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It's gotten quiet on this thread. Bumping it up.

I just read through the first 7 pages with interest because I just found out last week that I am pregnant (early on, maybe 4 weeks?) and my 2 year old daughter still gets most of her nutrition from my breasts. I think my supply is dropping, because she wants to nurse ALL the time now and seems unsatisfied. She changes sides a lot and says, "More!"

I haven't decided what I am going to do. I don't think I will tandem nurse because my husband would be appalled. I know it's my decision but I don't think it matters that much to me that I would risk the marital dischord.

I will probably nurse through much of the pregnancy, though. I guess I am hoping that with this supply drop that she may self-wean, because I am not into forced traumatic weaning of my babe.

I had some wicked latch-on pain a while back, but I am pretty sure it was before I conceived? I figured it was because of jagged teeth but maybe I will find out I was actually pregnant already.

Anyway, just glad to see this thread. And curious how everyone else's partners felt about the nursing/pregnant issue.
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I think you might need to educate you dh on the benefits of nursing. My dh was sort of weird about the idea of me tandeming earlier on in my pregnancy. And we were both pretty sure that dd was weaning for a while there. We even went a couple of weeks without nursing at all. Then she got really sick and she asked to nurse, so I let her. Now my colostrum has come in and she is nursing all the time again. I actually had gotten used to the idea of only nursing one baby when the new one came along. But it looks like dd has other plans. DH was talking to one of his friends last night on the phone whose wife just had a second baby. Their ds is 2 1/2 and he asked if his dw was nursing both babies. He said there was a deafening silence on the other end of the phone before his friend finally answered that his wife had weaned the older one at 12 months. Then my dh went on to talk about all of the benefits of nursing into toddlerhood and how he is planning on trying to be the best support for me during the early stages of figuring out how to nurse two at a time. It was really sweet.

There was a point in my pregnancy, where I was feeling so touched out and really did not want my dd nursing anymore. I'm glad we've re-established our nusing relationship now, though. Even if she is driving me a little insane at times.
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I am so glad to find this thread!! I just found out I was pregnant 2 weeks ago and my supply is almost nonexistnet. My nursling is 8 1/2 months old and I am concerned. She is starting to show signs of mild dehydration (not enough wet diapers), so I have been nursing as much as my sore boobs will allow, hoping she gets what little is there, as well as pushing her water bottle and we started offering formula after she was done with the breast the other day. But she won't drink much of it. I am starting to get rather worried about her. Please give me ideas to help her drink something. And is my supply gone for the duration of the pregnancy or will it come back later on? I plan on nursing her whether there is milk or not, and plan on tnademing once the baby comes.
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I'm 17wks now with an 18m old. He only nurses about 1 time in the night. I've offered, but he's such a busy body. If he does come over, he takes one suck then slides off, gives a big cheesy grin and runs off to play. I'm worried about his future health. I don't even know if I have milk anymore cause when he would nurse during the day and come off I no longer saw milk on me like before. I'm glad that it hasn't affected his behaviour or moods, but I feel so guilty for getting pg way ahead of schedule specifically because I did not want him to stop before 2. I also feel very hypocritcal because I'm just not forcing myself to pump. I'm blaming it on not feeling good enough, but it's just not an excuse! Also, I wouldn't like to tandem nurse, so I'm not hoping he gets re-interested after the baby. Of course if he does I will definately do it because it'd be best for him.

I think DH is just so used to the whole world of Bfing. I've been doing it almost w/out pause for 6 years now. We've always known about tandem nursing, and I assumed I would have to do it with the first two. But the same thing happened, ds1 self weaned at 19m, during my second trimester. I'm sure if I had he would have asked how I know the newborn is getting enough. But now I think he just considers me an old pro, beyond even questioning
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My dh has been totally leaving the bfeeding stuff to me. He supports whatever I do in that arena. MIL was different, she was pretty freaked out but got used to it very fast. Please, KCmommy, get Adventures in Tandem Nursing and if you can't get your dh to read it, read it yourself and tell him about it. I certainly wouldn't presume to know what is best for your family, but it seems like it's worth letting your decision be informed by some research and perspective. The author is not judgmental at all.
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Hey guys, I'm posting this here, because I really didn't get many responses in the bf forums. I'm hoping someone here has even experienced this & can share. Going on day 3 of soreness:

(original post)--->

DD, now 29 months, is still nursing (though dramatically cut down since perhaps 20 weeks - she still nurses 2, 3, 4x per day, 1x night, 30seconds - 3 minute sessions), I am 25 weeks pregnant.

Suddenly today, my breasts HURT. I thought at first it was because she hadn't nursed all day, that maybe I was having some engorgement issues(?), though frankly, I don't think there's much, if ANYTHING left in either breast (DD insists there is, but I can't even hand express a drop), but after she nursed both sides, they still ached - like bruised aching. More on one side than the other.

What's strange is that during naptime nursing session I felt what was almost like a let down sensation. Strange because I haven't felt a let down in perhaps a year.

Is it possible that colostrum is coming in, and that would cause pain? I did try hand expressing right after nursing, and didn't get anything - just hurt.

The pain isn't really pinpointed, my breasts aren't warmer to the touch than usual, don't look unusual.

