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new to this idea

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hello steph here
i'm completely new to the forum concept and i love it, i almost started crying at easter dinner after going on this forum for the first time.
i'm a 27 yo mommy to 7 1/2 month elias, and i have an amazing and loving partner named glenn. we live in chilliwack bc where my partner owns a small restaurant with a few friends and i spend all my time with eli. i was givin the mothering mag. volume about vaccinations by our doula, and have been hooked since. glenn and i decided to commit to attachment parenting and have chosen to live as natural as we possibly can with our day to day lives. we share a family bed and let me tell you we are exhausted. anyway it is good to meet moms and dads that share the same view on family life, especially when your surrounded with the " seperate room and cry it out" kind of people.
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~Hi Steph~

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hello ww

nice to be welcomed hope to hear more
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Welcome! I too am a recent convert to the addictions of MDC. Hope to hear more from you. Don't be afraid to post!

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Welcome to the boards.
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Welcome to the boards!
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to mothering Steph!!

I got addicted to forums while pregnant with my dd (now two).
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hi everyone

just stopped by the library to check the boards. we don't have this at home yet so i either go to my in-laws, my moms, or the library to check in. i can feel an addiction growing. i have also discovered that i really like gardening. so when my lovely monkey is sleeping i either have my fingers in dirt or on a keyboard. enjoyed hearing from everyone
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What a cool name for a town "Chilliwack" it tickles my funnybone :LOL

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it is a ticklish name isn't it. there was an 80's band (one hit wonders) called chilliwack, "shes been gone gone gone so long", thats about all we're known for, and our corn.
very happy to hear from everyone
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