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natural induction

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I am just 13 days away from my due date, but I am wondering whether any of you would ever consider any type of induction if you get to say, 43 weeks or so.

What methods have you heard about or tried? I think that if I got to 43 weeks, I might try castor oil.

What are your thoughts? And is there any truth to the idea that sex helps?


who really hopes she doesn't go way over!!
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Well the impatient part of me might consider it, but have faith that your body knows how to grow this baby and you will be ripe and birth when your time is ready. Don't worry yourself with thoughts of going way over now, just plan on a couple more weeks and when you hit 41-42 then think a little further ahead. Be patient and trust in the process
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I would say don't do it. I tried Castor Oil under the direction of my two midwives. We were desperate and it didn't work. All it did was make me really sick and actually, my acupuncturist said it actually drained much of my energy (chi) so that when contractions did finally start, they puttered out as soon as I started having to constantly go to the bathroom.

There are other methods you could try that are less evasive- acupuncture and herbs are two, plus I have heard that hypnotism can work too. Just remember that just because it is a natural induction, it is still an induction. I believe that the baby and your body knows when it is time. If I hadn't had a serious reason to try to get labour going I would have just waited.

On a side note, if you have a midwife and are planning a homebirth, please check with your midwife about the legalities of being more than 42 weeks late. I was 43 weeks and was forced to either go to the hospital and be induced with cytotec and pitocin or have the baby at home unattended because after 42 1/2 weeks in Washington state my midwife did not have the legal right to attend my birth at home. I don't want to scare you, I just wish I knew this before the week I had to go into the hospital.

Good luck and congrats on your birth.
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i forgot to answer the question about sex. i think it does work, but it depends on how close you are to actually going into labor on your own anyways. it is the least evasive, and most fun induction method. i say, if you really want the baby to come why not do it in style?
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sex worked with both of my pregnancies. Within 4-6 hours my water broke and labor started. That's what I'd try first, second, third...I'm leary of Castor Oil, though I've heard it works.
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I think castor oil would be a last resort for me before induction. I worry about the baby getting the runs too, ya know?

I don't know if stripping membranes is considered induction or not, but my midwife is probably going to strip me tomorrow because I've been 4cm for two weeks now and been contracting off and on since 35 weeks. I just need a little jump start I guess.

BTW, despite being 4cm sex has not helped one bit. :
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I also regret using castor oil, and some herbs can have adverse affects as well, so no, I wouldn't consider anything that aggressive. But, sex, well sure, how can that be bad? One way in which it helped was to relax me and get me into a more sexual flow, birth after all being a sexual event. I would recommend masturbation even more, if you tend to have stronger orgasms that way. Orgasm=uterine stimulation=contraction!
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The term "natural induction" is an oxymoron. Things have the potential of getting way to screwed up whether it's pitocin dripping or castor oil swallowing. I have read horrible stories where the red flag was evening primrose oil my earnest two cents to anyone is to really stay away from any sort of jumpstarting. Well, except sex of course hehehe.

You won't be pregnant forever (I know I sound like a broken record, but hey I had a 42 week pregnancy once) your baby will know when he's "all done!" and will let your body know when to begin it's wonderful work. You're tired, you're sore, you're impatient, you're emotional - I totally understand the temptation can grow. I say just take these last few days (weeks?) to rest when you can, aviod uneeded stress, drink lotsa water, and do what ever it is you like to do to relax and get comfortable, heck, go for a walk if you feel up to it!

And I'm assuming that you are healthy and doing well, and therefor the best place for the baby to be until he ready is inside mommy.

If you think 43 weeks is way over, LOL consider a friend of mine who had pregs that went to 44, and yes, 46 weeks (with no inductions, babies were big and healthy)

Busybusymomma- stripping membranes is considered a sort of "pre-emptive" measure to get things moving along. It may work (so it's an induction), it may not (so it's a "ripening"). I think it's rather aggressive (I've been through this myself, and regretted it, but I say aggressive meaning to convay that it is rather invasive, and I'm surprised to hear of a hb midwife wanting to do it. ) And Monday is not quite your estimated 40 week date (if I remember your sig right lol). I'm going to send you a PM
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Thanks, Ladies! I won't be doing anything but waiting, and um, er... YOU know.


I am eager to hold my baby -- that's all!
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and um, er... YOU know.
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great replies~ and great thread, Jean!
I really like the reminder that 1st of all the baby will come @ the right time, and @ 35 wks 4 days I really need to remember that concept 1st & foremost! The thing is that I can really feel the curiosity & suspense starting to build! what an amazing time this is getting ready to take this little stranger on the inside to a person on the outside, Wow! Staying in the moment & enjoying "where I'm at" requires a whole new level of discipline & layer of spiritual muscles! Yikes!

One question though, about the sex vs masturbation, I totally get the orgasm=contractions thing, but doesn't the semen also have something good in it? Like Prostaglandins that help ripen the cervix? Maybe I am not remembering right, that happens alot to me these days. Also, what is the deal with EPO? Isn't that supposed to do the same thing (soften the cervix?) & if anyone can compare EPO to semen to artifical Prostiglandin gels to Cytotec, in terms of agressiveness/invasiveness, that would be great. Just for fun, dontcha know! (I have actually heard of HB midwives giving Cytotec, now that is just scary to me!)

