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** February Craft Circle **

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Want to make a craft? Sign up here!
How about we have sign ups until Feb 10th, then a list of who you send your craft will be posted Feb 11th.
Have fun being creative!
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Craft Circle February

Hola Chicas,
I am dakotahblu, and would love to join the little craft party. I am making festive ornaments of the funky cool variety to hang all year long, also making sock puppets with my son , and decoupage boxes, beaded necklaces, funky painted picture frames... a little bit o' everything.

PS- no joke on the sock puppets, I have to say, these little puppies turned out soooo awesome! hehehe, we named them Tabor (the toddler size sock for my son) and Looscious (the sock puppet for me) planning on making a whole slew more...

Also make felt puppets, and all kinds of papercrafts, embroidered things and crocheted things.
wheee! this sounds like fun
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I'd love to join in if whoever picks me doesn't mind sending it to New Zealand. I do various things with wool. Knit, spin, felt. I can do felted toys for kids or something felted for an adult or both. I make awesome granola, but I don't think I can send that overseas. Other stuff, too.

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sign me up!!

this sounds great, I do knitting & sewing stuff mostly.
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mom at home,

Don't worry about living in New Zealand...I think there was someone living in France who wanted to participate, too.

I want to start making crafts out of felt, what ideas do you have for felt toys for kids?
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Count me in!

I make bead necklaces and bracelets, and I make embellished fabric things like pillows and drawstring bags. I also sew diapers if that counts as a craft!
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I'm in! I moved durring one of them and lost my contact, but I'm back! I just need to know a favorite color.
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Felted toys... masks, felted balls with bells inside, felted balls with streamers attached, felted animals, butterflies, little bags, purses, dolls, felt beads strung on yarn... far more than I'll ever have time for, it seems. I have a book that has a bunch of ideas. The masks in it are really cool. I just need to figure out what dyes to use for the wool or see if I can find wool in a wider range of colors.

I'm glad it won't be a problem to send to New Zealand. Thanks.

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Here I am! This will be a very international craft swap! I do machine embroidery, personalized towels, t-shirts, etc. I also make great cookies, but can't ship them, too bad for you. Just let me know what you want.

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I can knit and make really funky knitted-felted hats for adults and kids. I also make yummy honey or barley malt sweetened peanut butter cookies (You could eat them for breakfast! They're more like lightly sweetened biscuits)
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mom at home,

What's the name of the book (that you have for felt crafts)?
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My favorite book for ideas is: The Art of Feltmaking by Anne Einset Vickrey. I also like: How to make Felt by Anne Belgrave.

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mom at home,

Thanks for listing the books, I hope to find them at the library.
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I would like to participate too but...

the person who will be receiving my package may have to wait a little bit as it is going to be a busy month. If that is not a problem for you guys then please add me to the circle!

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I'll join in! First time in a craft circle. Right now, I'm mainly concentrating on paper crafts.

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I'm in yet again!!!!!
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Here's the list

Hey crafty gals, today's the day I said I'd post the list...so let's try this for February:

Parthenia sends to onehipmomma
onehipmomma sends to scribblerkate
scribblerkate sends to Missgrl
Missgirl sends to dakotahblu
dakotahblu sends to mom at home
mom at home sends to lilypad
lilypad sends to pinky
pinky sends to tasha
tasha sends to parisfrance
parisfrance sends to saganaga
saganaga sends to Parthenia

That makes a craft cirle. Did I forget anyone?

Now you will have to email each other to get each other's snail mail addresses.

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Hey saganaga, I can't seem to pm or email you, please send your address to emerye@wanadoo.fr

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I just emailed you, let me know if you got my email.
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Could you email me your snail mail address? Thanks!
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