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When does milk come in? Question from new mom

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Hi all!

My hubby and I are having our first child in February. I am almost 7 months now and was wondering- when does breast milk start coming in? For the most part my breasts are the same except for darker aeroles and nipples. Does milk form after the baby is born? Was just wondering what everyone's experience was... a little part of me is worried I might not make milk at all because I just dont see any changes.

Thanks everyone!
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You are probably making colostrum now. That's the first thing your baby will eat. You're baby will only get a little bit of that. Then a few days(give or take) after birth your breasts will start making milk. Your baby only needs colostrum until your milk comes in.
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I didnt make the white milk untill a week after birth, I think. give or take a few days maybe. The colostrum is yellow and from what I can remember thicker than the milk. oh, and the colostrum leaked out a very lil bit 2 weeks before my due date.
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first of all...don't worry!! mamas & babies have been bfing for a loooong time. your body knows what it's doing.
my milk came in my dd's 3rd day. congrats & good for you for learning ahead of time. stick around for some good info!!
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First baby for me, colostrum showed up in small amounts in the 7th month sometime, milk came in 2-3 days post-partum.
(edit: i'm going on when I felt engorged for the first time - I wasn't pumping, just nursing, and it's kind of hard to tell what is coming out when it is all immediately swallowed.)
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this is one of the areas i see new moms getting crappy advice from nurses and drs. all the time.

i cant remember when i started leaking during preg. but my milk came in on day 3. i just watched a horrible show today that had parents giving the baby formula b/c the mothers milk hadnt come in. : moms milk wont come in for anywhere from 2 to 6 or even 7 days (i have heard of it taking that long). in the meantime, what you are producing will be exactly what baby needs, exactly. there wont be a reason to supplement so please dont let them convince you otherwise.

i dont know if you have any books, but i highly recommend reading a few breastfeeding books..and keeping some on hand for problems you may encounter.

we are on our 11th month and still about 95% breastfed...but it wasnt always easy. try to prepare yourself by reading about potential problems before the baby is born..that will make it much easier to deal with when handling a newborn.

good luck!
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I just wanted to add that I never had any milk or colostrum leak before either of my kids was born, but had no problems with the milk coming in after.

I've heard, anecdotally, that being induced early will often lead to a time-lag for the milk coming in, which sort of makes sense--your body wasn't quite ready to go into labor, so it has to hurry to catch up to start making milk. But even the one person I know who was probably induced 3 weeks before when the baby would have come on its own (long pregnancies run in her family, and her doc was worried about her blood pressure), her milk came in, it just took a while (I think about a week, like a previous poster said).

And as aisraeltax said, finding some good information sources, whether books, websites or really knowledgeable people, is a great comfort when you're not sure if things are "normal" or not.
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And the more you nurse the faster your milk will come in, so nurse as much as your baby wants.
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It took two days for my milk to come in both times. I tried to nurse as often as I could so they could get lots of colostrum. It does a baby body good.
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Don't worry--you'll be able to make milk just fine. I also had no breast changes during pregnancy (other than darker nipples/areolas)--it has no bearing on your ability to make milk! My milk came in on day 3; plan on spending the day your milk comes in nursing all day with no visitors/distractions. Those early days of nursing are so important for establishing a good supply.
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Nothing came out of my boobs during pregnancy at all, even doing nipple stim at the end. My milk came in just fine about 2 days pp.
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My milk came in day 5. Clear fluid came out a little while preg.

I just want to say that make sure you have good support from your ped and are very knowledgeable about bfing before your baby is born. I thought I knew enough and thought everything would be fine. We had some latching problems for the first week or so, and our lactation consultant told us to supplement with formula because I had low-supply and she was too weak to suck....but my milk hadn't even come in yet, and she could suck our fingers HARD like it was nobody's business! She also lost 12% body weight and both my ped and my mw never suggested formula. She's doing great now and has never had formula. Be very careful who you listen to. Even lactation consultants can give very bad advice! Trust your instincts.
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I have a 4 month old and never felt any change in my breasts before the baby was born. I never felt any engorgement or anything, I was worried same as you and despite having ended up csection (a failed vbac)... I made sure to go to the nursery every 2 hrs to latch the baby (no rooming in in that hospital... crazy). The nurses and pediatricians insisted on giving my baby formula or glucose water but I refused and was confident that the milk would come in eventually. After 2 1/2 days of latching her on every 2 hrs (colustrum) there was one night that I tried to relax after arguing with the pediatrician about my wanting to exclusively breastfeed (she was pushing the formula and had given my baby 2oz of sugar water without my permission)... and after meditating and visualizing my baby... I felt the milk come in and that engorgement I felt was so sweet...

