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Hi y'all

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I've been reading and posting a bit, so I thought I should say hullo. I've heard about the forums and poked around some, but I just got down to some serious reading. Wow. Love it!

I'm a deliriously happy: 1. mother of a beautiful daughter, Ysabel, 15 mo., 2. wife of a crazy Belgian/Mexican, Jan, and 3. accidental WAHM with a sling habit. Pleased to meet y'all, and I can't wait to join the recipe coop!


PS- Before you get on me about the signature - I've paid and faxed my agreement . . .
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Hi Vesta!

I see that you live in California... but you MUST have some southern roots- the 'y'all' says it all!

As a former Georgia girl, current Virginian, and soon-to-be North Carolinian, I'm always on the look out for other crunchy Southern belles
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Very glad to have you here.
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Weeelll, you can take the girl out of Texas . . .

Thanks for the warm welcome. I agree that the crunchy belles must stick together. We are so few and far between. But I'm sure that MDC must house many of us!

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Hi Vesta~

Nice to meet you!
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Welcome to the boards.
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to the boards!!

I am always saying "y'all" as well but I am from Oklahoma so that is to be expected..
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Hello dear Vesta,

It's Andrea, just saw you hear and wanted to say hello! Glad you've found MDC, I'm sure you'll like it!!! Nice to see you around!

-Andrea (OMB)
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Hi Andrea!

You've been telling me, but it just took a while for me to find some time!

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Hi welcome to the boards.

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