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squeky clean after a shower

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ive been easing into natrul body care items when i can afford them but ive yet to find something that doesnt make me feel squeky clean. i have VERY dry skin and my kids are mixed so they get really dry in the winter as well, and nothing natrual seams to help in terms of body wash. i despise using lotion and have always used softsoaps milk and honey body wash. makes me feel clean without being dry. Is their anything natural that you know of that doesnt dry out your skin? please help!
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Its a little more work, but I love it and my kids love it. I also don't like lotions because, while my skin is dry, the greasy feeling is too much for me. BUT, I usually use a salt scrub. I had one that I liked, but now I just make my own. Its just salt and almond oil, sometimes some lavander or something that smells nice also. But I usually scrub down in the shower, and then turn on the water. That way I don't feel like I am wasting water. But after you are rinsed, yes you are a little oily, but your skin actually absorbs most of the oil afterwards and I can get dress right away without being oily. I don't do this everytime I take a shower, its about weekly/every 5 days. But if I touch soap to my skin I break out in a kinda rash. I hope that helps. It has been a lifesaver after moving somewhere where it is much colder and drier than I am used to.
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Most of the time, I just use a washcloth with water.
When I want something different, I can exfoliate with baking soda or a sugar scrub or any number of things I have in my kitchen.
"Natural" doesn't have to be expensive. You could also try your hand at making your own soap.. that way you can really customize what you need.
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Yeah- I only "soap" up about once a week b/c my skin gets too dry.

I think were all lead to believe we need to suds up at every shower/bath or were not clean. I know I used to think that!
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Originally Posted by bburnie2 View Post
Yeah- I only "soap" up about once a week b/c my skin gets too dry.

I think were all lead to believe we need to suds up at every shower/bath or were not clean. I know I used to think that!

ITA! I have a friend that is very curious about why I don't "stink like a dirty hippie" as she so delicately says! :
I mentioned that I shower with water and that my skin isn't that "dirty" if I have been wearing clothes and not doing anything unusual.
She then decided that maybe you just "get used to the smell" after a while. :

Oh well.
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Dry skin usually doesn't absorb moisture or moisturizing ingredients (lotions, oils, butters) because there is a layer of old dry flaked skin. Try exfoliating with a mesh pouf for convenience.

Lotions and oils act to protect skin and I highly recommend it to keep some sort of protection from cold, wind, and sunlight.

Try apricot seed oil, which is light. Also, purchase a humidifier to counteract the indoor heat in your home. Your skin will not be so dry. I have been doing this and the static and dry skin are almost non-existent with the humidifier doing it's job.

I also adore cocoa butter for cracked heels, elbows, and overall body application to block the wind a little (you'd think it wouldn't work, but it actually does -- in fact Native Indians used to use bear fat oil to keep themselves warm )

Also vegetarians tend to have dry skin because they usually do not get enough fatty omega acids or beneficial oils in their diet. Try more nuts, and fish if you're not vegetarian. B-complex is always great.

Definitely takes the chill off.

Anyway, that's my two cents worth.
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I've been using olive oil and sea salt for my last few showers, and my skin has never looked or felt better. It's like it finally just calmed down. I just put a little bit of olive oil on a washcloth, and then poured sea salt on the same washcloth. I scrub myself until I can't feel the grit from the sea salt, then I add more to the cloth at that point.

I also have used just sea salt on my hair the last couple of showers. It didn't make it fall flat like the baking soda, but it isn't getting rid of the oil near my scalp, so I think I'm going to have to come up with some sort of baking soda/sea salt combo or alternate or something. Still working that part out...
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Flat hair from baking soda is from lack of acids to restore it and lack of humidity. Try blow drying your hair with low heat, full blast and keeping a humidifier on during fall and winter months.

You can also try mixing cheap lightweight silicone free conditioner with the baking soda and seeing if that helps with the cleaning and flatness problem. I had totally flat hair when I was just using plain baking soda with no conditioner in it.
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Salt is sometimes harsh on dry skin, so you can also do any lovely oil blend you can think of, add some fave eo, and throw some brown sugar in the mix. I only usually soap the pits and privates, and saucy up the rest, because I get ashy for a light skinned girl! I know some of my dry comes from tanning, but I only tan at most 30 minutes a week to prevent burning.
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Thanks again everyone! its so true about the soap i swear im programmed to use it even when i tell myself i wont lol
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