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I am 25 weeks and nursing my 19 month old. I have no milk. Nursing really bothers me now most of the time, so she is down to just a few times a day. My goal is to keep her nursing, keep her latch so that when there IS milk, she will know just what to do. I considered totally weaning her when it was hurting a lot (at first, it was just sensitive, then fine, then actual pain) . . .but I don't want to. I am not excited about tandem nursing (scared!) but I OWE her several months of milk, so I don't want to stop. I figure, I can always stop later but if I stop now, then it will be hard or impossible to go back.

One day at a time!
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I jsut got the LLL book "Adventures in Tandem Nursing" at my local library. It's a great book. I've been finding a lot of really interesting and helpful info in there.

My milk has not completely dried up, I can still squeeze a little out, but I can tell that there is not much. We are still nursing like 15 - 20 times a day... I should count it, its probably more than that. She's already nursed like 5 times and it's only 9:30am!
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Originally Posted by sebarnes View Post
So, I have a question. Do you find that you are hungrier than previous pregnancies when you weren't nursing? I was hungry with dd, but nothing like this! I feel like if I am not eating almost constantly, I will pass out. Seriously! I get light headed and fuzzy feeling. I haven't been able to totally get the food thing right, yet, so for the past few days I have felt like crap. I'm just wondering if this is because I am nursing and pregnant.
Me too.

I was definitely not this hungry with my son.

He is nursing less now and I noticed milk production is way down. Babe's not due until June and ds has been nursing less, so I am not sure if we will be tandem nursing or not.
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It's so weird about being hungry... I found I was LESS hungry with this pregnancy (while nursing) than I was when I was pg with DS! I have gained less weight too. I do get really thirsty a lot, but my appetite has never been as ravenous as it was when I was pg the first time.

It's interesting how we are all different! I could not lose weight while nursing to save my life!
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I am so grateful to all you mamas out there who are tandem nursing and nursing toddlers. I am not alone! I was starting to think that I was being weak and giving in to my 2 1/2 year old ds needs because I've been taking a lot of negative comments from friends and family recently (except for hubby who is extremely supportive). People seem seriously disgusted by the fact that I am still nursing I am currently 7 weeks pregnant and nursing 3 x a day. I'm kind of worried that all of you are still experiencing the nipple pain further along in your pregnancies because I already have pretty intense latch on pain - ouch! I was really hoping that it would subside - ah well. I haven't noticed a drop in supply yet although ds seems to want to nurse for longer on each side than usual. Good luck to you all and wow to the lady with 8 kids!
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Originally Posted by Ashersmum View Post
I'm kind of worried that all of you are still experiencing the nipple pain further along in your pregnancies because I already have pretty intense latch on pain - ouch! I was really hoping that it would subside
I found that mine has come and gone . . .on days that it is bad I just keep sessions very short. Again, my goal is just to keep DD's latch until my milk comes in-- then at least it won't be painful! I lost my milk around 5 months, and I would think, FOUR more months? (That's when it began to really hurt!) I didn't think I could do it, but now I just take it one day at a time, one session at a time. Setting big limits has really helped.

When anyone asks about nursing your other DC, don't think you need to defend it or even explain it. Just shrug and say, "We're doing what's best for us. So, anyway . . ." and change the subject.
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Ashersmum - I'm not having much nipple pain at all! I'm 29 weeks tomorrow. A lot can change, I could still get nipple pain but now that I've got colostrum I think that having something actually come out while your child is nursing helps a little bit! Sometimes it hurts right when DS latches on but subsides once he gets going - a good, deep latch helps too.
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Nursing twice a day here at 31 wks-- naptime and bedtime. I must have colostrum now since it isn't as painful, though I can only stand just a few minutes before it becomes just the most irritating sensation. She's almost 4, so I really wouldn't mind if she weaned, but at this point I don't see it happening. She's starting to pick up on the fact that some kids don't nurse anymore and someday she won't either. I don't put any pressure on this, but I will admit that I'm not sure how excited I am at the thought of tandem nursing for a long time. Sometimes I feel like the demands on my body are more than I can keep up with- and that it probably is not going to get easier after the baby is born.
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Bumping this up!

How is everyone doing? I'm 34 weeks pregnant and DS nurses 1-3 times per day, always at bedtime, and occasionally in the morning and before a nap. I am still thinking he will keep nursing until the baby is here... he is pretty busy during the day but still occasionally comes in my lap asking for "ees" I'm not having much nipple pain as long as he's latched on good.
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Hey, just saw this thread. Thanks for bumping.

