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DD's bday is less than a week before Christmas, so it's hard to decide what will be for her bday and what will be for the holiday. I want to keep it to a minimum, but that is tricky since she is an only child and only grandchild and the youngest in the extended family by 10 years. She's going to be 6 yo.

For Christmas:
very basic sewing machine (from MIL)
sewing basket/supplies (from MIL)
my twinn doll and some matching clothes for her and the doll, if I find time to sew them (from DH and me)
Ipod Shuffle (from my very over-indulgent BIL)

For Birthday:
a small loom (from MIL)
another semester of dance lessons (from MIL, I hope)
a lapdesk (from me, so she'll stop stealing mine)

I think that this is MORE than enough, but it doesn't take into account what the extended family is going to do. I might have to figure out a way to suggest that they don't go crazy this year.
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Well, I feel a bit better. I felt I was going overboard with ds, and it's definitely more than some kids here are getting, but I'm not feeling crassly commercial yet.

Ds will get:
Playmobil Police Car
Playmobil Ambulance (both bought used off of Ebay)
A volcano book/science set (make your own exploding volcano with baking soda and vinegar!)
A doctor's kit
A sweatshirt with a steam train on it

Dd will get (not exactly sure, these haven't been bought yet)
Wooden block set (she loves to build)
Curious George book(s)
Either a musical instrument set/toy or something like a table top easel, I'm thinking. She loves to paint and draw and she loves music.
A doctor's kit (yes, they're both getting one - they're small, and they can each play.)
A music CD (Laurie Berkner band, I think).

I'd REALLY like to also get them a joint gift of either a play kitchen or an indoor mini trampoline. The trampoline would probably save our sanity during the winter, and the kitchen would be nice because I know that the kids would love it. (But then she's in daycare 3xa a week and has one there...) But I'm not sure our budget will allow that. I've already purchased all of ds's items for under $50, and my goal is to do the same for dd.
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Originally Posted by amamaslove View Post
4yo girl
Haba Mail kit
I want plain/simple mailbox to go with kit, no luck finding one.

I saw an unfinished wooden mailbox at Michael's today. It even has a little flag, -it's really cute.
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Probably a model plane.
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my dd is totally not into toys. but she is big on potty humour. she got a little bit for her bday and doesnt play with them at all. her fav present was the playdough that makes farting noises.

so i am going to look for potty humour stuff. and some of those magic stuff that shock/surprise people like pens that leak as she loves performing. and loves doing little tricks.

i heard there is a barbie with a peeing cat. gotta get that for her. wish there was something else peeing and not a barbie - but i havent found any and so i know i have to get that one. the barbie doesnt concern if she comes with the cat. dd - 4 wont play with it. i believe they even have a pooping dog. i would love to get that one too.
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Dd (4 y.o.) is big into playing board and card games. We are going to Switzerland right before Christmas and I thought I would let her pick out 3 or 4 nice German (Haba, Ravensberger) games to ship back home. We will be in a Muslim country on Dec. 25th, so we'll do the whole Christmas gift celebration when we get home.
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wow .

my ds(12) is getting a
electric razor scooter(yard sale, $20!! like new too)
i pod wannabe(does everything a $250 ipod nano does, but bought brand new off ebay for $50~)
rubix cube 5 sided
vidster kid video camera
skateboard stuff

ds(almost 3)
thomas the tank engine wooden table/trains/tunnels, etc(bought from yard sale!)
fisher price barn
wooden musical instruments
fridge phonics(he has speech issues)
wooden tool set
wooden food set(more to add!)
pop up thomas tent
space hopper
hula hoop
art easel

i think thats it lol
dh and i are buying us a new digital camera
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Ooooo, velochic... I would love to know what new haba & ravensb games you find there!!!
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dd is getting Diego's rescue center from Santa and this easel from us. the g-parents are getting her a dollhouse. i wanted a wooden one, but she really loves this fisher price one.

we're preparing for a major declutter & actually have a few things for ebay too

mommyto3girls- Fisher Price Camera

i just noticed it's sold out on target's website but they're in stores everywhere.
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Originally Posted by supervee View Post
Ooooo, velochic... I would love to know what new haba & ravensb games you find there!!!
I'll try to remember to get a list and post it when we get back in January.
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Thanks Monica- I have seen those. a PP said she found a knockoff brand for $27. I was looking for that
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We have a lot of family so I get the kids what i want them to have and then suggest things they would like to family.

So far DS (3yo) i sgetting
baseball mitt and hard hat i got second hand
a leapfrog leapster (this will be for our 3 week road trip to mexico)
a few books
a new pair of pjs (also second hand)
a bento box lunch kit

DS (1yo) will get
a couple of boynton books
Some sort of wood toy

they are also each getting a stuffed monkey which they love. I feel bad but I never want to get anything for ds2 because he has all ds 1s old toys! He doesn't need anything more.

I will suggest to family:
board games
leapster games
bob dvd
a new (used) pair of pj's
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I don't know what they're getting from Santa, because I'm letting dh be in charge of that. (I tend to take over Christmas, and then I get well into December and realize that I've left dh out of the gift-planning.)

But as far as other gifts....

