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Oooh, fun! I love preemie pictures, and seeing how they grow and change. And I can never resist a chance to tell my stories and show off my cuties!

Nicholas Armand was born on Nov 25, 1996 (holy cow, where does the time go??) at 32 wks by emergency c-section, due to severe pre-e and HELLP syndrome, and unexplained massive decels in his heart rate. He turned out to have mild IUGR too, at 3lbs and 16.5 inches, which is more typical of a 30wkr. We were incredibly lucky, the steroid shots "took", even though it should have taken longer for them to work, and his lungs were mature. He spent the first 24 hours under an oxygen hood, but that was it, room air from then on out. After 17 days, they booted him out of the NICU, and sent him home, even though he was technically still too small (3lbs 12oz at this point) because he was doing pretty well, and they were way overcrowded with much sicker babies. He's now almost 10, and still a bit small for his age, and having some minor sensory issues, but doing really well in school and health wise.

Nick then about 4-5 days old, I believe. Yes, that's my hand next to him, almost the length of his whole body.
Nick now 5th grade school picture, just shy of 10 yrs old.

Aidan Daniel was born July 9, 2001 at 36 wks, a giant of a preemie at 6lbs 12oz and 20.5 inches. Another pre-e baby. My body just doesn't like boys I don't think, because in between, I had a full term baby girl. I was on bedrest from 29 wks on, with home monitoring and a plan to induce at 37 wks, but the boy had other plans. On July 8th, my bp readings spiked, and wouldn't go down, so we were off to the hospital. Long story short, they started the induction after an ultrasound to make sure he was vertex, some hours later they do an internal to check my progress only to find he's turned transverse, so I ended up with another c-section. I wish I had asked for an hour or so to try to turn him by natural means, but I was sick, I was exhausted, I was worried about my baby, and I just went with it. Unfortunately, his lungs were NOT mature. Very shortly, they had to transfer him out to Children's Hospital because the one we were in didn't have any ventilator beds available, and the CPAP was not cutting it. They did bring him by my room first, which was nice. He spent a week on the vent, another 6 days on nasal cannula, and came home exactly 2 wks after he was born. He was big enough to keep up his temp, and old enough to have the suck-swallow-breathe thing going pretty well, the little bugger just had to learn to breathe without help. He's doing very well now. Physically, he's healthy as a horse (we once again got very lucky and he nursed like a champ after just a couple days of trying, yay for 18 mos of mommy milk!). He was dx with autism at 22 mos old though, and I think the prematurity/NICU experience did have some effect on that, especially the sensory issues. He's making great progress now in kindergarten though and we couldn't be happier!

Aidan then Kangaroo care at 3 days old.
Aidan now Kindergarten school picture, 5 yrs old.
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Such a fun thread!
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After reading about and seeing all these tiny preemies, mine seem like giants!

Here are their stories.

Caleb was born at 34w5d, for no known reason, he just decided to make an early arrival. He weighed 5lbs 7oz and was 18 inches. His lungs were healthy and perfect, APGARS of 9 and 10. All was well and we came right home. He was jaundiced and he was a sleepy baby. He wouldn't nurse well at all (I wish I knew then what I know now about bfeeding!).

When he was 10 days old, my stepmom, an OBGYN, noticed that his testicles were very swollen. I thought that was just from birth, but she suggested I call his pediatrician. I did, and took him in that afternoon. the pediatrician immediately called a urologist who came right over, looked, and thought he might have a twisted testicle and said he needed surgery right away. Off we went to the hospital. Once the sugery had started, a nurse came out to tell me that he did not have a twisted testicle, but he had a pocket of puss in his scrotum. It was very strange. they cleaned it out and then left the scrotal sac open to heal (so weird to see that!). He was admitted to the peds unit. No one knew where they pus had come from. They did find that it grew e.coli in the lab, but that wasn't so uncommon.

