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sarah- feet up!!
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holy crap. my dh just called me. he found $540 cash in the P.O parking lot!
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Wowzers, Lisa! If no one claims it, that's a nice little stockpile for y'all!
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Somehow i never got around to getting a mini shower. i will check out the tp and if that doesn't work i willbuy one from the link you posted stacy. thanks for the help ladies.

I graduated from cocalico high school in 98, group 2.

sarah keep resting!!! do you have help?

my fave show is greys anatomy, but i like antm and the amazing race, scrubs, w/o a trace, and all things baseball.

wow lisa 540 bucks thats awesome!!!

the who is coming to the wachovia center soon i want to go so bad, oh well. hardly any money for food let alone the who.

i got the insurance statement for my biopsy. the hospital billed the insurance 760 dollars for the "operating room" an US room i was in for 45 minutes. unreal!!! And 1800 total!!! Insane!!

ANyway nothing new here. Dh and I took the girls to the park. It was great. Now I have to go make dinner. Taco night, yum!!!
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ha! my surgery was 7k. 1 hour.
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Originally Posted by chiromama View Post
ha! my surgery was 7k. 1 hour.
um, i'm sure it was completed justified. and they must have had like, um, 140 ppl making, um, $50 an hour that they needed to pay... :

why is everything so over the top???? :
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i actually thought it would be more..... there were like 6 people in there.
what pissed me off was the $1400 "nursery" charge. Ruby was never IN the nursery!!!
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You wanna talk hospital bills? Ask Amy, Lindsey and I what kind of money the NICU billed our insurance companies. Or the $11,000 something my insurance company did NOT cover for my helicopter transport from our local hospital to the one with the better NICU. :

Mearaina, we always that Cocalico was the coolest name for a school! I went to Carlisle, graduated in '02. Group 4. We're number 2 going in to ACCs this year.

I don't have any help during the day, as DH works but he's here in the evenings. I just feel so incredibly guilty that I'm unable to help more, but I know that DH in no way resents me, or the fact that we're pregnant again. It's just hard to feel useless.
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Ugh. We got creamed on medical bills from the c-section/fictitious nursery stay. I don't think the midwives have charged me since I never got a statement from ins either approving or (as we expect) rejecting their charges. I think they feel pretty bad about what happened. But none of it was as bad as the helicopter transport! I hope that bill just went away...

Sarah - I want to see lots of posting from you, cuz that'll mean you're sitting on your heinie, right?

BSD - hope she feels better!

Lisa - wow!

Mini-showers: am I missing something? I just throw everything in for a soak/rinse first. I thought the mini-shower isn't needed until solids, right?
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Originally Posted by EcoMama7 View Post
holy crap. my dh just called me. he found $540 cash in the P.O parking lot!
Oh, that's mine. Can you mail it to me please? Thanks for finding it. You're too kind.
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Oh don't worry, I'm solidly planted on my butt for the remainder of the evening.

Unfortunately I have orientation at Target tomorrow night to start working (UGH!) but hopefully things will remain uneventful.

And no, the heli transport bill has not gone away. They send us reminders fairly frequently telling us how much we owe. When I called to contest the bill, (our insurance only covered about $2000 of the originally $13000 bill) I was told by the heli company that it was an "unnecessary" transport and was not life threatening. Uh huh. Membranes ballooning, contractions every 4 minutes, only 29 weeks pregnant..nah, no biggie. : Eh, whatever, it'll be gone when we file bankruptcy after jackson's birth.
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Sometimes I love living in Canada. Our hospital stay didn't cost us anything, besides the standard quarterly payment.
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Wow. Insurance. I forgot about that stuff. That's one of the things I'm not looking forward to about returning to total civilian life. Nevie was born at the US Naval Hospital here on Okinawa, so she was... free. If it were all about the Benjamins, we'd never leave the military! But... obviously it's not.

SARAH. Peace & quiet be with you, mama. I cannot comprehend how you must feel right now (except the uselessness part -- we've all been there a bit). Got nothing more profound to say; just know my thoughts are with you. I'll try and get some good vibes going on your behalf.

Jes, I think I'd be Canadian in a heartbeat, taxes and all.

So, I'm flying back to the states by myself w/ Nevie again. And here's the kicker -- I get to be on Dog Duty, too!! Wheeeee. Our dog is too big for us to take a commercial flight from Okinawa to the States, so we have to fly on a military rotator. The only pet spot left in December is on the 2nd, but my husband can't leave until the 8th. This is criz-azy. But I'll get it worked out.
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OY. Megs, I can't imagine! Yick.

On the plus side of sitting on my tush, Jackson is much more active when I'm stationary. He uses it as a time to show off. Brad just got to feel him kick for the first time. I'll be 25 weeks on Thursday. B didn't get to feel Samantha this early in the pregnancy. She hid. Jackson likes to be front and center, apparently. I love this part of the pregnancy.
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All these bills are just insane. : I have no idea what costs so much about any of this. And hats off to the NICU mamas .

