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Quiet hello

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Hi. My name is zannaL (some of you might know me from hipMama, mamaphonic, or Edgy.) I'm a homeschooler and, shucks, I hardly know what else to say. But I'm pleased to be here. Hope to get to know y'all soon.
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Hi ZannaL~

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Glad to meet you!
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to the boards!!
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Welcome to the boards.
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Hey zanna! I remember you from hipMama!! Do you remember me: Patti Jean, sister to KathleenC?

Anyway, nice to "see" you again! Warning: MDC is addictive!
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Hi, mamacrab! I do remember you, and Kathleen, as well (tell her I said hi, if she's not around here!)
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Hi and welcome to the boards.

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