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[QUOTE=jess12808;6514945]I just finished this video for my daughters 1st birthday coming up in three weeks. This website is pretty cool. There is music, so turn up your speakers..

Oh it was so wonderful I cried! BTw- what is the name of the song about the daughter? Who sings etc? I need that song with two daughters here!
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Originally Posted by Amys1st View Post
Oh it was so wonderful I cried! BTw- what is the name of the song about the daughter? Who sings etc? I need that song with two daughters here!

I think it is In My Daughter's Eyes by Martina McBride
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Skylar was born 9 weeks premature during Hurricane Katrina. yet weighed in at a huge 4 lbs 11.5 ozs. they said had i gone full term he would have been 12 lbs. now at 14 months he is just ozs under 30 lbs. and a monster.

this is him then
This is the last pic of him with his dad before we lost him to liver cancer. he was 11 days old

This is his hospital pic

This was his first try at thumb sucking at a week old. he never did figure it out

And this is the monster now
This was take last month before his first hair cut

Halloween As Squirt from Little Nemo

I wish I was half that flexable
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I also had made a video montage for Lilly's birthday next week. It is amazing how the time just flew by. I can't believe it's been a year. Here is the link to the video.
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Sarah, that is a very neat picture at 8 hours old! My 9-year-old has a furry back like that- STILL! I asked his pediatrician if he'd always have it and she said once he hits puberty not. His ears were furry as a newborn, too, but that went away. He was a 39-weeker, so not a preemie. I just think its odd that he still has all that back furr!
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This is a great thread! Thanks for sharing everyone.

Joaquin was born quickly at home at 35 1/2 weeks on June 15th 2005. He weighed 5lbs 10oz and was 19 1/2 inches long. We could see he wasn't breating right so the midwife and my husband took him to the hospital where he was intubated and then three days later was found to be in renal failure. I guess the reason he wasn't breathing right was because one of his lungs were collapsed - it wasn't ready to work just yet. There is no known reason for why he was born early, but we feel like it was his way of letting us know that something was going on and that he needed help. If he had been born on his due date things could have been very different for him. We are currently living near Lucille Packard Children's Hospital at Stanford because Joaquin had a kidney transplant (my kidney) on August 28th.

About 24 hours old


In the purple sling
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After a week and a half of PTL in the hospital on mag. Quentin made his entrance at 34 weeks at 5lb, 12 oz and 19". He spent a week in NICU for low blood sugar initially and then on antibiotics. We haven't had any other issues since. Like a PP said I feel a bit of a fraud - most of you have had such long and difficult experiences!!

Quentin shortly after birth:

At 11 weeks Quentin now weighs about 13 lb and is about 23"!!
Here are my boys now (taken this morning):
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Yep i havent been around for awhile, its martina mcbride in my daughters eyes.....
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According to the definition of premature my son is a preemie. He was born at exactly 36 weeks. He didn't spend any time in the nicu and he didn't really have any problems. He just had a low temperature. He was also only 5lbs 8oz at birth. Here is his picture.

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Aww he is too cute I love that picture!!:
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He is not my child, but a dear friend of mine. He has already had open heart surgery and will be the NICU for quite some time. They would appreciate if you kept the little guy in your thoughts and prayers. thanks.
Little Seamus
He was born on Nov 7.
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What a lil cutie, I will definetly keep that family in my prayers.
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Daegan was born at 30w5d (8-22-06)...I developed rapid severe pre-e/HELLP. He was ventilated for a few days. Just as he was learning to nipple feeds at 34ish wks, he developed a small upper resp infection (snotty nose)...and after multiple "septic workups" he developed a bacteremia/sepsis. A couple of days later his leg was swollen...he had developed osteomyelitis (bone infection)...we got to take him home (10-18-06) to finish his IV antibiotics after MUCH pleading with the docs and he is now IV free! In the last week he learned to breastfeed enough milk so he's not getting bottles anymore (except for with the polyvisol)! He has some reflux and gas issues, but nothing major....so far it looks like the infection didn't affect the growth plates in that leg.

