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US Democratic Presidential Candidates

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Here is a list of US Democratic presidential candidates, in alphabetical order (not order of preference), and their websites. I've been doing some browsing on each site.

John Dean -- http://www.deanforamerica.com/

John Edwards -- http://www.johnedwards2004.com/

Dick Gephardt -- http://www.dickgephardt2004.com/

Bob Graham -- http://graham.senate.gov/ (This is his Senate website, apparently he doesn't have one for his campaign yet.)

John Kerry -- http://www.johnkerry.com/

Dennis Kucinich -- http://www.kucinich.net/

Joe Lieberman -- http://www.joe2004.com

Carol Moseley-Braun -- http://www.carolforpresident.com/

Al Sharpton -- http://www.sharptonexplore2004.com/
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I just did some wandering through older threads here in activism and found this thread: 2004, where DiaperDiva recommends this site: Presidency 2004. This is a great site that lists far more candidates than I did and gives links not only to their official sites but to non-official and other interesting sites as well. I am sorry I hadn't already gone back to older threads before I posted the OP.
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well, i didn't look at the whole list, but i must say that i love the idea of a aa woman as president! i don't know how good of a chanceCarol Moseley-Braun has - i really don't follow alot of party politics, but i think a woman - esp. a demo. woman of color, in the white house is what's needed to bring things back into balance!
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We've got one. She ain't doin us any good. Maybe democrat is the important word here....
please explain...:
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I think she's talking about Condeleeza Rice.

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thanks! i realized that after i posted, but didn't have time to get back online.... i was thinking oval office instead of white house... i always asssume that appointees are by nature minions of the prez that appoints them - at leaste to some large degree.... i always felt her appointment was a little political bone to throw out to mollify the aa groups and feminist :

that said, back to the op - truth is i'll vote for whatever demo. runs, just to get the current resident out of office...
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Originally posted by muslimomma
We've got one. She ain't doin us any good. Maybe democrat is the important word here....
Isn't that the truth. And she's coming to CA next for governor. Darn it.
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Childrens Defense Fund

Did anyone catch the Dems on C-SPAN? The 2004 Presidential Candidates were invited to a National Conference hosted by the Childrens Defense Fund.

You can watch a clip here.

Childrens Defense Fund...

It was very encouraging for the most part. just the thought of 'change' ahhhhhh!

Bush couldn't be there
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Watch the entire video here..

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were ANY of these guys againstthe "war" or whatever you want to call it...that we just took part in?
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were ANY of these guys againstthe "war" or whatever you want to call it...that we just took part in?
I know Dean, Sharpton, Mosely, Grahm, Kuchinich are/were against the War. Actually it seems the Majority of Dems running opposed the Iraq war under the circumstances.

On the other hand....

All four members of Congress originally running — Rep. Richard Gephardt and Sens. Joseph Lieberman, John Kerry, and John Edwards — voted in favor of the resolution granting President Bush authority to take military action against Iraq. Some have been more hawkish than others: Senator Lieberman has been the most consistently supportive of war, while Senator Kerry has criticized some of the administration's tactics. But all four reaffirmed their overall support for war in the wake of Secretary of State Colin Powell's presentation before the United Nations.
War issue luring Democrats to race

The War Against Democrats
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Just being picky...

It is HOWARD Dean.

John Dean is a republican and NOT running for president thank heavens.
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Yep, its Howard Dean. We were talking Dems so I didn't mention the other Dean...

Thank heavens is right!
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Oops! Thanks. I copied that list from someone else, and although I knew it was Howard, I didn't read the names closely enough. Sorry about that!

I am more and more feeling like Howard Dean is the one.

Is anyone here helping with his campaign? I'm thinking about it.
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Im thinking about it also Hydrangea. I did contrinute some $$ and am planning on attending the next 'meet up' in my area.
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My FIL is sweet on Dean, and that's good enough for me, since my FIL and I have fairly similar political views. If the nominee is someone like Lieberman or Gephardt, I'll just have to abstain like I have in the last few elections.
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The closest meetup isn't that close to us. I think I'm going to have to see if I can start my own.

I am stunned that now my dh, who has argued vociferously until recently that Nader did not steal votes from Gore, etc., etc., is now arguing vociferously against Nader's even running in the next election. He's decided to support Dean as well. Most of the Greens he's arguing with don't agree with us though.

I just strongly feel that now is not a time for idealism. It is a time for pragmatism.
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