are some mammas out there!) how did you know when labor really kicked in? And how long did labor take once it really did?

I had prepared myself for a long labor (my mom took 36 hours with me, and while I know that didn't necessarily mean I would take a long time, I still was preparing myself mentally) BUT I didn't count on such a long early labor period, I was steeling myself for a long (and painful) active labor. Maybe this is better, but it's actually quite boring! (my DH is also now pretty sure that labor is not nearly as exciting as they portray it in the movies and on TV.)

Any stories, advice, or comments are greatly appreciated!!

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Welocme to prodomal labor!!! : With my first I had contractions 5 minutes apart for three weeks before the actual day - sorry...My labor actually started when my water broke but I know that is rare. With this one I have been experiencing contractions 5-10 minutes apart that are stronger than BH cx for 3? 4? weeks now. I also had a TON on Halloween and thought this was "it"! Dh took off work and everything but no babe yet! I have heard that this can go on for hours...days...or weeks...Here's hoping it's soon for you!
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I had it for a few weeks actually, YAY so much fun. : Anyway, my bh's got pretty strong and I was so hoping they were doing something. Well I guess they were because when labor actually started it lasted all of about 30 minutes and baby was out! I was very sure when labor actually started because my water broke with a popping sound that woke me up and then things got very intense!
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Yes, it sucks but in my case it made the actually lbour much quicker. With #1 I had early labour for 5 weeks (admitted to hospital for bed rest for weeks 35-36) and resulted in a 4 hour labour from start to finish 2 days before due date
#2 early labour for 4 weeks , had them induce me 5 days after due date because I was exhausted. 1.5 hour labour.
#3 didn't stuff me around and it was a much peaceful labour the day before my due date
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I too had what I think was early labor for about two weeks. I woke up early one morning with very painful contractions about two minutes apart, so it was pretty clear that that was "it." Baby only took just under five hours from that point. So, I guess the early labor helps for faster labor once things get going?
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