The doctors were so paranoid about my baby ending up in NICU because she was on the low end of the scale and hadn't urinated for some long hrs. She was born 5 lbs 11oz, went down to 5 lbs 1 oz the first days in the hospital, went home at 5 lbs 7 oz and one week later, after being home EBF she weighed 7 lbs.

I guess the point of all this is to let you know that you WILL be able to breastfeed and to warn you of doctors and nurses who don't trust nature enough to let things happen naturally. My advice: whether you have a natural childbirth or not... make sure you latch your baby on every 2 hrs as soon as you are able to... trust your body, yourself and visualize that you will have plenty of milk for your baby. Try not to be tempted into the formula thing... you'll see... after a few weeks of breastfeeding it will become second nature and you will be very proud.
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I had no colostrum before my first was born, and my milk came in about 3-4 days later (I had what seemed like a small amount of colostrum after the birth.) I'm glad the LC explained (in a BFing class I took prenatally) that babies come with a "sack lunch" - they don't need us to provide them with "food" (ie breastmilk or formula) right away. They just need that precious colostrum at the beginning. I tried pumping after my first was born and was freaking that it only seemed like a trace amount of colostrum was present. Now I know that pumping is a poor indicator of supply and I trust biology that my body gives a newborn babe exactly what it needs. (Just think of the cavepeople's babies!! ) With my second, I think my milk came in a bit sooner and I had colostrum before the birth, but I nursed DS until I was about 22 weeks pg
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I also never leaked before giving birth. I only knew that the colostrum was there (around 7 or 8 mos?) because I purposefully expressed a drop or two to see if it was there.

I have read that some women are not able to express colostrum prior to giving birth, so if you try and you don't see any, don't worry about it, it's still there. Babies are the best way to extract anything from your breast.

My milk (the white stuff) came in around 3-4 days after giving birth each time.
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Originally Posted by maminatural View Post
My advice: whether you have a natural childbirth or not... make sure you latch your baby on every 2 hrs as soon as you are able to...
VERY important! Babies are alert and ready to nurse for the first hour or so after birth, then they get tired and want to sleep for about 4-6 hours. IMMEDIATELY after birth is the perfect time to get your baby to the breast so he/she can focus on your face and suckle. Don't make him/her wait to know that you will provide them with nourishment & comfort. Also, this early suckling is critical to helping you birth the placenta, stop the blood flow and get your uterus back to its normal size.
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I gave birth on a Thursday and had milk on Sunday.
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I was real worried about it so I started pumping with after DD nursed right after birth. It was a good thing I did too, b/c she was low-blood sugar so she needed to be finger-fed right away. By doing that and drinking Mother'sMilk Tea my milk was in by that night! My LC was really impressed with me. I was impressed with myself. I had such horrid problems the first time around : , but with a great LC I was able to make sure I had good milk production and a great start for babe and I.

If you really are concerned and want to prepare well, I would ask around and find the name of a great LC that will come to your house and help prepare you thoroughly for the birth and nursing. SHe should also come to where ever you bitrth to help you get a great start. I am a worry wart b/c of my nursing problems, but some moms never need any of this stuff, they just do it all by themselves with help from other moms, LLL, and this board!
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Originally Posted by NaomiLorelie View Post
And the more you nurse the faster your milk will come in, so nurse as much as your baby wants.
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My milk came in on day 4. This is my first. We had latch problems, so definately make sure you have access to a lactation consultant or LLL leader to help you if you do. My breasts grew two bra sizes during pregnancy, but I did not leak anything until day 4...when my milk came in it REALLY came in!
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