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United HealthCare & Michigan

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Has anyone had any luck getting United HealthCare to cover your midwife fees? I'm not pg yet, but we're planning to ttc this winter/spring and I am really hoping for a homebirth. We are pretty much broke, so we would have to be at least fairly certain that our insurance covers at least some of the midwife's fees.

I'm not really considering UP/UC because I had pre-e with Anneke and I feel like I really need someone to advice me and keep track of my bp, etc. DH is also uncomfortable with the idea of a homebirth at all, so I wouldn't be able to count on him, really, for support in an UC.
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We have United HealthCare (in TX) and while I have not yet had a birth with them I know they do cover homebirth and midwives. Just call the 800 number on your card and ask. I've asked several times when I've called about other questions and they always say that yes, they cover CPMs and homebirths.
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Oh my gosh, I am so happy to hear that! My DH's work just switched to United HealthCare from Aetna (which I have heard bad things about). I will definately give them a call
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We have United Healthcare and our plan specifically says they cover CNM's for birth, including homebirth. I know there are two CNM's, maybe three in that area that do homebirth.
Check www.michiganmidwives.org for a pdf of the directory or call Linda at the 888 number. She does the directory and should have the information. It also lists the CPM, so you should be able to find one in your area.
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Clients in my practice have received reimbursement from United several times, usually without any hassle. The primary midwife at the time was a CPM.
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I've rec'd reimbursement from United Healthcare a few times - I'm a licensed midwife and a CPM.
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We are going to be covered by United Healthcare Dec 1 because DH got a new job and my MW said she has gotten payment from them before.
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We've got united health care and it will pay for our midwives (cpms) as an out of network provider once we meet the deductable. So it'll cover 60%. Unfortunately our deductable is $2550 and our midwives' fee is $2800.

I hope you have a lower deductable.
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