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Strange Taste in Mouth

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This sounds silly, but does anyone else have a strange taste in their mouths throughout the day? I have experienced this for weeks now and it's annoying! I did not have this with my first and it's not accompanied with nausea - is it normal? I have read that people experience a metallic taste, but I am not sure that is what I would call it. Is this normal?
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I have it, too. I don't think it's quite metallic, but whatever it is, I don't like it.
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i was just about to start a thread about excess saliva and how distressing it is, but it really goes hand in hand with the odd mouth taste. i think the excess saliva would not be so nauseating if it didn't taste so icky.

i don't find it to be a metallic taste - for me it is more of a acidic taste that is exacerbated when i drink juice - especially acidy juice like OJ or lemonade. not that that stops me drinking them.

it is really distressing.

for the last while it was happening largley in the evenings but the last two days it has been a whole day affair.

the excess saliva is repulsive and makes me feel so sick i can't take it. spitting it out gets tiresome and disgusting quite quickly, but swallowing it makes me feel worse.

i have head sucking hard candies is good for this, but i am tired of candies.. whine whine...
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Yes Yes Yes. I'm suffering from the acid super saliva yuck. I've taken to using minty mouthwash several times a day because I can't stand it. I think my body is too acidic and probably apple cider vinegar drink would help, but I can't stand the thought of it right now....
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I have it too, for me it's a nasty metallic taste and it makes me feel like I have the nastiest breath ever. I thought maybe it was from the prenatal vitamins. Whatever it is, it's gross and tastes awful.
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YES. it feels like the taste i get in my mouth when i'm sick. not metallic but bad-breathy. i've noticed it lessening in the last couple of days. but still not gone. i definitely didn't have this with my 1st pg.
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I have this too! Not really a metallic taste but something...
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Phew..it's not just me! It's driving me crazy and only seems to go away when I'm eating. Then as soon as I'm done, it's back!
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Here's my theory.

I have that yucky taste, too, and I noticed it's really bad right after eating. I read a few days ago that when you eat anything with sugar (refined or not) it creates acid in your mouth for as long as a half hour. I think with us being pregnant we are probably so sensitive to that acidity (with our nausea and all) that it just affects us differently than the non pregnant folks. With us eating frequent small meals we probably don't have much time out of the day without that taste. I know I'm wearing my toothbrush out.

Oh yeah, and like pp said I'm sure the prenatals have something to do with it, too.
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Me too. Anything sweet seems to make it worse. For some reason goat's milk yoghurt seems to calm this for me. I need to buy a goat.
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