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Tell me.. Is King size waayyyy better than Queen size?

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We have a queen size bed. Its DH, our 4 year old son and myself.

He has always been a bed hog, but as he gets bigger its worse!
We are thinking of getting a king, but dont want to waste our money as our mattress is pretty new and spendy!

Any thoughts?
Thank you!
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well, we have a queen-- always have and when in a hotel with a king it was like: H e llllllllllll ooooooooooo over there. BUT we dont have the room.

would do it if we could have back then.
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A king is way, way, WAY better than a queen. Really.

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I agree, it is an amazing difference. I would absolutely recommend a king.
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IMO our king isn't even big enough for DH, the baby and me LOL I wish I had an extra bed for me to sleep on

ETA king is 18 inches wider than a queen
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No comparison! I fought it for a long time cuz I'm cheap with things like that but we did finally get a king sized bed about a month ago - day & night! Go for the king!
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Ooooohhhhhh yeeeeaaaaaahhh - KING, baby. And keep that queen handy to butt up next to the king because they only get bigger, taller, and in need of more space. And then someday when all of you are ready, you can gradually transition the entire queen bed, along w/ child, to the "big boy room" and still have enough bed real estate in your son's room to snuggle him to sleep comfortably.
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Much better!

But in the end, we kept our queen and bought a twin to put next to it for DH. Just a little less $$ for the moment.
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Best thing we ever bought!!! Now we're adding twin next to the king for #2
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We have a king size futon and I Looooooove it!! not sure I'd get any sleep if we had something smaller...
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It is SOOO worth it. We bought a brand new expensive queen mattress 2 months before dd1 was born. We ended up upgrading to a king very shortly after her birth. On a positive side though, we are now using both of our mattresses, dd2 and I are on the king, and DH and DD1 sleep on the queen. No complaining in our house that there isn't enough room.
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We have a queen, and have used a king a few times in hotels while traveling, and it is definitely noticably bigger! If you have the space and the money, I'd go for it.
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King is SOOOOO much better. Dd can sleep horizontal between us and it's fine. There's no turning back!
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It is SOOOOO much better! Both dh and dd are bed hogs and I'm no longer on the edge of the bed anymore

Also, if you have the room, you could use my idea and put the king and queen next to eachother. I really wanted to do this, but dh wouldn't let me.
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King is much better. Look into "Eastern Kings" (which are wider) and "California Kings" which are only a little wider, but much longer. We are so happy we got a king (eastern). Our room is tiny, so it is literally a bed-room, lol, but it was worth it. Now having said that, our dd still tends to budgy up to me (I have the boobs, ya know), so it kinda feels like I am in a twin with dd. My husbands loves it though.
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Go for the king! We got one in September and side-car it with our queen. I feel totally spoiled!

Brightest Blessings!
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love the king, i sleep in the middle, though usually wake up scrunched up to dh and Jenna has half the bed!!
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When you're able...upgrade to a King. lol

Although we've upgraded to a king and a twin. lol
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I cannot believe the difference between a Queen and a King.

We got a king when DD was around 20 months old and it was like heaven. That 18" made a HUGE difference. Now that the kids are 7 & 5 it is much more crowded, but the four of us in a queen is HORRIBLE. It's bizarre sleeping w/only DP though
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Originally Posted by willowsmom View Post

Although we've upgraded to a king and a twin. lol
we've upgraded to a king and a queen!!!

eta dont forget the waterproof mattress pad to protect your investment!
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