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Is it unreasonable to hope for 7-pounders?

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Whenever I say this, people just look at me like I'm crazy. I am 32 weeks tomorrow and at a 30-week growth scan, the babies were 3lb.10oz. and 3lb.13oz. I haven't had any problems with PTL, my cervix is still long, thick and high. I have BH, but not that bad. My fundal height is 42 cm.

I feel really good about where I am right now. The babies are above average for singletons, I eat high-quality protein, have a yogurt and soy protein smoothie every morning - 32 g. of protein! drink my RRL tea, take spirulina and calcium supps. The twins are di-di. Two placentas - not fused together. Is there any reason I shouldn't be able to grow these babies to 7 pounds? Is there anything else I can do to ensure that they grow well?

I kind of feel like it's a challenge now. I really want healthy, strong nursers and I'm willing to do whatever possible to make that happen. Any advice from moms who have been able to do this?

Oh, and the 7-pound mark is just a personal goal - I, of course, will be thrilled with healthy, strong babies in the 6-7 pound range!
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Dahlink, it can be done! I was on the Bradley diet, which resulted with the following:

DD at 6lbs 2 oz and
DS at 8lbs 4 oz! <---This guy at all the food!

The twins are almost 2.5 years old and the girl is only the size of an 18mo., but very alert, bright, happy, not to mention wiry little girl. The boy is in 3t with a penchant for the language, cooking (no joke), and reciting whole books (not reading, but still impressive).
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It can absolutely be done! An excellent diet, plenty of water, listening to your body and POSTIVE thinking go a long way. I will not be surprised at all to hear you get your 7 lbers. I wanted two 7 lbers but instead my baby girl was 6 lbs 10 oz and my baby boy was 8 lbs 4 oz, so I guess that averages out. Several mamas here had TWO 8 lbers. It can be done.
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It absolutely can be done! I think it mainly depends on how long you carry them too. Your chances of having 7lbers at 36 weeks are not so good, but if you carry them to closer to your due date you probably will have them. Mine were born at 40weeks 3days and were 7lb 15oz and 8lb 2oz. I was really shooting for 9lbers but I was very happy with 8lbers
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I am out of my league here because I don't have twins BUT my best friend does. She had two 7-lb. babes on the mark. I think she took very good care of herself while pregnant... really making sure to get enough nutrients. She even had a complication free homebirth!
I am so excited because I'm on my way to see them for the first time this weekend.
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My twins are Identical and delivered at 38 wks at 7 lbs and 5 lbs 8oz. Hi protein diet helps and get lots of rest now! They will be 3 next month and are 1 lb 1/2 difference.
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Originally Posted by sarahloughmiller View Post
I was really shooting for 9lbers but I was very happy with 8lbers
I guess my goal isn't as lofty as yours was!

Thanks for all of the reassurance. I sort of follow the Brewer diet. I can't eat eggs every morning - usually have a protein shake. I do very well with the dairy portion of the diet - milk, low-carb yogurt snacks, hard cheese and lots of cottage cheese. And I cook most of our meals from scratch, so I get lots of veggies and meat.

I've been drinking about 12 glasses of water a day, including the quart of RRL tea. I know I should probably up that.

Ahhh, sleep. If only my bladder would cooperate . . .
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I've been drinking about 12 glasses of water a day, including the quart of RRL tea. I know I should probably up that.
Yes, it's best to shoot for at least a gallon of water a day. Distilled water is the best kind to drink and it also tastes the best in my opinion. I kept a 32 oz water bottle with me all the time and drank at least 4 of those everyday. Plenty of good water (not tap water) is really important. Good luck!
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Sounds like you are following a good, high protein diet. Drink lots of water. My di-di boys were 7-3.8 & 7-5.5 at 39wks, 5 days. You can definitely do it. You have an advantage over me, too, since I only discovered I was carrying twins when I was as far along as you are now. Of course at 7 months my guys are little peanuts now....but they are strong and healthy (and smart, if I do say so myself! ) Think positively.
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You can do it! My twins decided to be born at 37 weeks & 4 days and were just shy of 7 & 8 lbs each (6-14 & 7-13). Had I gone closer to my dd, I"m sure they wouldn't been over 8lbs each (my goal) - and probably pretty close to, if not, 9! They're 7 months now and have maintained a 3 lb difference (exactly) since they started gaining their post-birth weight. They're 17.5 & 20.5 lbs now! Oh, I also didn't know I was having twins until 26 weeks so I wasn't eating nearly as well as you are already. I'm sure it can be done - hang in there! Oh, and genetics does make a difference, IMO - some people have larger babies then others (my singletons were both on the large side).
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Yes! Not unreasonable at all!

My goal was 5 lbs each . . . I followed the Dr. Luke stuff (about a 120 grams of protein daily, plus all the other supplements, a gallon of water per day, etc.) and my twins weighed 7 lbs 4 oz. each at 39 weeks.

Yours will grow a lot between now and term . . . and ultrasounds can be off, so don't over analyze the results of your us.

Keep it up
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My goal was a vaginal birth... but YES it can be done.
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Yup, it can be done. But I agree that genetics plays a large role. My singleton was 6'4 oz born at 39 weeks + 0 d; my twins were 6'12 oz and 6'4 oz and born at 39 weeks + 0 d. i think my body has an expel date of 39 weeks! I knew they were twins from the second month, but while I ate well I didn't follow any specific diet. I did however drink a ton of water and fruit tea!
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As PP have said definitely can be done, sounds like you are doing everything you can to have full term good weight babies. Mine were born at 38+3 and were 7lbs 4oz and 7lbs 8oz.
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Just chiming to to say - yes, of course you can! My girls were 5 lbs and 6lbs4oz at 37w1d and we were really happy with that (we don't grow huge babies in my family, even singletons!). One of my best friends had her boys at 36w6d and they were 6lbs6oz and 7lbs7oz. My next door neighbour had her girls 20 years ago and they were both over 8lbs!! I followed Barbara Luke's diet and really credit it for getting my babes to term and at good weights. My main goal was to go to 37w and to have a spontaneous unmedicated vaginal birth and I got it all You can do it mama!
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Yes, it is definitely possible! My babes are 5 weeks now and at birth (38 weeks) my boy was 8lb 2oz and my girl was 6lb 15 oz., so basically I had 15 lbs of baby in me! (plus 2 placentas) It sounds like you are doing a great job! Best wishes to you!
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Of course it can be done! When I had my 2nd baby, a friend of mine had twins (we met in LLL, I didn't know her during the pg) and they were each over 7lbs, and she had them both vaginally. According to her, it was all about nutrition.
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I would say a huge % of us had 7 pounders. Jude was 7 lb 10 oz and Ava was 5 lb 12 oz. I was 37 weeks when they were born.
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Mine were both 7 1/2 lbs at 37 w 5 days. They were gaining 1/2 lb each per week the last few weeks, so you can do it!!

I ate lots of protien and GOOD fats around the clock (because I was up any way!!). I liked protein shakes and sunflower nut butter.
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i thought you werent supposed to drink primarily distilled water because since there is nothing in it it can mess up your electrolyte balance.. . . . ???? did i just make that up?
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