Ds, 4, is getting a nice, hardbound, and beautifully illustrated book containing fairy tales, several Aesop's Fables, and other famous children's stores. It's called "Treasury of Children's Literature". He is getting a recording of "Peter and the Wolf" along with a book containing the story. He is also getting a Putumayo CD, "Caribbean Playground". He is getting the Harvest Time cooperative game. He will also be getting something to build with--I haven't decided exactly what yet.

Dd, 4 months, is getting a Waldorf towel doll, a nursing necklace, a couple of pilot caps from Hanna Andersson, two cd's ("Bach for Babies" and "Dreamland" by Putumayo), and a couple of Haba items. One is a cloth book, and the other is the wooden Ollie.

In their stockings I plan to put toiletries, underwear, etc.
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Originally Posted by mommyto3girls View Post
not what your looking for exactely, but small mailboxes must exist! Maybe you could e-mail her and find out where she got it http://www.mailjust4me.com/christmasmailbox.htm

We have bought costumes every year after Halloween since Maia was 1. Now we have a closet in the playroom full of dress up stuff, many hanging and some (hats, wigs, shoes, accessories) in totes. Even though we don't have many (if any) "commercial" toys all of Maia's friends love coming to play in our playroom because of all of the dress up outfits. we have animals, princesses (of course) fairies, dragons, unicorns,super heroes, doctors, pirates, etc. Fun for the boys and girls. I think the most I have spent on any one item was $10 with most being around $4
I've seen two mailboxes lately. . .though maybe a real one from the hardware store would be nice. ..



1.Anyway, I am going to try to MAKE this for ds:
I'm going to order the jungle family, but makethe tree out of a branch. He has a ton of little animals

2.I've been gathering Beanie Babies at thrift stores and ebay, he's into them right now.

3.I ordered the playsilk knight's armor from threesisterstoys.com

4. I'd love to get him the Haba orchard game, but maybe not this year.
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I simply can not handle any more plastic crap or any more cars. So....I am thinking that kits are the answer. Especially with the winter approaching. Science, cooking, and craft kits are going to be the bulk of what DS gets. And probably some computer software...mainly because its small and won't clutter up the house and also because it can be geared to learning and keep him out of my hair for 15 minutes or so! I'm thinking....give the gift of buying myself some free time..hahahahaha!
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Ooo, we love the Klutz kits for this.

I love these ideas! Taking notes...
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Our kids are each getitng 3 ifts (one to represent each wise man) and a stocking fomr santa
and a bunch of stuff from family
DD (age 2)
dollhouse (of some sort~ i really want a wooden one but she LOVES the fisher price one so maybe that)
a waldorf doll that i made (not totally sure about this as I havent' finished it yet so it might bea just becasue gift when it is done)
not sure fo rhte third thing yet.
DS (age 4)
Big wooden blocks with animals to go with them.
Mega T-rex dinosaur (yes it's loud and has batteries nad eyes that glow!) BUT it's teh onbly thing he asked for besides a toy castle which MIL is gettin him)
not sure third gift
DS (3 weeks old)
custom AIO diaper embroidered
not sure what else
each will get a leapster game adn possible a movie in there stocking and a few littel things like socks and organic candies and new toothbrushes/ lotion

My mom is gettting:
the older 2 that fisher price camera (each their own)
DS a globe (the vtech one i think) and that diego rescue center
DD the baby alive doll (which I'm not thrilled about) and somethgin else 9not sure yet)
Baby- she got him some thing that lights up and has batteries etc... :
MIl is supposedly getting the castle
and knight figures for DS and a bunch of other stuff hat she hasn't said yet. Ans not sure about DD and the baby she got some light up baby gym thing 9liek he doens't have enough with teh 3 we alreay have from previous gifts for hte older kids!) But oh well. I really hate when they go overboard and get a bunch of stuff that will jsut sit here nad clutte rhte house up worse than it already is. THe kids SERIOUSLY od not need anythign. It's my own guilt form my childhood that even allows us to get them gifts (we had HUGH christmases when I was young and WAY too commercial and just overwhelming and I have done teh same to my kids now because i never feel as though I do enough. So i at least cut way back (it used to be 10 gifts each jsut cause it was an easy number. ) But DS is big into church and teh nativity and all that so we figured that this woudl be a great way to cut back with and explaination.
WOW that got long.. sorry!
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There are a bunch of things that I would love to get ds, but can't. His birthday is a just before Christmas (on the winter Solstice!) but I've only been able to buy him a game for each.
Of course, I'd like to get him more stuff but it's not going to happen this year.
There are so many other things we need this year (sofa, overdue bills to be paid, AAA membership, etc).

It's funny...I thought I'd be a tv free mom but I gotta be honest...I would LOVE to get ds a portable dvd player. He has special needs and having that player would make us both MUCH happier when I have to drag him around doing errands.
He'd also love tap shoes...and a violin.
Sure do wish Santa really did exist.
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Originally Posted by Katie Bugs Mama View Post
my twinn doll
Ds saw these in a catalog that I had and he REALLY wants one. The company will even make one to look like boys.
Ds has trouble relating to other children and his occupational and speech therapists both highly suggested a My Twinn Doll.

Sadly, I can't afford it.
I know he'd totally LOVE it though. He saw a lifelike doll once and he kept talking to it and showing it how to play with his toys. It was so cute!
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Anyone doing a MDC co-op? I'm excited about the Hearthsong one.
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