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Should Scott Peterson be charged with 1 or 2 murders? - Page 3

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I think he should be charged with two. That baby would of lived if the mother was not killed. I hope he does go to the eletric chair for this. He doesnt show one bit of remorse. What kind of person is this. I Believe a eye for a eye 100% Make me sick to know there is people out there killing their children. Sick!

Trabot.. I agree that the woman should of also been appointed a gardian. This is a different thread but should be talked about. I dont think they should kill that child either. If she (the mother) isnt going to be harmed in the process of giving birth. But we all really could be harmed during labor. there is always that risk. But still this is a different thread. Anyhow
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Someone in my town wrote an editorial saying that since a woman can have an abortion without her husband's consent, a man should then be able to cause his wife to lose her baby without her consent.

Sadly, it was a woman who wrote this.
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a man should then be able to cause his wife to lose her baby without her consent.

wow. Pretty callous, I'm sure the rocha family really would appreciate that line of thinking.
I hope there were letters written in response to THAT editorial.
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Originally Posted by madison
One murder, unfortunately.

Connor was not born yet. He had no legal rights as an independent, individual person because he was a fetus not a legal person. The legal definition of personhood as I understand it is that a person must be born.

So while I grieve for Connor's short life (and yes, I do believe fetuses are alive in utero, it's medically absurd to believe otherwise because they can obviously die), I don't think Scott should be charged with his murder.

And I hope he rots in hell if it's proven he killed Laci and by extension, his own son.
Yeah, my husband and I were wondering how someone can be legally charged with murdering someone who doesn't legally exist.
I guess like someone else said, it varies from state to state.

(Can't a mother be charged with a crime if the unborn baby dies to her using drugs?)
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definition of the word "viable":

1. Capable of living, developing, or germinating under favorable conditions.
2. Capable of living outside the uterus. Used of a fetus or newborn.

that baby was considered to be a 'viable fetus." i'm glad he was convicted of 2 murders. if he gets the death penalty or not, i don't care. let god decide his punishment on judgment day. (personally, i think the punishment for being convicted of killing someone should be to have the word 'murderer' burned into your forehead, serve a prison sentence, and let them back into society with their mark so everyone knows them for what they are, but that's just me (same goes for rapists, etc.)).

well....now that i've got that off my chest, i feel much better.
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My daughter was born at 24 wks, she was perfect and very alive. I have had many preemies and I can tell you that Connor was a person and his father killed him, that deserves a punishment. Abortion is done in very early stages of pregnancy not at 30 wks gestation, they are not comparable. A man who can hold his own son's life in his hand and destroy it, is a man who should die no question.

I do believe that mothers who harm their babies while pregnant should be punished. I say this from a educated stand point my sister has four living boys all have FAS and were born addicted to cocaine(she has no contact with them). If a women choses to have a child she is moraly obligated to safegaurd that life. I do understand that a man should have a say if he has a child or not and here in Canada they do, they can sign over their rights or wear a condom! We also had a case up here where a man got a court oder to stop his ex girl friend from sniffing glue while pregnant with his child, this was inforced by sending the women to rehab where she was watch 24/7.
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I don't see this as a pro-choice, pro-life issue at all. Nearly all pro-choice advocates believe that only the pregnant woman has the right to end that pregnancy. Men do not have that right.

In some states, a man can be charged with 3rd degree murder if he causes a woman to miscarry in early pregnancy (by beating her and such). I support that as well. It doesn't matter if it wasn't a viable fetus; if someone is pro-choice I'm sure they believe the choice is only the mother's.
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