Ok, back to staying in the now & thinking peaceful happy baby thoughts
blessings, Maria
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First off, before I launch into my list, I must say babies will come in their own time and I wish in retrospect that I had had more patience with my son.

Alex came 15 days after my due date - and I am positive about my date of conception. One midwife friend suggested to me that if your cycles tend to run a little on the long side, so might your pregnancies. Alex was due August 1st and we were set to move from Ohio to Montana August 23rd. So I felt quite a bit of pressure to get on with it. First off, at 36 weeks I started taking primrose oil internally. Then at 37 weeks, I started taking blue cohash tincture 3x daily (I think 3x). I emptied that bottle of blue cohash. So I started taking my mom's homeopathic blue & black cohash alternating every three days or something. Sometime after I hit 40 weeks, I had my membranes stripped & continued to have this done every few days. I had sex. Semen is supposed to help. I had orgasms. Orgasms are supposed to help. I had irregular contractions for 2 weeks. I ate spicy food. I went swimming. I rode the ride-on lawnmower. I bounced on the birth ball. I took long walks. I did nipple stimulation. I took more herbs. I had primrose oil directly applied to my cervix. I drank castor oil - don't EVER do this, it made me so sick. Finally, we tried the lay midwife's home induction, which I will provide here simply for informative purposes, not to get anyone to try to induce themselves. For 2 hours I took blue & black cohash tincture, alternating them every 15 mins. Alternating every 15 mins., I did nipple stimulation (for 15 min.) and then had my feet rubbed (for 15 min.). At the end of the 2 hours, I had a raspberry leaf tea enema. NONE OF THIS WORKED. I did start losing my mucus membrane, however, though it took five more days before the baby came. Finally, on August 15th, we took a long walk in the morning, ran errands, had lunch, took long naps, ate dinner and at the last minute went to see Signs with Mel Gibson. My water broke at 5 am. Alex was born at 3:05 pm in my mother's living room, caught by my midwife, Mom, scared out by Mel Gibson and his aliens.
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oh AnnaKiss- that is the best "natural induction" story! I can just imagine sitting @ that movie, 42 wks pregant, my word what a jolt!

I forgot to ask before, anyone heard of an herbal pill called 5W & would you consider it a natural induction even though it supposedly takes 5 weeks to work?

blessings, maria
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It has been my experience (not my own but with clients) that induction only works if you were about to go into labor anyway. Kind of like a kick-start, if you will. You have to be somewhat effaced, stretchy, and a little dilated. For a cervix that is not favorable evening primrose oil in an Instead cup applied directly to the cervix may do the trick.

This is what my preceptor and I advise women who are post-dates and ready to get the show on the road: Start-up by Shonda Parker as advised on the bottle. Two 4oz. doses of castor oil in a 4 hour period while taking the Start-up.

You can add to that recipe an enema or sex. Hetero-sex works because semen contains prostaglandin which stimulates contractions. Nipple stimulation is also a very strong inducer, unfortunately the contractions tend to stop when the twiddling does.

I have to say tho, that I have seen more women exhausted by these measures than have actually gone into labor.

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I tried everything but castor oil and the 5w herbs (which I've heard is something you use for a period of time up to and past your due date?). Anyway, nothing worked. When I had to go to the hospital for induction, I had pitocin for 6 + hours with no results, then 6+ hours the next day before labor started. I would say like Sheena said, if you aren't ready, nothing is going to help. But, that is my opinion from my experience...
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Here's a great article from Mothering.com entitled "The Case Against Induction", or something like that. It is very informative. http://www.mothering.com/11-0-0/html...ecide105.shtml

About having late babies, my SIL has had all four of her children 2 wks late, and the last one was 3 wks! But the midwives didn't see signs of being over 40 wks, so that's interesting! Every BODY is different, and although it must be so hard to wait, you really have to listen to your body and not to the "calendar".

My favorite is my friend, who her doc told her at about 34-36 wks that she was dialating, effacing, dropped, etc, and should have the baby early, only to be induced on her due date bc she couldn't wait any longer. She'd been expecting it "any day now" for a month! So for her second baby, she told everybody, "Well, my body doesn't know how to go into labor, so I know I'll be induced again." And she was! When I heard her make that comment, I knew it would be true b/c your mind is a powerful thing!!
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For what it's worth...any type of induction makes your labor that much longer...and in my experience...that more crampy. I used castor oil, and I regret it so much, and REALLY wish I had been more patient!! It's so hard..especially for an ARIES like me!!! ANyway, I've also heard that any type of induction doesn't work until babe is pretty much ready anyway...

Enjoy your last days or wks of alone time, pamper yourself, rest, enjoy it...take LONG baths and showers...those will be a luxury after the babe is born.


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NEVER USE CASTOR OIL. I was headed towards 42 weeks and had tried having membranes stripped (twice) blue and black cohosh, nipple stimulation and then the castor oil. It made me sooo sick. It was the worst. I felt so upset. I ended up in a long-drawn out labor that eventually stopped and had to have an emergency trip to hospital for c. birth.
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At 42 weeks and then some we went to the acupuncturist and within 4 hours we were on the way.
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Anne, I have yet to talk to anyone who has used castor oil and not been disappointed, yet it is recommended by many : The main thing I hear is that it makes you so sick, you can't really participate in your birth the way you'd normally be able. I say, let nature take it's course, you'll know if something is wrong.
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