A few days later, he spiked a fever while on antibiotics. Many different docs were called in, no one knew what to do. We were then trnansferred to the children's hospital a few hours away. Once there, again, no one knew what the problem was. His body seemed fine, nothing structurally wrong with him, no idea where that pus came from or why he had a fever. We were almost sent back home until the infectious disease folks came on board. they immediatley ordered a spinal. Came back positive for meningitis. Bacterial - e.coli. We found that the meningitis/e.coli had spread to his liver and a tiny spot on his brain. We had many many tests: MRIs, EKGs, sleep studies, BAER tests, etc. He was put on some hardcore IV antibiotics and we stayed in the hospital for 5 weeks.

After that, we found he had toritcollis - a shortening of one side of the neck muslces. He started in physical and occupational therapy at 4 months. The OT was discontinued soon after as he showed to be on target developmentally. the PT continued until he was three. he had botox injections in his neck, had to wear a neck brace and a hemet to reshape his head. He then started on speech therapy at age 3.

Now he is a healthy, normal, 7 year old first grader. I don't see any lasting effects from his illness, thank god! So though his hospital stay was not necessarily preemies induced, I am sooo familiar with how that goes.

Pics are as follows: botton to top:
Caleb at birth, Caleb the day he got sick and had sugery and Caleb in the hospital - you can see his central line peeking out!


Caleb now:


Marlee was born a month ago today at 36 weeks. She weighed 5lbs 5oz and was 17.5 inches long. APGARS 8 and 9. She spent about an hour in the NICU for retracting while breathing. She was born after three hours of labor, and 13 minuties from when I walked through the hospital doors. She also had jaundice and some trouble nursing, but we are doing much better. So far, though she is a very sleepy baby, all is well. I am nervous about everything after what I went through with her brother, but I pray everyday that her life is uneventful as far as her health is concerned!

Marlee at birth:


Marlee now:

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Thanks for starting this, Amy!

Samantha was born at 30wk2d. We don't know why. I went in to labor at 27w6d, was found to be 2-3cm and was put on the mag sulfate and in the hospital for three days. A week after I got home, I went in for a regularly scheduled checkup, and had dilated at least one more cm, and was stretchy to 2 more. I was in the hospital one more week on bedrest with bathroom priviledges, and they decided I had to have the glucose test. : About 5 minutes after I drank the solution, I went in to hard, active labor and Samantha was born 33 hours later on April 20, 2006.

She weighed in at 3lb5oz, and was 17". She never needed any oxygen, and was only in the "high risk" portion of the NICU for 8 days. After that, she was moved to the "Satellite Nursery" which was for the babies that just needed to learn to eat and then to grow. She was only in the hospital for a total of 27 days, which I know is NOTHING for a 30wkr.

Now, she's 6 1/2 months, and was 15lb4oz and 26(!)" at her 6 month checkup. She is just now getting over her first cold, and I must say, the 102 temp was terrifying. I could handle it for my first two, but not with Sam, for obvious reasons.

My favorite picture...this was taken about 8 hours after she was born, once I finally made it down to the NICU.

Mother's Day...the first time she nippled an entire feed.

My three beauties, and yes I know I'm biased.

Here she is on Oct. 10, in a VERY good mood.

Here's the photo montage I made in August
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Thank you all for sharing your pictures. Your babies are all beautiful. And all such miracles. My NICU dd wasn't a preemie so I have no preemie pics.
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finn was due may 27th, born feb 18th, due possibly to a placental abruption. weighed 1 lb, 14 oz., was in two hospitals for a total of 86 days. came home completely breastfed and on no meds 12 days before his due date at 5 pounds, 14 ounces (i think). now at 8 1/2 months is still 99.9% bf and has been doing great. weighed in at almost 16 pounds about a month ago.

dressed up as a scarecrow for halloween.

the best thing that's ever happened to me.
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I love all the pics .. my baby was born 3/5/06 ,6 1/2 weeks early , he was 6 lbs 15.8 oz and in the nicu for 2 weeks ,nothing like what some of you endured! He is now 8 months old and over 22 lbs !
Here he is :

these are the most recent pics!
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What a wonderful post! I haven't had a chance to look at all the photos, but I will.

I went into PTL at 27 weeks, pregnant with twins. Made it on bedrest in the high-risk unit for 2 weeks. Eventually everything failed and I went into active labor at 29 weeks. Lillian came out vaginally with no problem. Kate kind of jacknifed in there - head and feet were all together, and there was no safe way to get her out and no time to wait, so off we went for a c-section. I got the full L&D tour!