I've never had so much as a chapped nipple, and bf has always been relatively easy & pain free. Aside from irritation/slight pain on initial latch since I've been pregnant, which goes away quickly, I've had no experience with pain while nursing. I'm at a loss, and concerned.

Can someone shed some light?
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Well, I definitely felt the aching throbbing pain that you are talking about, but I think it was earlier than 25 weeks. Now I'm 31 weeks and it's still sort of painful to latch on for the first few mins and then it gradually gets more comfortable. I noticed that my colostrum came in a couple of weeks ago, so that very well could be what you are experiencing. Though, Im not feeling any sort of let down sensation. I think it's just all the wacky hormonal stuff going on.
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Wow, this thread gets buried quickly!

I am hitting my second trimester, have only been nursing 1 for a few weeks. It was touch and go for a while but my 4yo dd seems done. Actually my 20 month old has really cut back to 3 regular times and only a couple random times a day. All this reduction in nursing, I am just far enough along in the pregnancy to have more energy, the sun is shining, I think I have turned a corner.

I guess no real news, thanks for reading. :
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I am breastfeeding my 7 month old. He gets yogurt and a small bottle of goat's milk each day as well - because I wanted to increase the fat in his diet (my kids are very slow gainers - he's around 13.5 lbs). He's starting to be interested in solids, but not to the point of using solids as fuel sorce. I'm also about 8 weeks pregnant. And lately he's been fussing and I need to give him more goat milk to satisfy him. I really don't want to wean him, but I'm concern my milk supply is dropping. Any mama's who have been in a similar situation and successfully kept their baby nursing? I really don't want to feed formula, and didn't feel bad about a little fresh goat milk because I was counting that as a supplement. But I don't want him to drink predominantly goat milk. Any advice would be appreciated.

It seems like if I can keep in on the breast, he can stimulate new let downs, but he doesn't always want to put forth the effort. TIA
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I think my milk might be completely gone...he still nurses briefly at night for comfort, but not in the day, and I haven't felt it come in in days. It's so weird. I wasn't counting on tandem nursing, but I never dreamed it would just dry up this fast. I'm only 3 months along, and I had a very plentiful supply since he was born.
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My milk is back!! hooray!! I really thought it was gone for a while, but DD kept nursing (really short sessions). But it's back! I can hear her swallowing again and she's nursing like "normal" for us again! The pain is still there, but not nearly as bad as when there was little to no milk.

Hazelnut- maybe yours will come back too? Mine seemed to disappear about the same time (3 months) but now we seem to be doing good (6 months). good luck mamas!

2bluefish- i would say keep nursing as often as you can! None of the traditional supply things (oatmeal, more water, etc) really seemed to help for us.
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You know what is funny is my 29 mos/old is asking to nurse more than ever and nursing for as long as I will let him. Before we were settled into a before bed, maybe one night time and once when we woke up. Now he is asking all day.

I wonder if he is sensing the changes, or if the milk is changing taste, or if it is slowing down and he is trying to keep it up???
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I am still nursing my 3yr old, although I have no idea how much she gets. Doesn't seem like much. I'm 19 weeks. When does colostrum usually come in?

Also, my OB told me I *must* stop or be at risk for preterm labor. Other than my age (40) I have no other risk factors. Am I really at risk?
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Sounds like your OB is not tandem nursing friendly. Maybe you should recommend a few books to him. I don't see any risk. I know tons of mom's who tandem nurse.
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The hormones released during nursing are similar to the hormones released during sex and orgasm. If you have not been told to avoid these activities you should not need to wean. kellymom.com has more specific info.

Personally, I have a strong history of preterm labor but have carried longer while nursing than not. This is just my experience but I am comparing 34 and 36 weeks to 37 weeks. I did take in articles and info to my ob during my last pregnancy. I have no idea if she read them but she didn't bring it up to me again.

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Honestly, I don't think this OB is open to new information. when I pressed her on it before she told me she could send me to see "her" specialist who could tell me all the reasons why nursing while pregnant is bad. I've yet to find anyone else who agrees.

That said, I think I'm in the market for a new ob.
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DD is 20 months and I'm 5 weeks pg. I think my supply is dwindling too b/c dd wants to nurse ALL the time, she often switches sides, and I don't really her her swallowing anymore.
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Originally Posted by chlobo View Post
Honestly, I don't think this OB is open to new information. when I pressed her on it before she told me she could send me to see "her" specialist who could tell me all the reasons why nursing while pregnant is bad. I've yet to find anyone else who agrees.

That said, I think I'm in the market for a new ob.
Yeah, I'd be all about finding a new ob if they were that against nursing while pg. Why not check out some midwives?
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Sounds like a good move to me. You will be happier.

Good luck.
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I'm 19 weeks pregnant and still nursing my almost two-year old. And it's agony. My husband can't bear that I'm in such pain, it feels almost as bad as when I had thrush, and he really wants me to wean. She nurses at naptime and bedtime, so good luck trying to get her to quit! I tried putting her down for her nap without nursing today but it was a disaster. Tonight I nursed her before bed on both sides, but briefly. It is especially unbearable on my left side.

Will this pass? Can I expect it to still hurt this much when the new baby comes? Because I just can't see myself able to meet the nursing demands of newborn when my nipples are hurting this much! I really want to continue nursing my daughter, but the pain is just so excruciating! Will it get better before I give birth?!?!
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