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Sick kitten? Help me diagnose (gross)

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Our kitten (12 wks.) pooped in the big potted plant in my bedroom and when i was cleaning it up, I found a gob of snotty stinky stuff with a little blood in it on the edge of the pot. Does anyone know where this might have come from and/or what it is/means? I would appreciate any help with this. TIA!
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I don't know. I saw something similar in the stool of the cat that is living with us. He eats a lot of things--like thread, bits of paper, pretty much anything small enough to swallow without a lot of chewing. Maybe your kitten is eating stuff it shouldn't?

If it's any comfort, I've only seen the bloody mucuous once in the year the cat has lived with us and he is quite healthy.
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has your kitten been tested for worms or been routinely wormed recently? is he/she an outdoor cat? sounds like her large intestine is inflammed causing the mucousy/bloody stool. this is termed "colitis" and can be caused by a number of things (ie. parasites, infection, eating spoiled food, food allergy, etc.). in kittens the top 2 would be parasites or infection. if she is acting ok and still eating and drinking, i would wait and see if it clears on its own. withold all food (let her have water) for 12-24 hours to see if it resolves. if it doesn't or if she's showing signs of more serious illness, i'd take her to the vet. hope that helps and that your kitty is feeling better soon!!
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I have a friend whose cat had gotten a new cat and had almost the same type of poop...sort of mucusy with a tinge of red. She went to her vet and her vet told her to sprinkle metimucil on the cat's food for extra fiber. She actually went out and bought psyllium husks and sprinkled it on his food. It cleared up. I think she said it was some form of IBS. Good luck to you!
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Thank you to both of you ladies. i will try your suggestions and keep a close eye on her in the next few days. She seems happy and helthy, she is not ACTING sick in ny way. She runs around and plays all day and chills out with the family in the evening. She's a really great cat. We just love her and want to make sure she is all good, YKWIM? Thanks again for your insight.
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