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Ive Started A List... I Need To Finish It Up Though And Get Cracking

Ds 11 Bike And Bike Ramp, Chess Stuff, Art Supplies
Dd 8 Bike Rollerblades, Dress Up Stuff Art Supplies
Ds 6 Hotwheels Cars Monster Trucks Roller Blades Etc
Dd 3 Play Laundry Center Dress Up Stuff A New Art Easel- Our Old One Broke, Gardening Playset
Dd 1 Little People, Small Trike
Babies... Baby Toys

Also Will Be Getting Toys For The Bathtub, Replenishing Our Art Supples And Crafts... Lots Of Puzzles And Books... Dvd's Some Cd's The Older Ones Want...

The Kids Tend To Get A Few Personal Toys And Lots Of Joint Toys... We Are Also Replacing Some Things We've Had For 6-7 Yrs Now... (art Easel, Outdoor Table Etc)

I Need To Look At This Weeks Paper And Make Our Final List And $$
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DD (almost 8) and DS (5) are getting a portable adjustable basketball hoop from us for Christmas. I actually found it on clearance at Target for under $40.

They will each also get a small game (Gamewright), a DVD (Narnia for DD, Over the Hedge for DS), a book and maybe another small gift. Then stocking stuffers from Santa.
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growing sprout- get your dress up clothes now! It may be too late, but we picked up 6 dress up outfits for the girls for about $4 each at the after halloween sales
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7yo boy
Lego soccer
Disc catchers
Star Wars Tranformers
Race Track
Dragon Puppet
Snap Circuits
Air Battle Arena
Daniel San Souci Books
Visual Calculator
Story of the World on cd

4yo girl
Haba Mail kit
I want plain/simple mailbox to go with kit, no luck finding one.
Root View
Audio book
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yes i got some dress up stuff on clearance from halloween....
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4 yo girl:
Cars movie mountain racing thing
Cars figures
Cars the movie (do you think she likes Cars? )
wooden musical instruments
make your own kaleidoscope
Blueberries for Sal
possibly Tinker Toys
dress up clothes/shoes

2 yo girl:
piggy bank
The Peace Book
wooden musical instruments
Magna Doodle
kids telescope
train set
dress up clothes/shoes

possibly a sled for both of them- it's flat here, I don't know where we'd take them sledding, but dd1 has asked for a sled.

They'll get some craft items in their stockings, some candy and oranges, dd1 a deck of cards, dd2 a little Dora the Explorer toy.
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not what your looking for exactely, but small mailboxes must exist! Maybe you could e-mail her and find out where she got it http://www.mailjust4me.com/christmasmailbox.htm

We have bought costumes every year after Halloween since Maia was 1. Now we have a closet in the playroom full of dress up stuff, many hanging and some (hats, wigs, shoes, accessories) in totes. Even though we don't have many (if any) "commercial" toys all of Maia's friends love coming to play in our playroom because of all of the dress up outfits. we have animals, princesses (of course) fairies, dragons, unicorns,super heroes, doctors, pirates, etc. Fun for the boys and girls. I think the most I have spent on any one item was $10 with most being around $4
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The kids are getting three gifts (a toy, an umbrella - they love them, and an outfit) plus we'll get them a few stocking stuffer and possibly one big gift for them all to share. The baby will only get one or two fun toys.

My favorite wooden toy maker now has a website! If anyone's interested - check them out here: http://www.doodletowntoys.com. I've bought a few things from them over the past few years, and the toys are always very high quality and hold up well (if you knew my kids - that's saying something). They are always shipped in a very timely manner, too.
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My girls are 2.5 & 4.5. We do 3 gifts each and thats it, no santa gifts. The 3 gifts represent each of the wise men.

From MIL they are getting willow toys playstands with wooden canopy and rainbow playsilk cover. She knows we don't do plastic nor battery operated. Most of my family respects our wishes and goes with it.

From us:
Wooden dollhouse from willow toys
firemen(plan toys)
I was thinking of starting them with some calico critters. They are soft, felted like animals. I think they would be good because they don't make noise, they have texture and my girls love animals. What do you think about those?
Don't know what else to get them.