Mini showers - I am planning ahead. I didn't have one with my first 2 dds and it drove me batty (dd1 had loose stols 4 X a day - ugh) and I just really want one for Lyni. and for Raina since she is doing well during awake time on the potty but wears dipes for naps and overnights

Sarah - I always thought Group 4 was the coolest. All those props!!! Our band program went to when our directer got another job at the start of my senior year. Our year wasn't too bad because he had been in on all the planning but then it fell too pieces. I wonder where he is now, does your web site list the band directors? I would love to tell him that I have another sweet baby. Does Governor Livingston still have to wear the kilts and do the same show all over again because of how much they spent to win that one year (or maybe they had moved on by the time you got there...)
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Originally Posted by papayapetunia View Post
Oh, that's mine. Can you mail it to me please? Thanks for finding it. You're too kind.
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Holy guacamole ladies...a girl goes away for a weekend.....

Choir geek here...SHOW choir, even.....regional and all state choir, and a couple musicals. :

Sarah, I hope you feel much better very soon and that things go OK tomorrow at Target.

We are definitely a TV household, but "House" is really the only network show I watch regularly. We watch a lot of FoodTV, HGTV, History Channel, Discovery, and Cartoon Network for "Adult Swim". Oh, and DH and I are both secretly and embarrassingly addicted to the Disney channel lineup for tweens (we both *reeeally* enjoy "Phil of the Future" ).

We had a wonderful weekend with my friend and her twins, and then another friend came to visit this morning with her 2 boys before I left my parents' house to come back here. So much cuteness with all these kids under 3 yrs olds, it was almost unbearable. DD is becoming quite the charmer; even my friend's dad was loving on her, and he's not a lovey type.

I got a new job! More money, better benefits, same hours. Thank God. I start the 13th.

I finally printed off a chore list for DH and I to work on because I think I may have FINALLY had it with how awful the house looks. I mean, I know we're both working and have 2 young kids, but it's bad. We'll see if it comes to fruition or if I need to get more disgusted with myself. I think I feel like I'm still in college because the house is always trashed, feel like I should get off my butt at night when the kids are asleep and spend even just 30 minutes cleaning (instead of 2 hours on MDC : ) and I'd feel a lot better about the house, and myself. I'm just looking for there to not be a pile of dirty dishes in the sink (and spilling over onto the counter) every night and toys picked up - I'm not looking for pristine, hell, I'm not even necessarily looking for "clean" - I'm just looking for post disaster area. The constant state of chaos is really starting to get to me. Maybe I'm finally grossed out enough to at least have the kitchen, dining room and attic (where I work and he plays all day) tidied up every day. I DO have a gigantic slob gene though, and it may be too overpowering for the teeny tiny clean gene that is rearing its head. DH is NOT gonna be a happy camper when he gets home from his parents' house tonight when he sees what I've printed out. Poor guy isn't gonna know what hit him.

Re: Insurance - DS' prenatal and birth cost a grand total of, I think about $400 for everything in 2004. DD is going to come in around $2500. Barf. The worst part about it is that the calendar year reset in January midway into the pregnancy, as it did for all of us, so we had to start clean on the deductible (which incidentally just went up from 500 to 1000 in July. Nice.). Hopefully my new job insurance will be better and we can switch over and get off DH's policy. I just keep paying about $200 a month to divided up amongst about 10 different bills until one by one they're getting paid off. Sigh.

Oh, and DD licked a banana I was eating the other day : she had a really good grip on it and got a lick in before I could get it away from her (she *just* turned 4 months last week, and I"m in no rush this time to start her on solids).

Soooo...uh....speakign of cleaning. I'm going to go unload the dishwasher and start a second load for the day......hope everyone is doing well and all our babies are feeling better - and Sarah, take care!!!!!
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Originally Posted by Megs_BK View Post
No band geek here... I was a Miss Priss Choir Girl / Musical Theater type. No state champs, but I got to go to All Northwest and All State choirs. Kinda like Band Camp :-) Oh, and I studied piano all through school and still play...
Parallel lives, Megs...I did all that, but danced instead of piano. 13+ years of ballet and jazz.
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Originally Posted by papayapetunia View Post
Oh, that's mine. Can you mail it to me please? Thanks for finding it. You're too kind.

: i was gonna say that but i couldn't justify it as ecomama doesn't even live in the same state as me...
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congrats on the job the4ofus....

insurance..i actually have really good insurance... but b/c i did the birthing center, we had to pay out of pocket for ds2... so ds1 cost $250 (well, actually i wanted to pay while we were there as i had saved the money just for that reason and they insisted on billing me and then charged me an additional $5 : i was not pleased) and ds2 cost me $4450. the good thing was dh works at a processing lab so all of our lab work was free .
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