2 days old 3#7oz, 16.5in at birth

Gotcha Day 7#5oz, 20.5in

almost 3 months old ~10#, ~23in
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Originally Posted by jess12808 View Post
Aww he is too cute I love that picture!!:
Thank you.
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I just wanted to say, my DS was 2 weeks late, but was in the NICU, but the pics we took with the disposable camera (it was so hectic we forgot the digital ) did not turn out not even 1 of the , but your babies are so sweet and beautiful, I have a hard time looking at the cause I start bawling.
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I can't figure out how to post a picture, but your babies are beautiful!
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Hello, my name is Kim and I'm a mother of 2. I went full term w/ my first son, Aidan. The labor was horrible yet he came out a healthy 7 lb 6 oz, 20 inch boy. 2 years later I found out I was pregnant w/ my second son. The pregnancy was okay, had bad morning sickness, failed my first glucose test yet passed the second 3 hour one.
At 32 weeks, I began having contraction. They were mild. So I just dismissed it as Braxton Hicks. Later that day, I found that I had lost my mucus plug. It was on my underwear how could I miss it. LOL. Anywho, I called my doc who told me to go the birthing center to have it checked it. I was at the hospital for about 3 hours. They gave me 2 shots of terbutaline and then gave me a script for oral doses. A week went by w/o any problems. Went to my ob the following Tuesday and he said that everything was okay, I was not dilated. Told me to take it easy and rest. On Nov. 1st, I started having horrible contractions. I was cooking dinner at 6 pm and started having contractions that were like 3 minutes apart. I called my husband and he came and got me. We dropped our eldest at a friends and went to the hospital. At the hospital they discovered that my water membrane thing was outside of my cervix! He was breeched. So they wheeled me in for a c-section. 2 hours later, Logan Patrick was born on Nov 1st, 2006 at 4 lbs 13 oz and 18 1/2 inches. They showed him to me for like 1 minute and took him to the NICU for oxygen. I was throwing up b/c I had eaten dinner. Apparently you're not suppose to eat for at least 8 hours before surgery. Oh well. Logan stayed at the hospital for 2 weeks and one day. NICU was exhausting but I made it everyday to come nurse him and see him. I was kicked out of my room on the 7 day but hung out in the lobby just to see him. I hated waiting in the lobby. And in the NICU became jealous of all the full term babies and their mommies. I felt so sad when I saw how tiny he was compared to them. I hoped and prayed everyday for him to come home.
The day , Nov 16th,finally came when the doc okayed his discharge. He got to come home at 4 lbs 15 oz!

Logan minutes after being born. http://i40.photobucket.com/albums/e2...w/100_3223.jpg

Meeting mommy in NICU http://i40.photobucket.com/albums/e2...w/100_3267.jpg

At 3 weeks
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Meagan & Morgan's Story:

It was far different from what I'd imagined our 2nd pregnancy would be and not as bad as I thought it would turn out.

We planned a hospital (vbac) birth with a very natural-friendly OB - he was okay with mostly unassisted water labor, pushing however I wanted, etc and then we found out we were having twins at 10W. He was still very happy with a natural birth, but added that we'd have to deliver in the OR. I think I posted around that time asking how to avoid that and looking back that was such an insignificant detail to think about now!

Around 3 months, we got the final declaration of monoamniotic twins and our care was transfered to the head of MFM at our University hospital. I felt fortunate that he was a pretty "crunchy" guy, his wife delivered at our birthing center and he even encouraged triplet moms to delivery vaginally. That said, he told me there was no way around a c-section again and that the twins would be delivered sometime between 32-34 weeks. He told us at that first appointment that if we made it to viability, he would see us again. I thought at the time it was terribly rude and insensitive, but then we started reading all the studies and literature about Monoamniotic twins.

We made it to 26W, our choice of viability, and from there out started monitoring the girls at home for two sessions per day, each lasting from 1-3 hours. We chose not to do in-patient, like most mono pregnancies, because we are so close to the hospital and I felt like I needed to be at home for my sanity and for my toddler.

At 29W, I had contractions every 4-6 minutes apart and was admitted to the hospital for a week. I was dilating and had severe cervical funneling, so we chose mag sulfate and steroids. The funneling actually improved which is supposedly quite rare, and I went home on light bedrest, natural progesterone injections, and ibuprofen as a muscle relaxant.

We chose a 32W delivery because we saw what an emergency situation would be like during the PTL scare. I didn't want to deliver under general, and we hadn't experienced any heartrate decels the entire time we'd monitored the girls. The whole pregnancy was somewhat of a game of playing the odds, so we decided to play them again.

Meagan needed surfactant and was on CPAP for 3 days then a cannula for a week and Morgan was on a cannula for a week. We were out of the NICU within two weeks and home after three long weeks in the IMCN. They took awhile to discharge because of A&Bs. Both girls were a smidge under 6 pounds at discharge. Meagan had a Grade I IVH that required several follow up ultrasounds.

Morgan Raleigh
4 pounds 7 ounces

Meagan Reese
4 pounds 3 ounces

First Time Together Since Birth
Five Days Old

Ten Days Old

Ten Days Old

First Time Holding Both
Ten Days Old

Fourteen Days Old

Morgan Now
14.5ish pounds

Meagan Now
14ish pounds

Today they are sitting up alone, starting to babble, giggle like crazy when they are tickled or see their big sister, and are the light of our lives!
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Originally Posted by treasures4urbaby View Post
Skylar was born 9 weeks premature during Hurricane Katrina. yet weighed in at a huge 4 lbs 11.5 ozs. they said had i gone full term he would have been 12 lbs. now at 14 months he is just ozs under 30 lbs. and a monster.
that is about what Maggie weighed when she went home! I am glad everything went ok esp in that area during Katrina. DH and I have often said, what happened to people in the nicu during this is NO??
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