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Sandals for 4yo

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I'm looking for nice leather sandals for dd for the summer, not too expensive but cute, supportive, and leather. I'd spend 50 bucks or so, but no more.

Anyone have any suggestiions?
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We bought our ds a pair of Elafenten sandals. They are very nice suede and seem to be very comfortable on his feet. I think they were around $40, maybe a little more. We got his at Nordstrom's, but Hanna Anderson has them too. He wore them yesterday for the first time and seemed very comfy in them.

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I think that's the site - search Jestel KG on www.google.com if not.

They sell kids Birkenstocks CHEAP (for Birks) and ship free if you can wait the 10 agonizing weeks from Denmark.

It sucked waiting that long, but I got three pairs for myself for the price of ONE in stores here!
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It will be winter here again in 10 weeks :LOL
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Just a note of caution, I think it's nice to make sure you pick a style that protects their toes. Younger children tend to scrape their toes if the toe area isn't protected by the leather of the sandal.

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Check out soft star shoes. They have some sweet little sandals! And, their shoes are really well-made by a family in Oregon...
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Thank you so much for linking that site for birkenstocks, their prices are awesome! =)

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Thanks mamas, I'll check out these resources

tara - my dd has been wearing Soft Star Shoes since she was born and I've already gotten a pair for ds - I love their shoes!! I never really thought about geting her their sandals, I'm getting ds a pair, I'm going to look into it. I was hoping for a sturdier sole for her, but we'll see!
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I buy both Elefanten and Jumping Jacks and have always been very happy with them!
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If you can find them on sale, Doc Marten makes really cute little kid sandals. I got some for my dd and we love them. Soft leather and sweet.
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How do I measure dd's feet for birk's size?????
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To determine the size for Birks I'd go to the store to determine size and try on a few to make sure the child likes them. Then order online.
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I agree about the toes - I like fisherman-style sandals best. Elefanten changed theirs and I don't like the way they look anymore! Honestly, I find that the plain old Stride Rite ones are great - comfy, secure, and they hold up all summer long. Here's a cute one - they have one like this in plain white, too:

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I saw those Stride Rites in the store and I really like them except for he heel, why do they put a high heel on kids shoes? It's kinda like a platform, about a 7/8" heel. I'm used to Soft Star shoes I guess - completely flat. I do have Stride Rite mary janes for her and I like them, not too stiff. It's been really hard to find just the right pair.

I'm going to keep looking and following your leads, mamas! Thanks!
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