Their playroom consists of;
wooden farm house with animals, farmers, people and furniture
wood fire truck
Willow toys kitchen, with tons of wooden food, toaster, mixer and a little cupboard on the wall.
A coat rack with dress up clothes.
A table with two chairs
A tall bookcase with one puzzle per shelf(I rotate puzzles)
Lacing beads & cards
wooden/metal instruments
Two shelf bookcase with plain paper and crayons
Haba dollstroller
Wooden baby cradle
two waldorf dolls
basket with doll clothes

Our books are kept in a huge book closet with excess puzzles, art supplies,games etc..
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our kids will be getting two gifts each, one from us, one from santa. plus a few small stocking gifts. i know that the grandparents will go overboard, just like they do every year.

ds, 5: a snowy owl stuffed toy (has been BEGGING for one!), second gift to be determined

dd, 3: a stuffed daddy and baby penguin set, very similiar to THIS one; a fairy doll
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My boys are getting the big Playmobil castle. In their stockings, they are getting pirate bandaids and a little parachute man with a playsilk parachute. My older son will also get some little Ein-O anatomy kits (e.g. little plastic brain with four components). My younger son will get a harmonica and another small musical instrument.

That doesn't sound bad, does it? But then both sets of grandparents and two aunts will give stuff. One of the grandparent sets is bad about buying a lot and while I really don't want a lot, there's not much I can do about it.

One set of grandparents has bought some play-food already. We will give a recommendation (they'll ask) of either Playmobile Viking ship or the Playmobile Pirate Ship. We've also said that ds1 is into any kind of science kit right now.
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I'm ashamed to say : we went overboard this year. Toys for DS:

Big Item:
This Train Table from Step2

A Radio Controlled Truck
Fisher Price Laptop
3 DVD Movies- Doogal, Cars, Monster House
Wooden Easel Stand
3 Books from Barnes and Nobles
Fisher Price Learning Zoo
Cars (McQueen, Mater, Porsha)
Lots of Clothes
And some more things, I honestly cannot remember
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Here is a link to the camera (PP asked)


It is on sale at Walmart this week, if you shop there ($54 I think ). We ended up buying a "tough" regular digital camera for DS that was $27 and has basically the same features, minus the FIsher Price brand name.
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It is really nice to belong to a group that keeps thier holidays 'simple' and loves it that way.
I am not entirely sure what I am getting DD. I wanted to make her a wooden kitchen, but need to get on that-so maybe for easter.

Otherwise I am toying with a kareokee machine, or a train table and set, a princess or fairy outfit. I dont really know yet, she gets excited over new underwear

oh definately some type of every one is a winner board game so we can keep on building our playing-with-others-in-close-proximatey-and-still-have-fun-skills.
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annekevdbroek- I was wondering what the off brand is, sorry. I had seen the fisher price ones. We are actually contemplating getting her a regular sony or kodak used.
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I am interested in the off-brand camera too - we asked the grandparents to get DS the FP one for Christmas.

Does anyone know what is in Moon Sand? DS wants it but I am wary of it.

DS (4) will also be getting a tree identification guide, a wooden States puzzle, and maybe a football helmet.

DD (1.5) is getting a baby doll and wooden cradle, and that's all I have for her so far. Anyone have any suggestions?
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I guess simple is all relative. DH and I both were raised with piles upon piles of gifts. My list seems really long in comparison to the posts, and I don't feel even close to being done. So, here are some ideas so far. These are also the ideas I will be giving out to the aunts and grandparents.
DS 6- Tic tac chec
wooden chess set w/storage box
Mary Poppins
Chitty Chitty Bang Bang
Magic Tree House Books
a harmonica on a cord
brio track pieces for stocking (trains have been rediscovered, he is taking it to the next level!)
venus fly trap
band aids
some other boy thing that he will love that I don't know of yet. The basket ball hoop sounds cool, but that might be too much. hmmmm...

dd 2
wooden kitchen from santa
dollhouse from grammie and grandpa
accesories for both
band aids
crystals/ stones for her stocking
play doh
She wants a new pretty dress for her Waldorf doll

I need more stocking stuffer ideas.
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ds (yo)

a drum (though I cannot find one I like yet)
Power Rangers shirt
Power Rangers figures (can you tell he's all about PR stuff?!)
Hungry Hippo game (dh and I are excited about this!)
Tinker Toys

Stocking Stuffers:
play doh
bath toys
band aids
$100 savings bond

3mo ds
probably a few books, toys and a $100 savings bond
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DD is 1 and we missed last Christmas with her, so in my mind I did go a little over board.

Wooden Toy Chest- $60 Really a great find, the perfect size and will last a long time
Magnetic Alphabet Letters for fridge- $0.88 Stocking stuffer
Bath toys- $3.99
A set that includes an ambulance, fire truck, two people, fire station, and a tree to play with- $4.88

And I am done. So hard not to buy anything more but I am resisting.
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We just agreed this morning we would put in a group request to Santa for kapla blocks!
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