Lilly was 3 pounds - pic

Kate was 2 pounds 13 - pic

Both of them had RDS and a PDA, which resolved with the 2nd dose of indomethecin. Other than that, just general preemie issues - mostly desats, not so much As and Bs. After about 3 weeks they got the honor of being the first babies at North Shore University Hospital to be co-bedded! They became quite the spectacle, with all the nurses coming over to see them.

First they snuggled up together
And then they started plotting their escape!

Lilly came home on March 13 after 63 days. Kate came home on March 15 with a nasal cannula and pulse-ox, which she stubbornly hung onto until almost June. Today they are pushing 18 pounds and none the worse for wear, it seems.

Hanging out in the livingroom
Pretending to be chickens on Halloween

I am in awe of their strength every day. No one should go through what all these babies went through at such a tiny, tender age. But I am so grateful to have them to hold now - I know very well how sad this story could have been.
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Originally Posted by srmina View Post
Thank you all for sharing your pictures. Your babies are all beautiful. And all such miracles. My NICU dd wasn't a preemie so I have no preemie pics.

But spent time in the nicu so you're very welcome to share!
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Its a good thing this isnt a contest! I dont know how to be fair because all of these kids are sooooooo cute!!! The oldest at ten will break many hearts!
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I'm new here, but just thought I would jump in and share my story. I gave birth to Brooke Elizabeth on June 25, 2006 at 31w5d, due to severe pre-e. She only weighed 2 lbs 12 oz, due to IUGR. She spent 6.5 weeks in the NICU. She is now almost 11 pounds and absolutely the love of my life.

Brooke and I when she was about 2 days old

Coming home from the hospital at 4 lbs 4 oz

Brooke now at about 11 pounds and 4.5 months old
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Okay, then. I'll never turn down a chance to share pics.

Here's my post-dates NICU baby:

First day of life: http://www.photos.agrawalkids.com/ka...1/IMG_0146.jpg

About 2 weeks old: http://www.photos.agrawalkids.com/ka...1/IMG_0167.jpg
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My water broke at 32wks and Jonas was born at 33wks 1 day after a week of hospital bedrest. He weighed 5lbs .6ozs and was 19" long. I'd had a subchorionic hemorrhage from 11wks that had grown repeatedly. It finally started shrinking around 22wks and had cleared up by 26wks. My placenta was in really awful shape at delivery and had likely started to abrupt from the amount of blood there was. One of the neonatologists said that the stress from the bleeding during the pregnancy might've made him mature faster...

He cried on my tummy at birth, but ended up being intubated immediately after. He was extubated to room air 7 hrs later though without problems. He had no breathing issues and for us it was a matter of getting the feeding down pat. We refused the human milk fortifier and upped his feed volumes instead and that got him on the weight gaining track. He came home Oct 28 weighing 5lbs 4ozs after 15 days in the NICU. He weighed 6lbs 6ozs at his check up yesterday. He's ebf and doing wonderfully and we're so grateful to have him with us.

Right at birth: http://i5.photobucket.com/albums/y19...asOct06080.jpg

Less than an hour old : http://i5.photobucket.com/albums/y19...asOct06014.jpg

4 days old: http://i5.photobucket.com/albums/y19...asOct06042.jpg

Coming home from the hospital: http://i5.photobucket.com/albums/y19...asOct06062.jpg

Yesterday evening: http://i5.photobucket.com/albums/y19...nouncement.jpg
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I was 31 weeks along, and was visiting family for New Years' weekend. I had just found out I was having twins, and recovering from the shock . Out of nowhere, and shortly after midnight, my water started leaking. Furie Sioux was born 13 hours later, and her sister Fenix Eden joined us 6 hours after that. Furie weighed 4 lbs., 2.5 oz., Fenix weighed 4 lbs. 5 oz. , so they were big for their gestational age. But their lungs were immature. Fenix spent four days on a ventilator, and one day on cpap; Furie was on the ventilator for 12 days, and cpap for two. They had oxygen for pretty much the rest of their NICU stay, which ended up being 39 days. They both were treated for jaundice and pdas, and Fenix had to have a blood transfusion. Mostly they had issues with de-sats. When they were able to, they were co-bedded, and no matter how far apart the nurses put them, they ALWAYS ended up cuddling, facing each other (which is how they were in the ultrasound where we discovered twins).