I'm 20 weeks pregnant and my DD (20 months) is still nursing...not so much lately, maybe 6x/day about 3 of those at night. I suffered a decrease in supply for a few weeks in 1st trimester but it came back ok...well, until these last couple of days. Seems like there's not much there lately. She usually nurses from 1-4 times at night and the last couple of nights she's been clearly unhappy with what I have been able to provide. She's not the type to nurse when there's no milk either, never been a real comfort nurser. She just stops and snuggles except at night she gets frustrated every 10 minutes when she realizes she's still a little hungry.

Nipple pain has come and gone, right now it's not too bad. I've been an eating machine too and it's getting a little OLD! I'm sick of eating! (Never thought I'd say that ) I must keep it up though or my energy level goes way down.
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I'm about 20 wks now too. Dd has pretty much night weaned since i've been pg. That is a bonus. She nurses differently when she does, sucking more frequently, but whenever I ask her if she's getting milk she says "mm hmm." Nipple pain comes and goes. some nights I ask her if she can nurse a little more gently, then she unlatches and asks to hear a lullaby instead.

I think we're at a good place. She is adjusted to less nursing, and seems to be feeling okay. (Testing limits a lot the last couple days, but I suppose that's normal for a 2 yr old!) I'm just so glad I got turned onto Adventures in Tandem Nursing. I might have tried to wean her without that support, and she definitely wasn't ready.
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Heyla all!

I'm 17 weeks along and dd is just shy of 21mo and nursing away! I had insane nipple pain for a few weeks, and then it cleared up...but it came back about a week ago. Someone told me that she had nipple pain mostly at the beginning/end of each trimester so hopefully this pain will let up a bit too in a few more days. That's my hope at least.

We did night wean dd when my nighttime milk supply vanished around week 8. Prior to the pregnancy DD would nurse 8-9 times each night, but only for a few minutes each time. When my night supply vanished DD would try to nurse and then, when no milk appeared, wake all the way up and begin crying/screaming for "boom boom". So DD moved over to DH's side of the family bed and he took over the nighttime parenting. DD still nurses during the day, but it's nice having the nights "off".

And about being hungry...I bounce between starving and feeling sick to my stomach, and I know my blood sugar levels are more varied this time round. With DD I felt sick off and on for a few weeks. This time I still feel sick half of any given day and I'm in the second trimester! I hope I can find the right balance of foods...DH is running out of dinner ideas!
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Hi all! I am not sure how pregnant I am, yup I am the idiot who thought that bfing was great birth control. LOL I think somewhere around 6-10weeks. Anyhoo, my supply is just about gone, but I have LMS to start with and it is INCREDABILY painful latching. But DD is only 11months and does not have any plan on stopping. My toes curl just thinking about her latching....

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I'm 15 weeks now and still have the terrible nipple tenderness. but it's only for the first minute or so... DD has been sick with a cold and nursing a lot more! My supply doesn't seem to be going down any further and I hope that continues!
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I'm almost 18 weeks, my nipples are so sensitive - it hurts when I just think of nursing ds I've actually tried to wean a few times, but was unsuccessful, so I've given in and will continue to nurse as long as I can take it! ds is 18 months old and he has started to gently press his teeth together as he nurses - when he gets off, there are indents around my nipple. Ow.
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encouraged ...

Ooh, I'm encouraged reading this thread! I'm 11 or 12 weeks, nursing a 9-month-old. Just started solids because I need a bit of a break but so far he's not too interested. I'm alright with that ... nice to be wanted!
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i just found out that I am about 20 weeks pregnant with my 4th and I nursed DS during my last pregnancy.I am now tandem nursing and facing the possiblity that I may be nursing three in a couple of months! I've been experiencing major hunger increases the past couple of months and I thought it was just that I was nursing two, I didn't know I was supporting three little ones.My thirst has been increasing too, thats one thing I remember from my last pregnancy.i had bottles of water all over the house, at other people's houses, and in everybody's cars just for me.
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Woah Crittersmom! : You must be so drained! I hope you're able to get your rest and eat a lot; you're a strong woman!
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cramping/tingling question

Hello Ladies!!! I am so happy to have found this thread tonight! This is what I need!!! No one I know is pregnant and nursing. Most people that I have told just give this strange look like I am crazy.... how terrible!

Anyway.... I am 5 weeks pregnant and I am nursing my 20 month old son twice a day. However, while I am nursing him I am feeling more cramps or kind of tingling feeling.... is this to worry about? Does this happen to you? I do not want to stop nursing him because we both love it so much! But I am concerned that in some way it is not good for my pregnancy. Any suggestions ladies?

Thank you so much!!! Many Blessings to you!
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I'm almost 6 weeks pg and nursing my 13 month old dd. I also have a 13 yo ds and 11 yo dd (who aren't nursing )

No breast soreness whatsoever but I don't feel letdown much. My dd only nurses before bed and in the morning. I have a feeling she'll be weened by the time I have this baby, although if not that's fine. I'l miss nursing her.

Great thread!!
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