Later, we roomed in with Fenix for 2 days, and then another two days with her and Furie (I was really trying to get them home at the same time, so I wouldn't have to leave one). Furie was scheduled to come home on oxygen, but on the last day of rooming in, they turned her oxygen off and she did fine. They left the NICU weighing over five lbs. each, with no medications, monitors, etc.

Now, they are 10 months old, active, chubby, and opinionated! So far they don't seem to have any complications from being born premature, although they are small for their ages. They are VERY healthy, and have only had two colds since we got them home. We have been incredible lucky.

Here's a link to my Yahoo photos album of the girls:


We have many more pics of them, but these are the only ones I've managed to get uploaded.
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Here's mine!

I have my birth story, and lots of pictures on there from my DD Cynthia's birth to now


Thanks for viewing...

This thread rocks!!!!
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My twins were born at 32w3d because of cervical shortening and funneling. I'd been on strict bedrest for over a month before they were born. I went into labor at 31 weeks but mag sulfate was able to stop it and I was sent home 3 cm dialated. I could only get out of bed to go to the bathroom. I only stayed pregnant another 5 days after I went home. We went back to the hospital because I was bleeding and they discovered I was almost completely dialated. I wound up with an emergency c-section when they discovered that baby B was breech.

They were both breathing on their own from birth. My dd had a small amount of oxygen in a nasel canula for a couple weeks. They both spent 36 days in NICU mainly because of apnea issues.

Here they are just a few weeks after coming home

My youngest girl was born at 29w3d due to a partial placental abruption and cervical funneling. I had a subchorionic hemorrhage when I was 15 weeks pregnant and almost lost the pregnancy. The bleeding lasted for 14 weeks straight after the hemorrhage. It was really heavy at 28 weeks and after 3 days of it I had a few contractions so I went in to the doctor to get checked and was 2 cm dialated and the bag of waters was bulging out. I was taken to the hospital at that point by ambulance and was put on mag sulfate and steroids when I got there. I stayed pregnant 4 more days but the bleeding from the partial abruption got worse and worse. The night before she was born it was an almost steady stream coming out. The nurse was weighing the blood I lost each hour to make sure I didn't lose too much blood. I was able to deliver her vaginally but that was mainly because the doctor didn't realize how far along I was. I got moved to delivery when the nurse discovered I was pushing.

My dd spent 6 hours on c-pap and was then moved to a nasel canula. That was removed at 5 days of age and she's been doing well without it since. She is 12 days old today. She's up to full gavage feeds (her TPN was turned off 2 days ago). I'm sure she's still got a long NICU stay ahead of her.

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My twin boys were born at 34w2d:

My twin boys, Ronin and Ryker
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These multiples are too cute- its not fair for us singleton baby mamas! The multiples have TWICE as much cuteness to go around!
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I just finished this video for my daughters 1st birthday coming up in three weeks. This website is pretty cool. There is music, so turn up your speakers..

Our dd was born at 31 weeks on the nose. I was in the hospital for 7 days. Three days before she was born then the day she was born and two days after she was born. I was lucky to get to 31 weeks, I had a great team of doctors.
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Campbell Avery was born June 25, 2006 at 11:56pm, I was 32wks. She weighed 3lbs 13.5oz and was 17in. She was delivered by emergency c-section.
I was in the hospital early that week with some pains. Saw my perinatal doc on Thursday. She said she would like to do steroid injections because she had a bad feeling. Friday I felt awful and they admitted me in to L&D after giving me my second steroid injection. I went home Saturday.
We went back Sunday for fetal monitoring, 20-30minutes tops.
At 9pm they wanted to do a amniocentisis(sp?) because I was in pain, contracting a little, 60% effaced, 2cm dilated. They thought there might be a infection.
While doing the u/s for the amnio, they discovered that there was less than 1.4 cm of amniotic fluid around Campbell. They prepared me for a c-section and delivered her.
She spent three weeks in the NICU.

one day old:


She is 9lbs 13oz as of today.
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